Top 10 Artists


1. Aug. 2007, 12:24

A meme I've been seeing floating around, I might as well make use of this journal.

1. Manic Street Preachers
First song heard: A Design for Life
Fell in love with: Australia
Current favorite: Imperial Bodybags

2. Josh Rouse
First song heard: Love Vibration
Fell in love with: Under Your Charms
Current favorite: Hollywood Bass Player

3. Taylor Hicks
First song heard: Soul Thing
Fell in love with: The Fall
Current favorite: The Runaround

4. James Dean Bradfield
First song heard: That's No Way To Tell A Lie
Fell in love with: Australia
Current favorite: Still A Long Way To Go

5. John Mayer
First song heard: No Such Thing
Fell in love with: No Such Thing
Current favorite: Belief

6. Jason Mraz
First song heard: Sleep All Day
Fell in love with: Absolutely Zero
Current favorite: 0% Interest

7. Laura Pausini
First song heard: Le cose che vivi
Fell in love with: Ascolta il tuo cuore
Current favorite: Così importante

8. Duncan Sheik
First song heard: Barely Breathing
Fell in love with: She Runs Away
Current favorite: The Winds That Blow

9. Tiziano Ferro
First song heard: Xdono
Fell in love with: Sere nere
Current favorite: E fuori è buio

10. Eraserheads
First song heard: Ligaya
Fell in love with: Waiting For The Bus
Current favorite: Wishing Wells


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