• #2 - The new layout

    17. Jul. 2008, 16:41

    WHAT THE F***?!
    I mean... seriously!
    It looks cute and stuff but... I can't find anything!
    Who needs the music collection? Or the last activities? Why is the shoutbox at the bottom? Why? WHYYY?
    I don't like it...
    Well... actually I do, but I want the music collection and the last activities gone and the shoutbox on the right, like in the ol' days! Remember?
  • #1 - The Rainbow Connection

    17. Mai. 2008, 19:18

    Why isn't the gif working?
    I should be a dedication to Spongebob but apparently doesn't want it to happen.
    So here,, eat my shorts!

    I changed my name again because I didn't like the old name and I like this one, it's cute and colorful and chipper! :)

    But to come back to the muuusic:
    My favourite song right now is

    Unchain My Heart.

    Joe Cocker is a genius!