Rayana Mirza, 18, Weiblich, Bangladesch
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MadconKjører På 28. Jul., 8:46
Jane's AddictionIrresistible Force 28. Jul., 8:42
The xxIntro 28. Jul., 8:33
Good CharlotteI Just Wanna Live 28. Jul., 8:29
PusciferHoliday On The Moon (Puscifer Mix) 28. Jul., 8:22
CreedHigher 28. Jul., 8:17
Broken BellsThe High Road 28. Jul., 8:13
Pharrell WilliamsHappy 28. Jul., 8:08
TomandandyFlying Through the Air 28. Jul., 6:37
Followed by GhostsAll Is Lost 23. Jul., 5:16
Saving AbelAddicted Lieblingslied 23. Jul., 5:12
RammsteinStein um Stein 14. Jul., 11:42
RammsteinSonne 14. Jul., 11:38
RammsteinRosenrot 14. Jul., 11:34
RammsteinReise Reise 14. Jul., 11:29
RammsteinMutter 14. Jul., 11:25
RammsteinMein Teil 14. Jul., 11:20
RammsteinMein Herz brennt Lieblingslied 14. Jul., 11:16
RammsteinIch will Lieblingslied 14. Jul., 11:12
RammsteinHitler 14. Jul., 11:08
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Über mich

Gooner till I die. I'M A GOONER TILL I DIE.

Maynard Keenan James is the Savior of mankind. Atleast, he is my savior.

“People had been working for so many years to make the world a safe, organized place. Nobody realized how boring it would become, with the whole world property-lined and speed-limited and zoned and taxed and regulated, with everyone tested and registered and addressed and recorded. Nobody had left much room for adventure, except maybe the kind you could buy. On a roller coaster. At a movie. Still, it would always be that kind of faux excitement. Because there's no possibility of real disaster, real risk, we're left with no chance for real salvation. Real elation. Real excitement. Joy. Discovery. Invention.

The laws that keep us safe, these same laws condemn us to boredom."


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