Set List 9/12/07


13. Sep. 2007, 22:37

So my first show of the semester was fairly awesome. Since the show wasn't streaming, I wasn't expecting a lot of listeners. But I got one call from someone saying that WDUB had made his day two days in a row- first yesterday with Hunter's metal show, then tonight with me playing industrial. Awesome. Also, when I left the station tonight, I heard classical music. That means that the WOSU NPR station was coming through, which means the radio was tuned to 91.1, which means that the staff of Slayter (the food area) was tuned in! Also, someone who is in my Spanish class made (non-rude) hand gestures at me through the window. And one of my roomies was a guest DJ for an hour, and has decided that she needs to listen to my music more. (Yes!)

And now, the set list. As always, * denotes a request.

Without Emotions
Yu-Gung (Adrian Sherwood mix)
Be My Druidess
There Is No God
*Your Best Nightmare
*Saft Und Kraft
Tötungsmaschine Mensch (Tactical Sekt RMX)
Eye To Eye
Twisted Trophy Hunter
Still So Strange
The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself
The Bells
Almost Violent
Disappear! (Unter Null Mix)
Blasphemia (Club Edit)
I Promise You a Murder
Digital Mangina
spirits of crime (murder mix by spetsnaz)
Hang Him Higher
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