Say AnythingRetarded In Love Lieblingslied 267
Say AnythingI Want To Know Your Plans Lieblingslied 245
Say AnythingAn Insult To The Dead Lieblingslied 213
AugustanaFire Lieblingslied 160
EluviumRadio Ballet Lieblingslied 144
Rogue WaveEyes Lieblingslied 135
The Middle EastBlood Lieblingslied 134
Say AnythingCemetery Lieblingslied 133
Two TonguesInterlude Lieblingslied 132
AugustanaTwenty Years Lieblingslied 128
Death Cab for CutieWhat Sarah Said Lieblingslied 127
Something CorporateDown Lieblingslied 126
Brand NewUntitled 01 Lieblingslied 121
Taken by TreesOnly Yesterday Lieblingslied 119
RadioheadCodex Lieblingslied 118
Gatsby's American DreamThe White Mountains Lieblingslied 114
Passion PitSleepyhead Lieblingslied 114
Say AnythingTotal Revenge Lieblingslied 111
Paper RivalYou're Right Lieblingslied 109
Say AnythingSpay Me Lieblingslied 109
ColdplayDon't Panic Lieblingslied 108
Bloc PartySo Here We Are Lieblingslied 108
Rogue WaveCalifornia Lieblingslied 106
Say AnythingMara and Me Lieblingslied 105
EisleyJust Like We Do Lieblingslied 103
Grizzly BearWhile You Wait for the Others Lieblingslied 103
OasisCast No Shadow Lieblingslied 101
EisleyCombinations Lieblingslied 101
Death Cab for CutieTitle and Registration Lieblingslied 100
Nickel CreekCan't Complain Lieblingslied 99
Death Cab for CutieBrothers on a Hotel Bed Lieblingslied 99
Kings of LeonMilk Lieblingslied 97
LydiaSleep Well Lieblingslied 97
The xxIslands Lieblingslied 97
Portugal. The ManShare With Me The Sun Lieblingslied 96
Coconut RecordsThe Summer Lieblingslied 94
Say AnythingBy Tonight Lieblingslied 92
Phil WickhamDivine Romance Lieblingslied 91
IncubusEcho Lieblingslied 90
Rogue WaveLake Michigan Lieblingslied 89
Forgive DurdenI've Got A Witch Mad At Me And You Could Get In Trouble Lieblingslied 88
Jack JohnsonBelle Lieblingslied 85
Portugal. The ManSalt Lieblingslied 85
Jeff BuckleyHallelujah Lieblingslied 84
Portugal. The ManCreated Lieblingslied 84
Bloc PartyThis Modern Love Lieblingslied 83
Band of HorsesDetlef Schrempf Lieblingslied 80
YeasayerMadder Red Lieblingslied 80
Say AnythingAlive With the Glory of Love Lieblingslied 79
Vampire WeekendA-Punk Lieblingslied 79