I was getting bored listening to too much blink-182...


22. Okt. 2006, 13:25

Put your music player on shuffle.
Post the first 40 songs that come up,then answer to the questions below. You can repeat artists if you want. If you have any repeat tracks, skip to the next track.

1.From Yesterday
5.Tell Me Baby
6.Queen Of The New Year
7.Broken Wings
8.Between Angels And Insects
9.Ever Dream
10.A Thousand Trees
13.4 Walls Black
15.Die Zeit
16.Love Me Forever
17.Grave robbers from mars
19.Brain Stew
20.[track artist=Limp Bizkit]No Sex

21.What You Waiting For?
22.E-Bow The Letter
23.Bloodied Up
24.Boy Grinder
25.In My Life
27.What Your Soul Sings
28.Toast & Bananas
29.Credit In The Straight World
30.Medicine Jar
31.Wake Me
32.Knife Blood Nightmare
33.Throne of Ice
34.Israel's Son
36.Once Upon Your Dead Body
37.Life Despite God
38.No Good, Very Bad Day
39.Self Deception
40.The Background


01. Which song do you prefer, #1 or #40?

02. Have you ever listened to #12 continuously on repeat?

03. What do you think about the artist who did #15?
Their really good.

04. Is #19 one of your favorite songs?
It's alright.

06. Who does #38 remind you of?
haha me!! completely!

07. Does #20 have better lyrics or music?
lol probably the music

08. Do any of your friends like #3?
David, because he was the one who gave me the album

09. Is #33 from a movie soundtrack?
Not that I know of.

10. Is #18 overplayed on the radio?

11. What does #21 remind you of?
Dancing in Storm when i would go out with my college friends

12. Which song do you prefer, #5 or #22?
#5 at the moment

13. What album is #17 from?
Human Waste Project - E-Lux

14. When did you first hear #39?
When I downloaded the album? lol Earlier this year

15. When did you first hear #7?
Again when I downloaded it. Bif Naked were supporting them on tour so I wanted to know what they sounded like.

16. What genre is #8?
I don't know? Rock? Nu-metal? I don't like genres.

17. Do any of your friends like #14?
Probably but not as much as me :D

18. What color does #4 remind you of?

19. Have you ever blasted #11 on your stereo?
No, I dont think so

20. What genre is #37?

21. Can you play #13 on any instrument?

22. What is your favorite lyric from #30?
"Drink ocean deep theres plenty, oh baby go to sleep its empty"

23. What is your favorite lyric from #23?
"If it was up to me I'd never have to miss you"

24. Would you recommend #24 to your friends?
Sure why not?

25. Is #2 a good song to dance to?
Not really

26. Do you ever hear #16 on the radio?

27. Is #32 more of a "nighttime" or "daytime" song?

28. Does #36 have any special meaning to you?
Not at all

29. Do any of your friends like #31?
I don't know

30. Is #25 a fast or slow song?

31. Is #35 a happy or sad song?
A bit of both?

32. What is one of your favorite lyrics from #9?
"Heal the scars and change the stars, would you do it for me?"

33. Is #34 better to listen to alone or with friends?
Alone I guess.

34. When did you first hear #27?
Earlier this year on the Best of album

35. Name 3 other songs by the artist who did #29:
Celebrity Skin
Miss World

36. Do you know all the words to #6?
Every... Single... One.

37. Does #28 have better lyrics or music?
They're both good, but probably music.

38. What album is #10 from?
Stereophonics - Word Gets Around


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