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Josh GarrelsNo Man's Land 21. Aug. 2012
Josh GarrelsRevelator 13. Mai. 2012
Josh GarrelsProcessional 12. Mai. 2012
Josh GarrelsPilot Me 12. Mai. 2012
Josh GarrelsRevelator 12. Mai. 2012
Josh GarrelsThe March 12. Mai. 2012
Josh GarrelsRise 12. Mai. 2012
Josh GarrelsNo Man's Land 12. Mai. 2012
Josh GarrelsBread & Wine 12. Mai. 2012
Josh GarrelsMillion Miles 12. Mai. 2012
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Über mich

Let's see, I am never very sure how to describe myself. I think humans are too dynamic to fully describe themselves with just words.
I really think that people need to urgently seek the heart of God. I try to inspire those around me to adopt this attitude.
I also think that one of my callings in life is intercessory prayer.

One of my desires is for the power of the Lord to be so evident that people have to choose between him and the world. No more idle "Christians" or people who claim to not believe in a god. I want people to be faced with the reality of God and have to embrace or reject Jesus.

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