Collected Dreamy Tracks


12. Jul. 2011, 8:41

Collected Dreamy Tracks*

Aqualung Has Broken by 2muchachos ~ Magic_Windows
Inside by 36 ~ Mvinicius563
Her Braid Lashing at Him with Contempt by 6la8 ~ Omer_A
Signs by Aes Dana ~ Foldplop
Light Slivers Of Memory by Aesthesys ~ Skyborn____
01.09.1939 by Ambeam ~
The Temple by Ambeam ~ Stormsaber
Shadowlands by Amethystium ~ Skyborn____
Nova by Amon Tobin ~ B-Boy64 & codypalooza
Ecce Homo by Andrei Machado ~ Skyborn____
Gnome Dosed by Androcell ~ Rosesoftomorrow
Sapphire by Andy Hunter ~ Silverlage
Mysterious Barricades by Andy Summers ~ Shhquiet
A Humble Girl by Anjali ~ Dirtylovejoy
She Has( Sub Mix) by Anne Garner ~ Shallon-Hughes
[track artist=Aphex Twin]Avril The 14th
by Aphex Twin ~ Cathytaffy
Stone In Focus by Aphex Twin ~ Red-Green-Blue
Fuckedup by Apparat ~ Floor - A
Moments in Love by Art of Noise ~ Shallon-Hughes
[track artist=Ashram]For Each And Every Child
by Ashram ~ Hypnochicken
Balanced Love by Ashron ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
Life² by Asura ~ Teppichboden
Nightwork by Atlas Sound ~ Glasgow2049
Chrysalis by Auditory Canvas ~ Missalis
Halo by Aus (ambient) ~ jcotterii
sYm-phon5 by Beaumont Hannant ~ Teppichboden
Swollen (Dusted Vocal mix) by Bent ~ Shallon-Hughes
[track artist=Biosense]State Of Mind by Biosense ~ Shallon-Hughes
[track artist=Biosphere]Fujiko
by Biosphere (ambient) ~ felikspopelix
Monju-1 by Biosphere (ambient) ~ felikspopelix
Breath by Bleeding Nature ~ Hypnochicken
let me in by Bleeding Nature ~ Hypnochicken
Macquarie Ridge by Boards Of Canada ~ Turrican808
Seven Forty Seven (Slow) by Boards of Canada (ambient) ~ Drew8808
Staircase Whip by Boards Of Canada ~ Felikspopelix
To the Wind by Boards Of Canada ~ Felikspopelix
Cascade Meditation by Breezewax ~ Breezewax
Thursday Afternoon by Brian Eno ~ Jade-Shiro
Overstanding by Canartic ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
Photosynthesis by Carbon Based Lifeforms ~ Emberek44
Terpene by Carbon Based Lifeforms ~ Stormsaber
Televised Green Smoke by Carl Craig ~ Klubmetro
The Haste by Casa Del Mirto ~ Minimalnoize
Before and After Light by Cfcf ~ Ayranpl
Joy by Circulatory System ~ Shagor
herr barr by Clark ~ Tsunamu
Mirror Flake by Cokiyu ~ Schnapples
Absence of Light by Common Children (ambient) ~ indestructible
The Circle's Gone by Cynic ~ Ayahuasca20
Drug Song by Dave Bixby ~ Radioface13
Thread by Deaf Center ~ Green_Eggg
Fighting A Ninja by Death by Panda ~ Chust
An Aurora by Death Toroika ~ Shallon-Hughes
[track artist=Dirty Beaches]Lord Knows Best
by Dirty Beaches ~ Toyfactory
School of Fish by Dreamfish ~ Klubmetro
Sistereis by Elegi ~ Cliquott
Varde by Elegi ~ Cliquott
Show Us Our Homes by Eluvium ~ Philbowman
There's A Grey Cloud Above Us by Ethereal Beauty ~ Meloprint
Ganesh by Flying Lotus ~ Toyfactory
Allure by Fovea Hex ~ Syme
November Winds by Friedemann Witecka ~ Johntmcneill
Königsforst by Gas ~ Applesop
Nothing Is Lost by Giles Reaves ~ Larrycoble
14:31 by Global Communication ~ Rick_Scha
Hearts a Mess (3AM Mix) by Gotye ~ Ghansenrietje
Cause we understand by Guts ~ Koliba92
This Voiceless Cry by Harri Lake ~ Shallon-Hughes
[track artist=Healer]Hibernation
by Healer ~ Stormsaber
Cottonwood Bay by Heather Woods Broderick ~ Joerko
The Lady by Heroin And Your Veins ~ Dunl00p
Cardiac Loop by Hills West ~ Tooyoungtoohot
Persian Love by Holger Czukay ~ Zoraxx
Suspended in the brightness by Hoopy Frood ~ Barty1958
Altered Course by Isis ~ Ayahuasca20
Jenseits Des Stromes (Beyond The Tide) by Jürgen Müller ~ Haihappen_Uhaha
Take A Look Around by James Gang ~ Johntmcneill
Do Dekor by Jan Jelinek ~ Alex333x
Heaven(myon Chill remix) by Jes ~ Shallon-Hughes
[track artist=Jet Force Gemini]Water Ruins
by Jet Force Gemini ~ Thespenner
Private Universe by Jon Hopkins ~ Teppichboden
To Love You Blossom by July Skies ~ Mvinicius563
Stargazing by Karunesh ~ Skyborn____
Cantelopps by Khonnor ~ Daniblackfish
Space Harvester (Version) by Kids Indestructible ~ Unod
Airwaves by Kinesthetiac ~ Rveldhuis
for Ezekiel Honig & Young (pan) Americans by Klimek ~ Thespenner
Gate 5A by Kodomo ~ Fraggit
Circulus (Eve Future) by Kreidler ~ Mushroomsseason
Choclop by Krusseldorf ~ Foldplop
Haldolium by Le Ciel est triste ~ Shallon-Hughes
[track artist=Lights Out Asia]Spiti Elefas
by Lights Out Asia ~ Gollum234
Chariv Canopy by Loess ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
A Thousand Pages by Lokua ~ Emberek44
Midnight Feast (Bibio Remix) by Lone ~ Sjswood68
Midnight Feast by Lone ~ Sjswood68
Somn by Love Cult ~ Gutes_Wetter
Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi ~ Nebo_V_Symerkax
Primavera by Ludovico Einaudi ~ Nebo_V_Symerkax
Caught In The Middle by Lusine Icl ~ Marvinparks
Clarity (Melting Snow mix) by Makyo ~ Squezey
A Positive Spirit by Marc Enfroy ~ Johntmcneill
Sleep My Brother, Sleep by Marsen Jules ~ Thespenner
Four Walls by Massive Attack Vs Burial ~ Der666
Miniature 9 by Matthew Robert Cooper ~ Andyrabe
Vibes From The Tribe by Micha Acher ~ Klubmetro
Sleepy People by Microstoria ~ Squezey
Violet Sun (Original Mix) by Mind'S Eye ~ Stormsaber
Don't Bring Light into This Place by Mooma ~ Musinum
The Herd Forming Song by Mooma ~ Musinum
the story about you by Moomin ~ Lebenirgendwo
Jack by Moose ~ Bloofs
Jimmy by Moriarty ~ Czarodziejx
until i grasp the second by Mr. Meeble ~ Kraitrazer
Sinking by Mr. Projectile ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
Air Swell by Mungusid ~ Stormsaber
Waterphonix by Mungusid ~ Stormsaber
Prayer by Mutyumu ~ Demonicdinosaur
Stays Demons (edit) by Nadja ~ Thespenner
081301 by Nautilis ~ Lighti3ulb
Ruffion by Nautilis ~ Lighti3ulb
Ghost In My Head by Niva ~ Der-Philipp
Replica by Oneohtrix Point Never ~ D_Bae
Tonregie by Oval ~ Squezey
Iceblink by Pass Into Silence ~ Ayahuasca20
Aurascape by Pelican Daughters ~ Postdawn
Homecoming by Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek ~ Besix
in Session 05.10.09 by Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek ~ Jcotteri
Music for a Sleeping Sculpture of Peter Broderick by Peter Broderick ~ Jcotteri
Méditation by Peteris Vasks ~ Syme
Sandcastle by Pilgrims Of The Mind ~
Protect the Grain by Pitch Black ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
Reptile Room by Pitch Black ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
The Messenger by Planetary Assault Systems ~ Lebenirgendwo
The Circle's Gone by Portal ~ Ayahuasca20
Finally Moving by Pretty Lights ~ Toyfactory
The Echo of Something Lovely (Jesu Remix) by Pyramids ~ Kosmoso_Ragana
Video Games by R.Y. ~ Der-Philipp
A Thousand-Yard Stare by Rafael Anton Irisarri ~ Neckermanncj
Milano by Rafael Anton Irisarri ~ Le_Berger
ahab by Rechenzentrum ~ Klubmetro
Harmonics of Ether by Rod Modell ~ Unod
Get Things Straight by Root 70 ~ Klubmetro
Hey Man? by Rumpistol ~ Klubmetro
Data.Matrix by Ryoji Ikeda ~ Squezey
Sweet Sirens by Saafi Brothers ~ Squezey
Opal by Saycet ~ Nebo_V_Symerkax
We Walk Fast by Saycet ~ Nadcharline & Nebo_V_Symerkax
Linien by Scarcubem ~ Gotawesome
Schiller by Schiller ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
Lady Delay by Scsi - 9 ~ Timmy707
Senorita Tristeza by Scsi-9 ~ Klubmetro
A Head Full Of Stars by Secede ~ Almerindo_Lana
Rain month by Secrets Of The Third Planet ~ Akiamemoto
Spangle (Autechre Remix) by Seefeel ~ Piedpaper
BORG by Seekae ~ Missalis
Void by Seekae ~ Missalis
Inside by Sepalcure ~ D_Bae
Rhythm of the Night by Sex Worker ~ Rooriguezz
Parachute by Shakatura ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
frame by Shuttle358 ~ Alex333x
New Order by Side Liner ~ Johntmcneill
Screaming Tears (Zero Cult Remix) by Side Liner ~ Johntmcneill
solaris by Side Switch ~ Seaeye
Poppy Seed (Boards Of Canada Reprise) by Slag Boom Van Loon ~ Felikspopelix
World of Dreams by Soultek ~ Thespenner
Inner World by Sounds From The Ground ~ Teppichboden
Cities Grow On Trees by Soundtrax For The Non-Existing Movies ~ Erasethegrey93
Numb World by Species Of Fishes ~ Auctorb
Zakula by Spy F & The Zakulas ~ Alex_1st_Breath
Taking Flight by JSteve Roach & Jeffrey Fayman (with Robert Fripp & Momodou Kah) ~ Thespenner
Darkest Before Dawn by Steve Roach ~ Thespenner
Unstacked by Still Blue Still Turning ~ Rogeranselmo
Make me Beautiful Sunshine by Stray Ghost ~ Floor-A
Part 8 by Stray Ghost ~ Spreadblood4
Shopcleaner by Stress Assassin ~ Stormsaber
Sometimes I Still Think About You by Sundog Peacehouse ~ Piedpaper
Flowmotion by Sven Van Hees ~ Klubmetro
xine zero by Sven Weisemann ~ Medienjunkie
Fall by Sway ~ Nilothepanda
All you are going to want to do is get back there by The Caretaker ~ Thespenner
Solomon's Curse by The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble ~ Olelis
Chuck Peaks by The Orb ~ Kosmoso_Ragana
Lost by The Winterhouse ~ Unlitstairs
Music For Artificial Clouds by The Young Gods ~ Seaeye
Picture Frame by This Scarlet Train ~
OTX by To Die for a Lie ~ Shallon-Hughes
[track artist=Tom Middleton]Margherita
by Tom Middleton ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
Last Light by Tor Lundvall ~ Dogstooth
Transgenic by Trifonic ~ Ayahuasca20
Past Is Prologue by Tycho ~ Toyfactory
Between Us and Them by Ulrich Schnauss ~ Philbowman
Big Stone Lake by Underground Resistance ~ Unod
Dark Train by Underworld ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
Deep Arch by Underworld ~ Unkn0wnnumb3rs
Peach Tree by Underworld ~ Seaeye
Water Drums by Union Jack ~ Klubmetro
Affogato by Unkle Ho ~ Toyfactory
Lengsel by Vàli ~ Skyborn____
Beatific Vision by Valdi Sabev ~ Johntmcneill
Ice Flow by Vibrasphere ~ Foldplop
A Dedication by Washed Out ~ Babs_05
Flooding River by When The Clouds ~ Totoralex
Icarus by White Hinterland ~ Lesbionicgirl
Albatross by Wild Beasts ~ Najoordan
On Earth by Woob ~ Textureshock
L'autre valse d'Amelie by Yann Tiersen (ambient) ~ Einnwarholi
Glossy by Yuminale ~ Musinum
Family Beast by Zelienople ~ Sanpietro05
Ólafur Arnalds' Raein (icelandic piano ambient) ~ thanks to: hypnochicken
Balam Acab's Oh, Why (witch house) ~ red-green-blue
Bersarin Quartett's Mehr Als Alles Andere (neoclassicale) ~ Teppichboden & pubertron
Biosphere 's Fujiko (nuclear ambient) ~ thank you: felikspopelix
Biosphere 's Monju-1 (nuclear ambient) ~ thank you: felikspopelix
Chicane's Offshore (Trance) ~ red-green-blue
Dominik Eulberg's Taeuschungs-Blume (minimal dream techno) ~ red-green-blue
Double Thumb's Nocturne (ambient with vocals) ~ thanks to: hypnochicken
Eluvium's Prelude fo Time Feelers (post-rock ambient) ~ red-green-blue
Emancipator's Soon It Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires (downtempo) ~ thanks to: Dylandutra
Floex's Com (chillout ambient) ~ thanks to: Rubyharvest
Gui Boratto's No Turning Back (tech house) ~ thanks to: Drew8808
Hidden Orchestra's Dust (nu jazz) ~ thanks to: felikspopelix
Hidden Orchestra's Strange (nu jazz) ~ red-green-blue
Ian Neal's Sinfonia (chillout ambient) ~ thanks to: koniii
Jega's Inertia ~ red-green-blue
Matryoshka's Anesthetic (japanese chillout ambient) ~ thanks to: hanselda
Message to Bears' At The Top Of This Hill ~ thanks to: koliba92
Rena Jones' The Passing Storm (chello idm) ~ red-green-blue
Rone's Aya Ama (minimal) ~ thank you: Hefix
Shadow Orchestra's Creaking and Bowing & Time and Distance (experimental electronic & nu-jazz) ~ red-green-blue
Shisa's Crossing Bridges in Your Car Looking at the Sky (noize-gaze) ~ thanks to: autumngaze
Slow Dancing Society's The Warm Familiar Smell Of September (mesmeric ambient) ~ ianmullen & JimmyStacks
The Black Dog's Chesh (idm) ~ red-green-blue
The Fauns' Fragile (Shoegaze) ~ thanks to: eostrae
The Six Parts Seven's Confusing Possibilities (instrumental indie) ~ thank you: Hefix
Vidna Obmana's The Angelic Appearance (Ambient) ~ red-green-blue
Winterlight's your wings make you fly (ambient) ~ thanks to: dogstarmusic
Yagya's Rigning Einn (minimal dub ambient) ~ thanks to: Tripthelight

Ólafur Arnalds' Lost Song ~ thanks to: Lukasyaro
A Silver Mt. Zion's 13 Angels Standing Guard 'round the Side of Your Bed ~ thanks to: Postdawn & felikspopelix
Above & Beyond's Good For Me ~ thanks to: D0ds
Above & Beyond's Tri-State ~ thanks to: D0ds
Air's Alone in Kyoto ~ Red-Green-Blue
Air's La femme d'argent ~ Red-Green-Blue
Altus' Wormhole ~ thanks to: Atmospheric7T7
Amba's Optimystic ~ Red-Green-Blue
AmBeam's Chasing the Wind ~ thanks to: Atmospheric7T7
Amon Tobin's Easy Muffin ~ thanks to: Le_Berger
Amorphous Androgynous' Mountain goat ~ Red-Green-Blue
Aphex Twin's Blue Calx ~ thanks to: Ewanjames
Aphex Twin's Cliffs ~ Red-Green-Blue
Aphex Twin's Heliosphan ~ Red-Green-Blue
Aphex Twin's Rhubarb ~ thanks to: Postdawn
Aphex Twin's Xtal ~ Red-Green-Blue
Apparat's Limelight ~ Red-Green-Blue
Apparat's Negra Modelo ~ Red-Green-Blue
Apparat's Porcelain ~ Red-Green-Blue
Apparat's Steady Uprising ~ Red-Green-Blue
Apparat's Wooden ~ Red-Green-Blue
Apparat's You Don't Know Me ~ thanks to: Lukasyaro
Araya's The Mast ~ Red-Green-Blue
Arms And Sleepers' The Architekt ~ thanks to: Lukasyaro
Arvo Pärt's Alina ~ thanks to: Dussault
Arvo Pärt's Spiegel im Spiegel ~ thanks to: Dussault
Autechre's Overand ~ Red-Green-Blue
Autechre's Vletrmx21 ~ Red-Green-Blue
Autechre's Yulquen ~ Red-Green-Blue
Ayumi Hamasaki's Prologue (Hybrid Remix) ~ Red-Green-Blue
Bad Loop's Lumme (mmx) ~ thanks to: dudge
Bat For Lashes' Daniel ~ Red-Green-Blue
Bent's On the Lake ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Blanck Mass' Sundowner ~ thanks to: spreadblood4
Blanck Mass' What You Know ~ thanks to: spreadblood4
Boards Of Canada's Everything You Do Is a Balloon ~ Red-Green-Blue
Boards Of Canada's Olson ~ Red-Green-Blue
Boards Of Canada's Satelite Anthem Icarus ~ Red-Green-Blue
Boards Of Canada's Seven Forty Seven (Slow) ~ thanks to: Drew8808
Boards Of Canada's Sixtyniner ~ Red-Green-Blue
Bonobo's 1009 ~ Red-Green-Blue
Bonobo's Sleepy Seven ~ Red-Green-Blue
Boom Bip's Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards of Canada remix) ~ Red-Green-Blue
Brian Eno's Always Returning ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Brian Eno's Emerald and Lime ~ Red-Green-Blue
Brian Eno's Emerald and Stone ~ Red-Green-Blue
Brock Van Wey's White Clouds Drift On and On (Intrusion Shape I) ~ thanks to: Dasx2007
Burial & Four Tet's Moth ~ Red-Green-Blue
Bvdub's Never Enough ~ thanks to: Dasx2007
Bvdub's Untouchable ~ thanks to: Dasx2007
Carbon based lifeforms's Held together by gravity (Space Ambient) ~ Atmospheric7T7
Casino Versus Japan's Aquarium ~ thanks to: Ewanjames
Cell's Spinning Whale ~ thanks to: Eowyn797
Childs' Reki ~ thanks to: dudge
Cinnamon Chasers' Luv Deluxe ~ thanks to: Emberek44
City Rain's Buon Giorno Sleepasaur ~ Red-Green-Blue
Cliff Martinez's First Sleep ~ Red-Green-Blue
Cocteau Twins' Cherry-Coloured Funk (Seefeel Remix) ~ thanks to: Postdawn
Common Children's Absence of Light ~ thanks to: Indestructible
Crisopa's Tetris triste ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Delphic's Halcyon ~ thanks to: Shotiko
Deosil's Pure Essence ~ thanks to: Dasx2007
Diatonis' Between Fenceposts ~ thanks to: Xspeedxodysseyx
Diatonis' Conceal ~ thanks to: Xspeedxodysseyx
Dj Krush's Song 2 ~ thanks to: Lukasyaro
Dj Shadow's Changeling ~ Red-Green-Blue
Dj Shadow's Midnight in a Perfect World ~ Red-Green-Blue & Lukasyaro
Dj Shadow's Stem-Long Stem ~ Red-Green-Blue
Dj Shadow's You Cant Go Home Again ~ Red-Green-Blue
Dntel's Life Is Full of Possibilities ~ thanks to: Ewanjames
Double Thumb's Nocturne ~ thanks to: hypnochicken
Download's Were ~ thanks to: Postdawn
Elea's Lama ~ thanks to: Anand12
Eluvium's New Animals From the Air ~ thanks to: Cabeshpash
Eluvium's The Motion Makes Me Last (Four Tet Remix) ~ thanks to: dudge
Emancipator's Soon It Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires ~ thanks to: Dylandutra
Engine7's Sunrise, Catalonia (7:14am) ~ thanks to: dudge
Etnica's Triptonite ~ thanks to: Stormsaber
Floex' Com ~ thanks to: Rubyharvest
For A Minor Reflection's Sjáumst Í Virginíu ~ thanks to: Uaeapple
Four Tet's Glue of the World ~ Red-Green-Blue
Four Tet's No More Mosquitos ~ Red-Green-Blue
Four Tet's You Could Ruin My Day ~ Red-Green-Blue
Fourcolor's 02 ~ thanks to: dudge
Francesco Tristano's Andover ~ Red-Green-Blue
Francesco Tristano's Strings of Life (Apparat remix) ~ Red-Green-Blue
Galerie Stratique's Horizons Lointains ~ thanks to: Atmospheric7T7
Gas' untitled ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Global Communication's 14:31 ~ Red-Green-Blue
Global Communication's 4:14 ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
God Is An Astronaut's Forever Lost ~ thanks to: Uaeapple
Gold Panda's Back Home ~ Red-Green-Blue
Gold Panda's Same Dream China ~ Red-Green-Blue
Gold Panda's Total Rainbow ~ Red-Green-Blue
Gold Panda's You. ~ Red-Green-Blue
Gui Boratto's No Turning Back ~ thanks to: Drew8808
Gustavo Santaolalla's Can Things Be Better? ~ Red-Green-Blue
Hammock's I Can Almost See You ~ Red-Green-Blue
Hammock's Mono No Aware ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Hammock's Shipwrecked (Flat on Your Back) ~ thanks to: Postdawn
Hammock's The Air Between Us ~ thanks to: Postdawn
Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Tim Story's Beforst ~ thanks to: dudge
Helios' Coalescence ~ thanks to: Atmospheric7T7
Helios' Halving the Compass ~ thanks to: dudge
Hidden Orchestra's Dust ~ thanks to: felikspopelix
Hird's Moving On ~ thanks to: Emberek44
How To Destroy Angels' A Drowning (AstroPilot remix) ~ thanks to: Atmospheric7T7
Hybrid's Just for Today ~ thanks to: dudge
I Spell It Nature's 'of, relating to, or resembling a colossus' ~ thanks to: Uaeapple
Jalan Jalan's Lotus ~ thanks to: Dasx2007
Jap Jap's Never Forget Everything Passes ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
John Murphy's Mercury ~ thanks to: dudge
Jon Hopkins' A Drifting Up ~ thanks to: dudge
Jon Hopkins' Cerulean ~ Red-Green-Blue
Jon Hopkins' Cold Out There ~ Red-Green-Blue
Jon Hopkins' Light Through the Veins ~ Red-Green-Blue
Jon Hopkins' Luna Moth ~ Red-Green-Blue
Jon Hopkins' Private Universe ~ Red-Green-Blue
Kammerflimmer Kollektief's Lichterloh ~ thanks to: Dussault
Kollektiv Turmstrasse's Tristesse ~ thanks to: Lukasyaro
Ladera Verdi's evolve into solitude ~ thanks to: Postdawn
Landing's Feel, and the Seas Fill ~ thanks to: Postdawn
Laraaji's Meditation #1 ~ Red-Green-Blue
Leftfield's Melt ~ Red-Green-Blue
Leftfield's Melt ~ thanks to: Evrox
Lone's The Twilight Switch ~ thanks to: Cabeshpash
Loscil's First Narrows ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Múm's We Have a Map of the Piano ~ thanks to: Lukasyaro
M83's Highway of Endless Dreams ~ Red-Green-Blue
M83's Midnight Souls Still Remain ~ Red-Green-Blue
M83's You, Appearing ~ Red-Green-Blue
Madvillain's Eye (instrumental) ~ Red-Green-Blue
Mank's Ambrien ~ thanks to: Mankymusic
Manual's Blue Shibuya Dream ~ Red-Green-Blue
Manual's Summer Haze ~ Red-Green-Blue
Manual's Summer of Freedom ~ Red-Green-Blue
Mark Morgan's Dream Town ~ thanks to: Postdawn
Matryoshka's Anesthetic ~ thanks to: hanselda
Mf Doom's Eye (Instrumental) ~ Red-Green-Blue
Miles Davis' Shhh/Peaceful ~ thanks to: Le_Berger
Milosh's Warm Waters ~ thanks to: Rubyharvest
Modeselektor's Let Your Love Grow ~ thanks to: Lukasyaro
Morcheeba's The Sea ~ Red-Green-Blue
Mr. Projectile's I Am Back ~ Red-Green-Blue
Mr. Projectile's Love Here ~ Red-Green-Blue
Mr. Projectile's Underneath the Evening ~ Red-Green-Blue
Mr. Projectile's You Need (Cepia Mix) ~ Red-Green-Blue
Mr. Projectile's You Need (Cepia Remix) ~ Red-Green-Blue
Mr. Projectile's You Need ~ Red-Green-Blue
Near The Parenthesis' nidae ~ thanks to: dudge
Niva's Ghost In My Head ~ Red-Green-Blue
Obfusc's Amateur Cartography ~ Red-Green-Blue
Obfusc's Close Your Eyes And Daydream ~ Red-Green-Blue
Obfusc's Delayed Sunshine Reaction ~ Red-Green-Blue
Obfusc's Oceanic Glow (Night Mix) ~ Red-Green-Blue
Obfusc's Sounds From Scattered Sea Shells (Milieu SBCF2 Mix) ~ Red-Green-Blue
Orange Crush's Adrift ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Orbital's Attached ~ Red-Green-Blue
Orbital's Style ~ Red-Green-Blue
Oren Lavie's Her Morning Elegance ~ thanks to: Einnwarhol
P.Sus' Day Dream ~ thanks to: Susoeff
Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris' Fishology ~ thanks to: Pubertron
Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris' Hymn ~ thanks to: Pubertron
Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris' School of Fish ~ thanks to: Pubertron
Pete Namlook & Mixmaster Morris' Under Water ~ thanks to: Pubertron
Phillip Wilkerson's A Dream ~ thanks to: Atmospheric7T7
Planet Boelex' leaving quietly ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Planet Boelex' no business like (Listen) ~ thanks to: Sup3r6
Plumbline's 555 W24 ~ thanks to: dudge
Porcupine Tree's Phase III ~ thanks to: Dasx2007
Porn Sword Tobacco's sad blocks happy pussys ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Port-Royal's Karola Bloch (Manual Remix) ~ thanks to: dudge & Red-Green-Blue
Proton Kinoun's Skyward Dreams ~ thanks to: Atmospheric7T7
Röyksopp's Across the Graveyard ~ Red-Green-Blue
Röyksopp's In Space ~ thanks to:Drew8808
Röyksopp's Senior Living ~ Red-Green-Blue
Röyksopp's Silver Cruiser ~ Red-Green-Blue
Retic's Honey She ~ Red-Green-Blue
Robert Henke's Layer 010 ~ thanks to: Le_Berger
Robin Guthrie's Imperial ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Robin Guthrie's Laughter In The Dark ~ thanks to: Ewanjames
Sasha's Requiem ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Saturday Index' Partly Cloudy (Dub Forecast mmx) ~ thanks to: Artofnothing
Saturday Index' Partly Cloudy (Sarin Sunday Remix) ~ thanks to: Artofnothing
Saturday Index' Partly Cloudy ~ thanks to: Artofnothing
Savino's butterfly ~ thanks to: Koniii
Savino's FLS ~ thanks to: Koniii
Savino's Movin' On feat. Debbie Pender ~ thanks to: Koniii
Savino's semisomnolent ~ thanks to: Koniii
Saycet's Easy (Watch) ~ thanks to: Glasgow2049
Seefeel's Spangle ~ Red-Green-Blue
Shisa's Crossing Bridges in Your Car Looking at the Sky ~ autumngaze
Shpongle's Around the World in a Tea Daze ~ thanks to: tyyra
Sia's Breathe Me (Mylo remix) ~ thanks to: dudge
Side Liner's Crying cities remix (Cydelix' Ambient Version) ~ thanks to: Dasx2007
Sigur Ros' Sigur 4 ~ thanks to: Ewanjames
Slow Dancing Society's A Warm Glow ~ thanks to: Indestructible
Slow Dancing Society's February Sun ~ thanks to: Indestructible
Slow Dancing Society's Romantica ~ thanks to: Indestructible
Slow Dancing Society's Sun Spots ~ thanks to: Indestructible
Sol Seppy's love's boy ~ thanks to: Le_Berger
Soul Whirling Somewhere's The Sun in Braids ~ thanks to: Postdawn
Spacetime Continuum's Pressure ~ Red-Green-Blue
Spacetime Continuum's String of Pearls ~ Red-Green-Blue
Spiral System's Elephant ~ thanks to: Ddryadd
Squarepusher's Iambic 5 Poetry ~ Red-Green-Blue
Squarepusher's Iambic 9 Poetry ~ Red-Green-Blue
Squarepusher's Tommib Help Buss ~ thanks to: Ewanjames
Stars of the Lid's A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(less) Process (Listen) ~ thanks to: Cabeshpash
Steve Roach's Wren and Raven ~ thanks to: Spinbar
Subheim's Ybe 76 ~ Red-Green-Blue
Subtractivelad's The Slender Stem ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Susumu Yokota's A Flower White ~ Red-Green-Blue
Susumu Yokota's Daremoshiranai Chiisanakuni ~ thanks to: Ewanjames
Susumu Yokota's Gekkoh ~ Red-Green-Blue
Susumu Yokota's Tobiume ~ Red-Green-Blue
takagi masakatsu's j.f.p ~ thanks to: dudge
Talvin Singh's Traveller (Kid Loco's Once Upon A Time In The East Mix) ~ thanks to: Le_Berger
Tangerine Dream's Rubycon Part One ~ thanks to: Le_Berger
Telefon Tel Aviv's Sound in a Dark Room ~ Red-Green-Blue
Telefon Tel Aviv's TTV ~ Red-Green-Blue
The Album Leaf's Window ~ thanks to: Ewanjames
The Chemical Brothers' The Private Psychedelic Reel ~ Red-Green-Blue
The Cinematic Orchestra's Child Song ~ Red-Green-Blue
The Cinematic Orchestra's Everyday ~ thanks to: Le_Berger
The Fauns' Fragile (listen) ~ thanks to: eostrae
The Field's I Have the Moon, You Have the Internet ~ thanks to: dudge
The Orb's Blue Room ~ thanks to: Dasx2007
The Pastels' Tokyo Glasgow ~ thanks to: Ewanjames
The Photographic's We Were Fed Poisoned Bread ~ thanks to: Uaeapple
The Sight Below's Already There ~ thanks to: Ianmullen
Thievery Corporation's Resolution ~ Red-Green-Blue
Thom Brennan's Emeralds in Water ~ thanks to: Atmospheric7T7
Thomas Newman's Any Other Name ~ thanks to: Kraitrazer
Trentemøller's Miss You ~ thanks to: Lukasyaro
Two Lone Swordsmen's Hope We Never Surface ~ Red-Green-Blue
Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk's Made Of Sky ~ thanks to: Patjng
Ulrich Schnauss' As If You've Never Been Away ~ thanks to: dudge
Ulrich Schnauss' Monday Paracetamol ~ Red-Green-Blue
Ulrich Schnauss' Shine (MINT Remix) ~ Red-Green-Blue
Ulrich Schnauss' Suddenly the Trees Are Giving Way ~ thanks to: dudge
Vangelis' Tears in Rain ~ thanks to: Ewanjames
Way Out West's The Fall ~ thanks to: Lukasyaro
Wild Nothing's Chinatown ~ thanks to: Neckbeard27
William Basinski's d|p 6 ~ Red-Green-Blue
William Basinski's Watermusic ~ thanks to: Le_Berger
Wouter Van Veldhoven's Stukke Rust ~ thanks to: Le_Berger
Xela's Smiles and Bridges ~ thanks to: dudge
Xerxes' Ghosts ~ thanks to: Atmospheric7T7
Xploding Plastix' Shakedown Shutoff ~ thanks to: Le_Berger
Yagya's Rigning Einn ~ thanks to: Tripthelight
Yagya's Rigning Niu ~ thanks to: Tripthelight
Yann Tiersen's L'autre valse d'Amelie ~ thanks to: Einnwarhol
Yasunori Mitsuda's Arni Village ~ Another World ~ thanks to: Dedran
Yasunori Mitsuda's Arni Village ~ Home World ~ thanks to: Dedran

* from the shoutbox and the forum of the group
dreamy music for those who have inner peacefulness


  • double-thumb

    Thanks for playing my track Nocturne, glad you enjoy it :-)

    1. Aug. 2011, 2:19
  • Atmospheric7T7

    top list!!

    4. Aug. 2011, 15:52
  • 2muchachos


    13. Nov. 2011, 14:23
  • codypalooza

    holy shit Nova - Amon Tobin, how did i never hear this track?!?!

    26. Nov. 2011, 16:00
  • seaeye

    thx for adding side switch :]

    19. Dez. 2011, 23:29
  • threebright

    very nice !

    30. Jan. 2012, 23:12
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