• the dawning of the age of Decoration

    9. Dez. 2005, 2:28

    rarely have i been so enthuised by a band as by UK band Decoration.
    seriously good songs, both lyrics and music complement each other and together make for an unbeatable one-two punch.
    steven, stuart, sam and stephen all seem like likable lads,
    i wouldn't know for sure as an ocean seperates us but i'm sure seeing them live and saying hi one day will be a priority.
    their debut album "don't disappoint me know" on SL Records is a real rocket. hear it's going to be released in germany in the new year + their new single "pine" and upcoming limited run 7" single means it's going to be a good year.
    i would also recommend searching out their "Thomas Pink Session" demo (paid for rather famously now by a 17 to one win at the Thomas Pink cup)and their John Peel Session (RIP) to hear them right from the beginning.
    the dogs are off and running and here's hoping "every dog will have it's day". this band is young, likable and the real deal i figure, i'm having fun following em anyways (coming from a 37 year old who feels like he's 25) ;)