good, bad & weird: Irving, The Botticellis, Ken Stringfellow


19. Dez. 2006, 1:14

True tales of gigs gone strange...

"...We're loading our gear onstage when the promoter comes to us and says, "We can't meet the guarantee, so feel free to drink as much beer as you wish." So we all go to the bar and get two pitchers each. We figure if you're going to embarrass yourself, it's best to be really drunk...?"

The Black Watch
"Our weirdest gig was opening for Christian Death in the early '90s, when we were at our jangliest (that is, totally inappropriate on a bill with goth-rocking ghosts in drag). Rozz Williams went walking round in a Tourettes-ish tizzy talking about how Bowie was...

Ken Stringfellow
"I haven't really played any gigs that could be called "weird." I have played in museums, calzone restaurants, Fresno — all weird in their own way — movie theaters, YMCAs, jazz clubs, shopping malls, outdoors in Singapore to 2,000 people (you can sneak a solo performer into circumstances that might not accommodate a full band).

I've done spoken-word with Lydia Lunch, and been backed up by the Long Winters and Oranger. I've played just shy of the Arctic Circle..."

Featured artists:Irving, The Black Watch, Ken Stringfellow, Christian Death, Bowie, Lydia Lunch, Oranger, The Long Winters


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