Marilyn MansonDevour Lieblingslied 202
The Smashing PumpkinsRose March (From American Gothic EP) Lieblingslied 160
New RadicalsFlowers Lieblingslied 147
Billy CorganMina Loy (M.O.H.) Lieblingslied 138
Third Eye BlindBlinded Lieblingslied 124
The Smashing PumpkinsStand Inside Your Love Lieblingslied 117
Jimmy Eat WorldJust Watch the Fireworks Lieblingslied 115
The Smashing PumpkinsFOL Lieblingslied 114
The Smashing PumpkinsNeverlost Lieblingslied 108
The Smashing PumpkinsG.L.O.W. Lieblingslied 108
The Smashing PumpkinsSnail Lieblingslied 106
Third Eye BlindNever Let You Go Lieblingslied 105
Jimmy Eat WorldLet It Happen Lieblingslied 104
The Smashing PumpkinsStarz Lieblingslied 99
Third Eye BlindDao Of St. Paul Lieblingslied 99
The Smashing PumpkinsCrush Lieblingslied 96
ZwanRide a Black Swan Lieblingslied 90
Red House PaintersSummer Dress Lieblingslied 89
Jimmy Eat WorldNo Sensitivity Lieblingslied 88
The Smashing PumpkinsWound Lieblingslied 87
The Smashing PumpkinsHummer Lieblingslied 86
Marilyn MansonThe Beautiful People Lieblingslied 84
The Smashing PumpkinsMa Belle Lieblingslied 84
Jimmy Eat WorldHere It Goes Lieblingslied 84
Catherine WheelFuture Boy Lieblingslied 82
The Smashing PumpkinsI Of The Mourning Lieblingslied 82
New Found GlorySonny Lieblingslied 80
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Boy Lieblingslied 80
Third Eye BlindLosing A Whole Year Lieblingslied 79
Billy CorganThe CameraEye Lieblingslied 79
The Smashing PumpkinsDoomsday Clock Lieblingslied 79
Fleetwood MacThrown Down Lieblingslied 78
The Smashing PumpkinsRocket Lieblingslied 78
Third Eye BlindSharp Knife Lieblingslied 78
The Smashing PumpkinsBleeding the Orchid Lieblingslied 78
The Smashing PumpkinsA Song for a Son Lieblingslied 78
Jimmy Eat WorldMovielike Lieblingslied 78
Gin BlossomsFound Out About You Lieblingslied 77
Third Eye BlindCan't Get Away Lieblingslied 77
The Smashing PumpkinsTonight, Tonight Lieblingslied 77
The Smashing PumpkinsThat's the Way (My Love Is) Lieblingslied 76
The Smashing PumpkinsJoy Lieblingslied 76
EverclearA Beautiful Life Lieblingslied 74
The Smashing PumpkinsCherub Rock Lieblingslied 74
The Smashing PumpkinsBring the Light Lieblingslied 74
Third Eye BlindNarcolepsy Lieblingslied 72
The Smashing PumpkinsSuffer Lieblingslied 72
Third Eye BlindBonfire Lieblingslied 72
The Smashing PumpkinsThe Rose March Lieblingslied 72
Marilyn MansonIn the Shadow of the Valley of Death Lieblingslied 71