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EaglesIt's Your World Now 16. Jul., 10:01
EaglesI Dreamed There Was No War 16. Jul., 9:59
EaglesWhat Do I Do With My Heart Lieblingslied 16. Jul., 9:55
EaglesWaiting In The Weeds Lieblingslied 16. Jul., 9:47
EaglesSomebody 16. Jul., 9:43
EaglesBusy Being Fabulous Lieblingslied 16. Jul., 9:39
EaglesGuilty Of The Crime Lieblingslied 16. Jul., 9:35
EaglesYou Are Not Alone Lieblingslied 16. Jul., 9:33
EaglesFast Company Lieblingslied 16. Jul., 9:29
EaglesHow Long Lieblingslied 16. Jul., 9:25
EaglesNo More Cloudy Days Lieblingslied 15. Jul., 23:42
EaglesCenter Of The Universe 15. Jul., 23:38
EaglesLast Good Time In Town 15. Jul., 23:31
EaglesLong Road Out Of Eden Lieblingslied 15. Jul., 23:21
EaglesBusiness As Usual Lieblingslied 15. Jul., 23:15
EaglesDo Something Lieblingslied 15. Jul., 23:10
EaglesI Love To Watch A Woman Dance 15. Jul., 23:07
EaglesFrail Grasp On The Big Picture 15. Jul., 23:01
EaglesNo More Walks In The Wood 15. Jul., 22:59
Electric Light OrchestraIllusions In G Major 10. Jul., 20:10
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Über mich

I'm a golf/music/computer/football (soccer) nut from Iceland. Favourite artists are Iron Maiden, Gary Moore, Blind Guardian, Iced Earth,Helloween, Annihilator, Eagles, Dire Straits, The Beatles and The Police, with Maiden edging it in terms of favouritism. Of course I listen to a whole lot of other stuff and I'm always keen on hearing new stuff. Don't hesitate to send me a message if you think you've got something interesting for me.

If people come to the conclusion that I'm planting those badges here as a sign of some dick size contest, then they're badly mistaken I'm afraid. I'm just putting those things there for my own amusement and if they cause you grief, then please see a counselor, I don't have any time for petty minded gimboids with brains the size of your average pea.

In some of my spare time I make websites for others, but unfortunately that's come to a halt lately, mainly due to my lack of time to really get into it. Most of my lame reasons can be found on the semi-regular rant on my website :D

I'm running a few sites at the moment, so here they are, in no particular order.

Others sites may show up in time, but I'm a lazy git, so don't expect me to be snappy about it.

Contact info:
AIM: redaxe90
Yahoo: axemanlfcfan
ICQ: 292202151
MSN: redaxe90 @ (remove the spaces ;))

Annoying people and spammers will be blocked, so don't bother with that part. But if you're an interesting person, who has something to say, don't hesitate to contact me.

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