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  • jillmackin

    Brilliant charts! Stopping by and sayin' hi.

    Gestern um 16:48 Antworten
  • CharadeFacade

    your collection's getting huge, but you know what they say, you can never have enough music.

    9. Apr., 13:26 Antworten
  • CharadeFacade

    same, lots of music and tv :)

    7. Apr., 11:43 Antworten
  • CharadeFacade

    hi there, kim. happy easter. how have you been doing lately? :)

    5. Apr., 14:39 Antworten
  • SamIAm55

    Hello Kim, I already have that cd, but thanks for thinking of me.... I've been sick in bed the last couple of days and my bike money is tied up in red tape. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. lol.

    3. Apr., 13:04 Antworten
  • Harmonia-Mundi

    Haha thanks, I appreciate it :D It's good that you have the inner strength to say "This is who I am and I don't care what you or your God think about it". Some people never find that and end up making a tragic choice.

    3. Apr., 0:32 Antworten
  • Harmonia-Mundi

    Surprised your mom didn't have much of a reaction. It would be different for me. My entire extended family has deep evangelical roots. They expect me to update them on my "spiritual journey" every time I come home. I have to invent lies about churches and bible studies I am going to on campus. A few are even hardcore Tea Party types who want to ban immigration, but I believe they are good people at their core and want them in my life. But if I am open about my beliefs our relationships will be strained or destroyed. My parents would probably tell my little sisters (who are my most beloved people in the world) to stay away from me for being an "ungodly influence". So I remain closeted. But pretending is the worst. It's like playing make-believe with children 24/7. Makes we want to explode sometimes when I have to go along nodding my head at their ignorance. Spending months pretending to be someone I'm not fosters resentment inside me. I suppose you might know what that feels like.

    2. Apr., 22:49 Antworten
  • Harmonia-Mundi

    Thanks for sharing that Genesis video, it gave me a good laugh! I'm glad the Christians in your life were mostly tolerant. It's hush-hush here too. They mostly avoid the subject since it's controversial and might drive some of the younger people away (bad for business). But if you ask them about it, they'll tell you straight-up that they think homosexuality is an abomination from Satan. That they want to "help" LGBT people "recover" and "find the light".

    2. Apr., 22:48 Antworten
  • Harmonia-Mundi

    Well, welcome to the club :D LGBT issues were a factor for me as well. When I was Christian, I thought homosexuality was disgusting, a horrible sin. It's what my family taught me. But as I matured, I realized they were using religion as an excuse for their own intolerance. I made a homosexual friend in school who opened my mind. He convinced me that LGBT people deserve to be able to be happy and express themselves without fear. My church's continued stance against homosexuality disillusioned me with their "God of Love". Taking proper biology and astronomy classes in high school also undid the brainwashing. Science is a much better instrument for reaching truth than ancient mythology. I did tons of research and found the amount of evidence against Biblical creationism staggering. Once I began questioning, it all fell apart. I laughed at myself for ever believing in a giant 40-day-flood and worshipping a "good" God that slaughtered millions of people.

    2. Apr., 21:05 Antworten
  • Harmonia-Mundi

    Hey Kim, I couldn't help but notice in your RYM review of Facing The Giants that you no longer identify as Christian. The last time I had read your profile, it said you were still a believer. As someone who was also raised Protestant in a very religious family, I'm curious to know how/why you decided to leave it behind. It can be a difficult process for people such as ourselves who grew up thoroughly indoctrinated. A community that was very helpful for me was I've been an atheist for about 3-4 years now and still pretend to be Christian around my family (who are extremely passionate/vocal about their faith) and most of my RL friends.

    2. Apr., 18:26 Antworten
  • SamIAm55

    Thanks Kim, Isn’t she sweet? I’ve not even seen this bike yet. It sits at a dealership some distance away. I put some cash down and they are going to send it up this week. We’ll go through it, and take her out on the road. If all goes well I can bring it home by Friday.. It only has a little over 8,000 mi. on it, which tells me it hasn’t been driven very hard. I put 12k on my bike in three years, and I didn’t think that was enough..hahaha OK Kim, Have a great day..

    30. Mär., 14:33 Antworten
  • SamIAm55

    Hey Kim, you must stop over and check out my new ride. We are still hammerin' out the details but I might have it by next week..

    29. Mär., 0:39 Antworten
  • maxxy

    Hey, I'm glad it makes you feel good. I've been feeling quite touched by the early seasons of Pokemon, especially the first two. The show's got ridiculous now though with 18 seasons and countless new Pokemons lol.

    19. Mär., 22:16 Antworten
  • SamIAm55

    It's hard when your heros leave for the great gig in the sky. They leave behind the music & memories for us to enjoy. Gone but not forgotten. I could play my life back in song as the milestones are connected to music. It' s a rare gift they give to us. So all we can do, is play the music, remember them, celebrate them & rock on. It's what they would want .

    18. Mär., 11:45 Antworten
  • SamIAm55

    Next year my friend, I'll pick you up on the way....

    7. Mär., 2:20 Antworten
  • muckycat13

    aw gorgeous, mines lives wit 2 cats who boss her around and a tarantula,

    2. Mär., 11:02 Antworten
  • muckycat13

    Thats god to hear. i moved into the country and have a softy saffy for company. this is her, second pic down snoozing away lol

    28. Feb., 23:42 Antworten
  • muckycat13

    nice to see you again how is everything these days? any better.

    28. Feb., 23:08 Antworten
  • muckycat13

    added you again cause deleted my old account when pissed off ha

    28. Feb., 22:51 Antworten
  • Harmonia-Mundi

    It's already out and on Spotify. Unfortunately, I found it a bit disappointing. Probably still worth a listen though.

    26. Feb., 21:29 Antworten
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Über mich

hey I'm Kim(aka motormouth) & I'm 19.

For my avatar, I hold that to be very true. There was/are times in my life where words have little effect on me, but music speaks to me like no human could.

*I'm not on as much as I used to be because I've just gotten my GED and am looking into colleges. It's time for the rest of my life to start.
*I'll normally accept any friend requests. I'd prefer for us to some music in common though. & be polite! leave a shout!(any music recommendations you have are also welcome, particularly metal recs )

If you're a fan of musical discussions and like some off the wall discussions join this group: Just make sure that you meet the requirements of 1,000 scrobbled tracks, 50 shouts/posts, are at least 16 years old, are going to be active, and aren't a troll or person who likes to start trouble.

EDIT: I want folks to talk to me, not just send me a friend request and never talk. I'll only accept random friend requests if we actually have in some music common.

* I normally only use spotify to listen to music, but they don't have certain artists that I like(ac/dc, led zeppelin, bob seger etc) or particular album(ex: most def leppard albums) so just because bands have less scrobbles, it doesn't mean that I don't like a band much! If you want to know what I think of a band, just ask.
* I'm lazy, so it might take me a few days to respond to shouts.
From the great state of Georgia
I love sports(baseball,football,basketball and sometimes soccer) & extreme sports(skateboarding,snowboarding,BMX,motorcross,snowcross, & skiing)
I enjoy most American & British history as well as Greek and Roman mythology.
I also enjoy reading books about mystery, drama, murder, or history.

I hope to major in some form of history.

INTP — The "Engineer"
INTP Engineers are easygoing yet private. They are logical and enjoy analyzing complex problems. They thrive on the theoretical and like to figure out how things work. They do not like rigid rules and often do not abide by them. They are independent intellectuals

Religion: I was raised protestant Christian. Now, I'm not really sure. After what I've read and personally seen, I have alot doubts. I don't like organized religion.

Political views: I'm pretty liberal and progressive in my views. I believe in background checks for guns and requiring gun safety classes. I believe in equal rights for all, am pro death penalty, believe and support "government assistance", and am pro choice in most cases of abortion, ( I've personally been in that situation, I didn't go through with it, but I can understand why some women have no choice). I support LGBT rights because I myself am transgendered/transsexual( Female to male) and gay(attracted to men only). The U.S. government is currently fucked up beyond all belief.

I am usually pretty easy going. I like to laugh and have fun. I'm normally very accepting of people.

I have a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy, that affects my left side. My left hand is in a permanently drawn up state( almost like a cramp). My left foot isn't quite as bad. I can walk relatively normal, but I do have uncontrollable muscle spasms.

Want to know anything else? Leave a shout and ask me!

several months ago(early 2014)

now (late November 2014):

Genres I like:
rock: hard rock, blues rock, folk rock, country rock, southern rock, singer-songwriter, pop/soft rock, stoner rock, psychedelic rock, prog rock, grunge, alt. rock
metal: traditional/nwobhm, thrash/speed metal, doom metal, prog metal, sludge metal, power metal, hair/glam metal, death metal, black metal, metalcore
* I enjoy those rock and metal genres combined with other genres as well.
blues: British blues, electric blues, modern blues
60s/70s pop
country: Alt country, classic country, outlaw country, some modern country
rap: old school rap
my favorite artists

my favorite albums
This is ever growing so the order might change some or alot, but generally, my top 5 or so will remain the same.
my collection
Albums that I own a physical copy of.
my wishlist
Albums that I want a physical (cd/vinyl/ or cassette) copy of

My fav song of all time:
For What Its Worth
and the guy who wrote it:

Yahoo! Answers
Which is the inspiration for my username on here
Please ask before adding on there. I won't accept any friends requests unless I know the person or know who sent the request
Rate Your Music

My favorite musician, Simon Kirke, and the 2 bands that he's famous for being a part of, Free and Bad Company

My tag cloud. Its the past twelve months because that's really when I started listening to more that just classic 'hits"

past month

My musical taste of the last week:

Last.FM Milestones1st track: (25 Jul 2011)
Bob Seger - Night Moves
1000th track: (08 Sep 2011)
Motörhead - No Class
2000th track: (25 Sep 2011)
Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon
3000th track: (22 Oct 2011)
Steve Miller Band - Take The Money And Run
4000th track: (12 Nov 2011)
Alice Cooper - Poison
5000th track: (27 Nov 2011)
Black Sabbath - Iron Man
6000th track: (11 Dec 2011)
The Allman Brothers Band - Revival
7000th track: (07 Jan 2012)
Blackfoot - Train, Train
8000th track: (31 Jan 2012)
Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild
9000th track: (21 Feb 2012)
Stephen Stills - Right Now
10000th track: (23 Mar 2012)
Deep Purple - Never Before
11000th track: (27 May 2012)
Atomic Rooster - Vug
12000th track: (12 Sep 2012)
Elton John - Levon
13000th track: (30 Oct 2012)
Van Halen - Man On A Mission - Live Version
14000th track: (16 Nov 2012)
Neil Young - Rockin' in the Free World
15000th track: (11 Dec 2012)
Stephen Stills - The Loner
16000th track: (11 Jan 2013)
Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be
17000th track: (24 Jan 2013)
Candlemass - Gothic Stone
18000th track: (12 Feb 2013)
Accept - Restless and Wild
19000th track: (28 Feb 2013)
Bolt Thrower - Outro
20000th track: (14 Mar 2013)
Helloween - Guardians
21000th track: (15 Apr 2013)
Bad Company - Evil Wind
22000th track: (09 May 2013)
Simon Kirke - Make Up Your Mind
23000th track: (25 May 2013)
Simon Kirke - One Day Closer To You
24000th track: (10 Jun 2013)
Bad Company - Walk Through Fire
25000th track: (29 Jun 2013)
Free - All Right Now - Single Version
26000th track: (23 Jul 2013)
Free - Oh I Wept
27000th track: (07 Aug 2013)
Bad Company - Live For The Music
28000th track: (16 Aug 2013)
Candlemass - Under the Oak
29000th track: (28 Aug 2013)
Free - Lying In The Sunshine
30000th track: (12 Sep 2013)
Tesla - Signs
31000th track: (03 Oct 2013)
Mott the Hoople - Whizz Kid
32000th track: (15 Oct 2013)
Heathen - Hellbound
33000th track: (06 Nov 2013)
Rainbow - Stargazer
34000th track: (27 Nov 2013)
Free - Mr. Big
35000th track: (29 Dec 2013)
In Flames - Cloud Connected
36000th track: (23 Jan 2014)
Black Sabbath - Snowblind
37000th track: (14 Feb 2014)
Bad Company - Anna
38000th track: (11 Mar 2014)
Bad Company - Abandoned and Alone
39000th track: (12 Apr 2014)
Simon Kirke - One Day Closer To You
40000th track: (01 May 2014)
Free - Mr. Big
41000th track: (26 May 2014)
Pearl Jam - Daughter
42000th track: (07 Jun 2014)
Witchfinder General - Invisible Hate
43000th track: (21 Jun 2014)
Yes - Owner of a Lonely Heart
44000th track: (04 Jul 2014)
Candlemass - Crystal Ball
45000th track: (22 Jul 2014)
Free - Mouthful Of Grass
46000th track: (05 Aug 2014)
Genesis - Follow You Follow Me
47000th track: (16 Sep 2014)
Death - Without Judgement
48000th track: (10 Oct 2014)
Free - Songs Of Yesterday
49000th track: (11 Nov 2014)
Yes - Every Little Thing
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