Playlist of Lesser Known New Wave Gems


3. Nov. 2007, 0:46

I have a pretty lengthy playlist of new wave music. It contains the usual suspects (ABC, Blondie, Culture Club). Rather than list the well-known hits, I thought rather introduce some lesser-known songs that are favourites of mine:

(lesser-known on my side of the Atlantic, at least.)

Adolescent Sex - Japan

If you like Duran Duran, you will definitely like this song from the band better known for "Quiet Life" and "Tin Drum."

Black Stations/White Stations - Martha and the Muffins

A funky underrated gem from people who brought you "Echo Beach"

The Freeze - Spandau Ballet

Although the band's debut album has been criticized for being derivative and repetitive, this tight funky tune shines like a diamond in the rough.

Jilted John (Gordon Is A Moron) - Jilted John

The angry, self-righteous sneer of this "punk" tune is somewhat softened by typical teen-aged concerns (a stolen girlfriend). Nowadays a song like this would be considered emo!

Listen To The Radio - Pukka Orchestra

A cover of Tom Robinson's jazzy tune, which is given even more pep to make it sound like a missing tune from the musical Chess.

Mongoloid - Devo

Still the catchiest pop song you'll ever hear about Downes Syndrome. And no, it doesn't make fun of people with this condition.

Nova Heart - The Spoons

If you're not from Canada, you're missing out on this shimmering synth classic!

Start! - The Jam

The riff from George Harrison's "Taxman" provides the foundation for a song that arguably betters the Beatles tune.

(You'll Always Find Me in the) Kitchen at Parties - Jona Lewie

Humourous song about a lonely lad faces singledom by staying in kitchen at parties. Why he would resort to staying in kitchen is anyone's guess. I'm guessing because that's where you'll find the booze!

2-4-6-8 Motorway - Tom Robinson Band

Likely the only new wave song about truck driving. Ever.


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