• 1,000 listens

    19. Okt. 2007, 15:18

    well, it only took almost three years, but finally one of the bands i listen to reached 1,000 songs listened to. the band in question of course being Pizzicato Five.

    they were my favourite band through much of the 90s and after them i've yet to find a band i'd call my favourite.

    i know for some people they reach 1,000 in what seems like no time. either this means they have a lot more free time to just listen to music or that they just listen to a smaller number of bands(or songs that aren't very long).
  • the cure and also the trees tim buckley cocorosie

    25. Feb. 2007, 4:37

    well, i've really slacked off on writing up bits on the cds i've gotten recently. but let's see if i can get back into the swing of things. some new purchases:

    Three Imaginary Boys
    i've been slowly buying up these double disc re-issues by The Cure when i find them cheap enough. they were one of my favourites back in the 80s. i don't follow what they do very closely anymore, but i'm enjoying going back and listening to these old songs again.

    The Millpond Years
    more 80s rebuys. i always felt like And Also The Trees were way underrated back in the 80s. it seemed rare that i'd run into anyone who even knew who they were. another band i'm slowly rebuying stuff i had on vinyl.

    The Dream Belongs to Me
    another Tim Buckley compilation. it's hard for me to resist these comps with unreleased tracks. i wish they'd re-issue starsailor again as i missed it when it was out on cd before(i have the vinyl in storage though).

    La Maison de Mon Reve
    initially i didn't like this as much as noah's ark, but the more i listen to it the more it grows on me.
  • cocorosie stereototal bruce haack the smiths

    20. Aug. 2006, 18:00

    strangeways, here we come - The Smiths
    slowly i'm getting caught up on rebuying the smiths stuff i had on vinyl. this was never a favourite smiths album of mine, but i do like it. funny, that my favourite smiths album(hatful of hollow) i still haven't gotten around to rebuying on cd.

    electric lucifer book 2 - Bruce Haack
    bruce haack seems to be one of those artist that is way overlooked. i don't understand why, but even with the press he's gotten and the documentary made about him, he still seems relatively unknown. this release seems to be a bit more processed than the children's records i've heard by him. but still a fascinating listen.

    my melody - Stereototal
    a shop here finally got in a bunch of stereototal. so i picked this up. it's the first stereototal i've bought and well worth the money. i was quite surprised to find a cover of Pizzicato Five's tokyo mon amour on here. it seems pretty rare for bands to cover p5, so i was quite happy to discover this.

    noah's ark - CocoRosie
    i'd been hearing about this band for ages. and it took it long enough to show up here in taipei. it's really funny what kind of things will show up here quite fast, and what won't show up for ages if it shows up at all. for example the new Scott Walker has yet to surface or new Nouvelle Vague or new Senor Coconut. it seems the world over music store clerks are pretty clueless. asking about any of the above is usually met with blank stares. but anyway, i'm just happy that they got this cocorosie in. as i really love it, of course when i went back for the other releases they'd put out they were all gone. it'll probably be another six months before they show up again if they do at all. may be something i just need to mail order.
  • this mortal coil & more specials

    26. Jul. 2006, 8:05

    one a recent trip to a second hand cd shop, found two releases i'd been looking for for quite some time:

    blood - This Mortal Coil
    the final album from the house band. for some reason this is the one release that has been rather difficult to track down here in taiwan. the first two albums show up pretty regularly, but the third one has been hard to hunt down either new or used, but finally i was able to find it. of course i had it on vinyl back when it was originally released, but being seperated from most of my vinyl means i haven't been able to hear most of these songs in years. great to hear you and your sister again. possibly my favourite track on this release.

    more specials - Specials
    another release i've been wanting for awhile. by many this album is deemed a failure. i'm not one of them. i don't like it as much as the first album but i do like it. it's an interesting bridge between the early sound and the more pop sound of Fun Boy Three. besides, who could not love sock it to 'em j.b. with all its references? not me.
  • srl four tet psapp

    9. Jul. 2006, 4:50

    survival research laboratories - mark pauline + gx jupitter-larsen
    i picked this up on a whim since it was in the discount bin. i was never the biggest fan of the survival research laboratories events - something about the animal skins that i wasn't so keen on. but getting this cd and reading about the events again makes me sort of wish i had gone to one of them. i was surprised to find out they were still doing performances. the music is basically processed found sounds/noise. not something i'm going to listen to everyday, but when i'm in the right mood...

    everything ecstatic - Four Tet
    pause - four tet
    four tet recently came to taiwan. some friends lent me a cd and i liked it enough to go to the show. the show was fun, but it could have used some visual element as seeing someone working behind a isn't always the most interesting thing to see. at the show i couldn't help but feel that music hadn't really changed all that much in 10 years or so. after the show i picked up these two cds. they remind me a bit of a cross between Steve Fisk and Jeff Greinke. which of course is hardly a bad thing.

    the only thing i ever wanted - Psapp
    i picked this up at the four tet show as well(a shop had a table set up with various cds for sale). i didn't even know a second album was out, let alone available in taiwan. i think i may have been even more excited about buying this than the four tet stuff. initially i wasn't liking it as much as the first album, but now i may like it even more than the first one. if i had to choose a favourite track it may be make up eventhough it's not a typical psapp track being just voice and piano. still it's the track i keep coming back to. guess i'm just a sucker for slow slightly melancholy songs.
  • etienne numan gainsbourg anderson

    30. Jun. 2006, 3:33

    i've gotten a bit behind on my plan to write little blurbs on cds as i pick them up. one of these days i'll get caught up.

    tales from the turnpike house - Saint Etienne
    i tend to have mixed feelings about saint etienne sometimes i really love them(lose that girl may be one of the greatest pop songs ever written), but other times they don't do much for me. but this album is a real winner. really lush sounding with a certain thrift store theme running through much of it. what's not to love?

    strange charm - Gary Numan
    an album of live cuts and rarities. i haven't been very interested in what numan is doing these days, but i still really love these old songs.

    love and the beat - Serge Gainsbourg
    a double disc set compilation by serge gainsbourg. disc one is titled l'amour a la gainsbourg. it features duets with Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin. disc two is titled gainsbourg (en) percussions and has a certain reggae vibe running through much of it. some gainsbourg doesn't do that much for me(though i usually really love covers of gainsbourg tunes), but this double disc set really has me wanting more.

    home of the brave - Laurie Anderson
    the soundtrack to the concert film of the same name. contains quite a bit from the mister heartbreak album. sadly i have never been able to see any of her performances in person, but at least i have this to sort of experience it vicariously. this reminds me that the other day i encountered a cash machine that sounded suspiciously like one of laurie's altered voice characters. strange.
  • morricone mancini madness

    13. Mai. 2006, 19:10

    more goodies i picked up at the fnac sale awhile back.

    an ennio morricone/dario argento trilogy - Ennio Morricone
    it's hard to go wrong with a morricone disc. and morricone with is just a huge plus.

    charade - Henry Mancini
    high time - henry mancini
    two soundtracks by mancini. like morricone it's hard to go wrong with a soundtrack by mancini. if i find one cheap i'm more than likely to pick it up.

    the dangermen sessions vol. I - Madness
    an excellent new disc by madness. sounding more than they have in years. all . the standout track for me is the hillarious shame & scandal. it's originally done by Lord Tanamo. i'd never heard of him before, but i'd love to hear his original version of this. actually, i'd love to see a compilation featuring all the original versions that inspired this release.
  • i wanted to be bobby dylan until i discovered moses

    6. Mai. 2006, 17:50

    a colleague of mine lent me that recent on Bob Dylan. after seeing that doc. i was in a big dylan mood and in the course of one weekend i picked up the freewheelin' bob dylan, bringing it all back home, and highway 61 revisited. i know i had one of these on vinyl, but now can't recall which. any reccomendations for what dylan to get next?
  • dolby anderson league morrissey

    22. Apr. 2006, 15:43

    some more things i picked up at that fnac sale...

    premium gold collection - Thomas Dolby
    i was never the greatest thomas dolby fan back in the . i liked the singles well enough but never bothered to buy anything. so when i saw this i figured it'd give me a good taste. it does have a lot of the songs i remember and ones i don't. the ones i don't are the one's initially i'm not really that impressed with. but one listen isn't really enough to make up my mind about something.

    mister heartbreak - Laurie Anderson
    i think this was the first laurie anderson release i got back way back when. i know i'd heard stuff off of her first album, but i never got around to buying it until much later. Peter Gabriel and William S Burroughs both appear on this album as well. sadly, i never had a chance to see laurie anderson live, and i somehow doubt she'll be doing any shows in taiwan anytime soon.

    travelogue - The Human League
    i never had this when it originally came out, and think only became aware of them after they'd gone much more pop. it's weird to listen to some of the lyrics and how self-conscious they feel(especially compared to what would come later). but regardless i'm enjoying digging these sounds again.

    kill uncle - Morrissey
    i was a huge Smiths fan(guess i still am actually - even if i don't listen to them all that much now). after the first morrissey album i sort of lost interest in his work. but somehow that "comeback" album from last year got me interested in hearing all the solo stuff i'd skipped over the years. so this is my first foray into the land of older solo morrissey. i like it, but i guess his solo stuff will never have the place in my heart that the smiths did/do.
  • jam numan hitchcock herrmann

    17. Apr. 2006, 2:53

    i've become a little slack in my plans to write about cd purchases. well, let's see if i can get this thing back on track. some stuff i picked up at recent sale at fnac:

    setting sons - The Jam
    surprisingly this is the first jam cd i've gotten. i had some on vinyl, but never got around to getting any of it on cd. this is the paper jacket japanese issue. so it comes in a paper sleeve imitating a record jacket. it's the kind of packaging i really like(much better than those stupid jewel boxes which i throw away anyway). it's great to hear these songs again - especially private hell, smithers-jones and little boy soldiers.

    the fury - Gary Numan
    one of the gary numan albums i was missing on cd. this has one of my all time favourite gary numan songs on it i still remember. i'm digging hearing the whole album again.

    element of light - Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians
    bought in particular so i could hear if you were a priest and raymond chandler evening again. i don't know what it is about if you were a priest but i could listen to it again and again.

    the day the earth stood still - Bernard Herrmann
    surprisingly, this is the first herrmann i've bought. i really need to get more. this has all that lovely goodness accented by the that i can never get enough of. wonderful.