Selected Reprise Tracks


20. Mai. 2008, 12:49

selected reprise tracks
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There are different definitions of a reprise
and music scientists should better stop reading now:

It is always a second version of a track.
But I do not mean cover tracks here.
Sometimes it is like a replica
but the reprise track is always shorter.
Sometimes it is like a remix
and then it is done by the artist himself.

There is a smaller difference between original and reprise
compared to remixes of songs done by other artists.
And even if the reprise is done by someone else,
then his style is not too different
and the result perfectly fits on the album.
And reprises are almost always on the same album.

Sometime the track titles arevery different
like Skalpel's High and Low.

Live versions and alternate takes are similar
and could be seen as reprises, too.
But reprise songs are planned
as a part of the album concept
(to remind, to vary, to play with a mood).

It follows directly after the track or some tracks later.
If the reprise is well done then it does not appear
like poor filling material or just a bonus item.

Otherwise a "bonus beats"-track is often
a reprise of an album song.
And this means that the reprise might be a final track and
even the grand finale of an album.
We have a nice special case if the first track is the original
and the last track of an album is the reprise of that song.

Differences between songs like that of
Single-, Album- and Live-Album-Versions are not meant here.
And last but not least, in a special case
the reprise tracks are on different albums.
A nice example is the cover of a cover which is reprised from album to album:
Quincy Jones' Summer in the City cover song of The Lovin' Spoonful's Summer in the City
which is covered by Nightmares on Wax
and appears as the first track of three following N.O.W. albums in three different styles:
It could be a reprise trilogy if there were not so many remixes...

Nights Interlude
Nights Introlude
Les Nuits

Something like that is interesting but rare.

A perfect example for a standart reprise which has been done by the same artist is the song Rise (Reprise) and its original Rise, both on the same album Smokers Delight.

Keywords: Self-Remix, Self-reference, Self-citation, Self-Copy, ...

But now, here is my list:

(105a) /

(A long list in a long line of lists.)

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