• "Come on, Rick!"

    29. Sep. 2009, 11:27

    Mon 28 Sep – Future of the Left

    Future of the Left last night in Botanique - this show was absolutely great. The band rocked from the very beginning till the very end, non-stop :) It’s a shame it’s become rare to see a band with punky vocals (and not only guitars!), which can bark and shout and scream and pull the energy of the room high high up. These guys definitely did it, in spite of the static belgian audience which just doesn’t seem to know to dance :p seriously, i’ve got no idea what the fuck is wrong with their asses when they remain static at a show like THIS. if your body, in principle, allows you to move, and your t-shirt isn’t at least half as wet as the t-shirt of one of the band members after the show, you’ve just wasted your time.

    just for the record, i danced my ass off :D :D :D
  • An open letter to !!!

    21. Jan. 2009, 16:31

    Hi people,

    I wanted to send this mail a long time ago, when your last album came out, but I never sat down to actually do it. So it's a bit late, in a sense, but anyway...
    I wanted to tell you how much I miss your kick-ass approach, which used to groove in your previous stuff, and which simply isn't there anymore in Myth Takes. The whole idea of disco-PUNK turned into disco-something (maybe disco-hipster?), and instead of that original groove, there appeared much more mass-conforming melodies. Pitchfork celebrated you, while shoutbox got flooded with new fans saying things like "ohhh, i've just heard of this band and they are so cool!", echoing what they previously wrote on the page of some other pitchfork hype, as well as on the page of arctic moneys or cold play.
    The main point is this: the whole political kick is gone, and that's a shame. It's clear you "don't give a fuck" anymore about that, and that you definitely didn't "Intensify". And nobody thinks you're "fucking crazy or something", cause your music is now way too normal to be crazy.
    It's a shame. You used to be one of my favourite bands.



    just after i sent this mail, I found out !!! were actually a support band for red hot chilli peppers!!! hahahahahahaha! well, it just confirms the state of affairs their approach fell into...!!!
  • S.Malkmus Knows How to Play but is no Punk

    12. Jun. 2008, 10:35

    Wed 11 Jun – Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, General Mindy

    Stephen Malkmus is definitely a great musician. He knows what to do with the guitar, he knows to sing, and in so far he rocks. But (wo)man, is he distant when performing live, last night at this show of his (and it really was *his* show cause I think if all of us from the audience left the room, he wouldn't have even noticed it), he hardly ever even communicated with the people "on the other side" of the stage, he barely said "thanks" for an applaud... the best was the encore which started after 10 min of applauding and waiting and waiting (cause hey, you can't get the star just like that!), the Jicks came out first telling the audience to save their applaud for Stephen (hahahaha, wtf?!?, hahaha, uhm, sad) and then He oh his Majesty finally showed up... fucking rock star attitude, really cheap and disappointing.
  • WoW DaNcE WoW!

    17. Dez. 2007, 13:14

    Sat 15 Dec – Magyar Posse / Circle / Pan Sonic & Arne Deforce / Aavikko & Samuli Alapuranen – + Polarparty

    This was the first time I was at a show in Belgium at which the audience actually danced! Yes, it's true!!! :D After the static crowed at The New Pornographers' show in Brussels last month and even more frozen audience at the show of Liars (yes, people really didn't move there! i don't believe it either!), Aavikko finally managed to kick these asses! Maybe because half of the audience consisted of Finnish guests? :p let's hope not... Well at least it was nice to see that The World/Inferno Friendship Society aren't the only band which can move Europeans and make them come out of their boring snailish shells. Though these two exceptions still aren't sufficient to make me stop wondering what went wrong with the people on this continent... :-/
  • Circus of Childhood Dreams and the Other Way Around

    28. Okt. 2007, 21:04

    When I last time wrote about the show of The World/Inferno, I forgot to mention those tiny differences between the sorts of concerts. There are also shows which you can best describe with a simple WOW. ---> Fri 26 Oct – Animal Collective, Islaja
    Animal Collective makes you feel like having a trip through a specific mixture of your most special childhood dreams with fulfilled wishes and secret adventures. Something like in this animated movie Paprika... WOW :)

    25. Jun. 2007, 11:52

    Thu 14 Jun – The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Gummo
    Every time I walk out of the show of The World/Inferno Friendship Society, I say "Wow, this is the best show I've ever been too!...*long break before the next sentence*". This was the fourth one. And again, it's been The Best one I've ever been to! :)
    There are shows which you watch, and there are those in which you take part (and it seems to me more and more that these ones are exactly where indie stops being punk). I prefer the latter ones.
    Let me put it this way. Imagine you're at a private party of some unknown person, the club is smoky and wet, 50-60 people around, nothing special. Then, all of a sudden, you see the members of your favorite band coming in, taking their instruments... the first song begins and you can't believe that everybody around you is dancing like crazy! There is no warming up, there's no this "introductory time" when a band should show to be good enough in order to move the asses, no, not with this band. This is no theater play in which you sit, observe and go home, happy you saw them live. This is a total fusion where everything and everybody feels alive. And after it's over, you're just completely exhausted and happy.
  • Going out in Gent...

    3. Jun. 2007, 17:42

    ... basically sucks. It's a shame in the town with 250.000 inhabitants there's no club with decent "indie" music. Not to mention the electro-punk direction... there's not even a club with electro-pop music. I don't understand this, since I really believe people would dance to such stuff (say, bands like Felix Da Housecat, vive la fete, New Young Pony Club, !!!, Peaches, LCD Soundsystem, etc.) I mean, these are really the classics of dance music nowadays. Don't know about Brussels, but if anybody knows an interesting club there, please let me know! Otherwise, seems I'll have to become a DJ ;) But in that case - only kick-ass stuff! (So, for example, no new !!!) So we could start with ESG - You're No Good, proceed towards Le Tigre, and then you'd get !!! - Hello? Is This Thing On?, which should warm you up well enough for Les Georges Leningrad - Missing Gary and Volt - I Like It; and then - the culmination - Big Black - Bad Penny! Yeeeeeeahhhhhh!
    Too bad it's only my wishful thinking...