Top tracks last week - who / why / where / how etcetc


16. Okt. 2006, 11:49

1 Subway To Sally – Sieben (Live & Akustisch)

Ooooh, something new from Subway to Sally! The release of the upcoming album from the last tour, the nude one, is slowly approaching and Nuclear Blast streams this very song on their site. Of course I had to download it and listen to it over and over again. It's also in my regular CD-player... To be honest, it lacks a bit "juice". I think I prefer Subway plugged!

2 Die Ärzte – Schrei nach Liebe

What can I say? A classic! Nazis are only nazis because their mums and dads and girlfriends don't have enough time for them. And it gives me the opportunity to shout ARSCHLOCH!!!! without being totally random.

3 Wolfsheim – ... Can Manage ...

One of the first Wolfsheim songs. Oh deary me, this makes it increasingly clearer to me just why Peter Heppner collaborated with Umbra :o I prefer the tape version (Ken Manage) of the song to the album one.

3 Wolfsheim – Übers Jahr

Another absolute favourite of mine! The lyrics are goosebump-inducingly beautiful, the voice, the music - it all just clicks and makes up a perfect song!

3 5 Hand Reel – Both Sides Of The Forth

I have finally found 5 Hand Reel again! Brilliant! They were a Scottish folk band who were active back in the seventies and eighties. "Both sides of the forth" is a medley that I have been singing to myself the last few years - good to hear it from someone else again :-)

3 Subway To Sally – Finster, Finster

From the Edgar Allan Poe audio book / sampler "Visionen". This song is not characteristic Subway to Sally. Well, it IS not possible to mistake it for being anything else, the sound of Eric is unique, but the music is a tad uncharacteristic this time. There's a sort of "we also want to sound like Nightwish and Wizzin Zempzation"-feel to it. Opera-metalish. And Eric can't pronounce POE for the love of his socks.

3 Catriona – The Rightful King

From the tape "The Rightfull King", the only Catriona recording there is, this is the most beautiful track. It's a sweet little tune with a lovely musical arrangement. I also have this song by Andy Stewart (from his CD of Burns songs), but I much prefer this one, in spite of the heavy German accent.

8 Wolfsheim – Childhood Cruel

It has been a favourite of mine since I first heard it. Angsty and all of that - the way only Heppner can write and sing.

8 Scala – Schrei nach Liebe

This is somehow so so so so wrong. A Belgian girl choir performing the Ärzte classic, with their charming accents and all. The raw punkrock energy somehow got lost in translation :p

8 Veljanov – Blag Zhivot

Because strange languages sound GOOD! Especially sung by Alexander Veljanov.

8 Majorstuen – Jorun Jogga

A new find here: Majorstuen does a modern take on themes from traditional Norwegian folk on fiddles and cellos and whatnots - but with a modern approach. A few songs of it every now and then is nice, but I have no desire to listen to the whole album through.

8 Umbra et Imago mit Peter Heppner – Lieber Gott

Oh deary me. My "secret" is out: I'll listen to anything as long as Peter Heppner sings, even Umbra et föckings Imago, a band I cannot stand with a singer whose voice and lyrics makes me want to give up on music alltogether.

8 Wolfsheim – Touch (Live Bizarre)

This is one of the most sexy songs ever. Live it's either incredibly good (like here) or downright shitty (Kompendium - where Peter goes offkey so badly it hurts). This time he got it completely right *melts*

8 5 Hand Reel – Wee wee German lairdie

More Scottish folk love :D

15 Wolfsheim – Once in a Lifetime

Another angsty classic!

15 Subway To Sally – Schlaflied

Also an incredibly sexy song. Still not quite as good as Verloren or Touch, but enough to make me sit tight and wait for the Nackt DVD!

15 Wolfsheim – Heroin, She Said

This was one of the Wolfsheim-songs I didn't like much in the beginning. Not that I didn't like the lyrics, Heppner has done a very good job of writing about something not angsty or sex-related (!!), but the music just didn't do it for me. Now it does. Goes to prove the aforementioned point about the voice.

15 Subway To Sally – Verloren

The Sexiest song ever. It even beats Touch. WHY don't Subway do it live anymore? :'(

15 Wolfsheim – Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town

I discovered the album version of this :) I guess this is what it takes for me to listen to country - the songs will have to be covered by bands within other genres. The lyrics are in fact very good, I just cannot stand the country sound. As opposed to the Wolfsheim sound *grins widely*

15 Wolfsheim – Kissing the Wall

Another one that I just didn't like at first. It grew on me. Now I like it a lot. The demo version is in English, and I think I might prefer that one, primarily because I find bilangual lyrics annoying.


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