Titel (13)
Titel Album Dauer Mal gespielt
72 Virgins (Shiny Happy Jihad) Lieblingslied 2:59 3
Weird Spots in the Middle (Shiny Happy Jihad) Lieblingslied 1:07 3
I Was Raised Catholic, in Search of Noah's Ark (Shiny Happy Jihad) Lieblingslied 5:09 3
Greetings/Girlfriends (Spoken Word) (Album Version) Lieblingslied 2:00 2
Jerk off First, Safe Zone (Shiny Happy Jihad) Lieblingslied 5:12 2
Bisexual Dudes Giving Advice (Shiny Happy Jihad) Lieblingslied 3:19 2
Gay is Funny, Brokeback Mountain
3:01 1
Osama Is Right Out of a Comic Book and the Terrorist Cell Phone Network
2:36 1
Boycotting and People Who Like Animals More Than People, March of the Penguins 6:30 1
Suicide Bombings, Sad Penis, And Big Party Girl
3:31 1
Pot, Jet Packs, and Peace in the Middle East (and drunk people yelling s''t on my… Lieblingslied 3:42 1
We're on a Rock Flying through Space (Shiny Happy Jihad) 2:20 1
Eddie Bravo, Show Me Your P'''y, and Text Messaging (Shiny Happy Jihad) 0:48 1