Thrice - Vheissu


14. Nov. 2006, 11:13

I remember when I bought Vheissu, the day it came out I was on my laptop going to German class and my dad had just bought my sister and I gift cards to the iTunes music store. This album was probably the greatest investment for me.

The reason I say that is not only because this album totally changed how I view Thrice, as a band who had a very bad start, but it opened up a lot of doors for their specific genre of music, breaking through the plain and ordinary, and making a very professional sounding album.

The first song I knew from them was staring at the sun, off of The Artist In The Ambulance. I thought this was a very good track, and so I decided it would be worth while to look deeper into Thrice. Dustin Kensrue has been an amazing songwriter, what he writes pushes the boundaries of modern music. This album shows it much more than anything else.

The songs on this album range from screaming fast tracks to slow melodic tracks, really showing everything that Thrice has to offer. They have a great use of channeling effects, especially on tracks such as Image Of The Invisible, Stand And Feel Your Worth, and Music Box.

My favorite track on the album is Red Sky, the song they used to promote the album, next to the single. Red Sky had its own EP out before Vheissu came out, and I loved it from the first moment I heard it. the effected drum bea and vocals blend together like a smoothie to make the greatest strawberry banana combination my ears have ever tasted.

Atlantic is another good track on the album, exploiting more of the slow jazz type side of Thrice. All of their effects were masterfully produced, and sound 100% natural. The equilization on this track put me in musical euphoria. I had to listen to it over and over to really get a good feel for this track, paying attention closely to each channel, making sure to catch even the most minute detail of the guitar echoing in the left track, or the acoustic guitar in the right.


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