Robbie Williams - December 1st, Subiaco Oval


3. Dez. 2006, 1:34

I went to this gig at pretty late notice. We made it about 10 rows back and four rows to the left of Robbie's podium . It was a large stage, much like U2's in layout, except this stage was perhaps a bit smaller and more compact.

The support act were Sneaky Sound System from Sydney. They were more of a house/dance band than anything. Had a couple of good tunes. Pretty interesting outfits. A bloke came out in board shorts, and a Scary Spice looking chick in a sunflower dress. They were the lead singers, accompanied by a Mexican looking drummer and a bass player dressed in indie gear. Yes, interesting!

At 8.30, the intro music hit, the lights went out, fireworks went off and then about five minutes later Robbie Williams came onto stage through thick smoke. They have these grey poles set up on stage of which fire came out, and I was boiling after about five seconds of it. Radio then hit, but the whole first minute was drummed out by the roar of the crowd. During some of the songs he got audience members to flash, of which at times they appeared on the big screen.

Highlights of Robbie's set were:
Strong- Where all the lyrics came on the screen and the crowd sung along. Johnny Wilkes also joined him for this and Me and My Shadow. They also successfully started a Mexican wave in between songs.

Back for Good- This was definitely in the top two and one of the songs most people sung along to. They did a semi-acoustic version. Amazing song live, much better than on record...RW mentioned Take That reforming and saying they offered him a spot..."Should I turn down millions of people & cancel my tour to go back ten years and squeal like a girl" The crowd responded with a resounding no.

Let Me Entertain You. This was the start of the encore. Robbie came down from the very top of the set dressed in 'RPA Adidas' gear. He came from top to bottom in a small, yellow tube like thing.

Angels- They really should have ended the gig with this. The last song was a bit of a let down finishing up, given how great Angels was. Not many people knew the lyrics to Kids either.

Monsoon- My favourite album song of Robbie's by miles. Performed it well.

Make Me Pure This could easily be a Noel Gallagher song on an Oasis. Very nicely done in a semi acoustic setting.

Come Undonee- He sung the first verse solo before getting the full band into it. People knew the words to this one more than most of his other songs. Very good performance

Advertising Space and Rudebox and Lovelight (which is making its début on this tour) were quality as well.

The only real let-down was the sound could've been a bit louder. I'd hate to think how the people in the middle or the stands would've heard it. Also no 'She's The One' or 'Better Man' was slightly disappointing.

Not as good as U2, but a great gig. Heaps of Brits in the audience and partying after.

Rock DJ
Sin Sin Sin
Make Me Pure
Me and My Shadow
Back for Good
Advertising Space
Come Undone


Let Me Entertain You

Ranking 4.5/5. Would've been 5/5 except for the lack of sound and no She's The One or Better Man.

Fantastic show!


  • jarmac

    Sounds like an awesome night, Robbie is an amazing charismatic performer. I'm shocked not to see either She's the one or Betterman in the set list.

    5. Dez. 2006, 1:11
  • sundaemourning

    I was near the front of that very concert. =D I love him.

    16. Feb. 2007, 8:39
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