KALX Playlist 20110911 2100 ~ 2400


19. Nov. 2011, 6:11

Tinariwen: Iswegh Attay
CSC Funk Band: A Troll's Soiree Troll (Brooklyn Chimp remix)
Eastenburia: Easter
Nyari People / rec. Colin Turnbull: Song of Old Men
Kui Dong: Autumn
Matadors: Extraction
Gal Costa: Relance
Dom Um Romao: Jangal
Hide & Rosanna: Midnight Bossa Nova
Maria Taylor: Happenstance
faith & the muse: Sparks
Prurient: Myth of Sex
Fennesz: The Point of It All
This Will Destroy You: Black Dunes
Hello Seahorse!: Won't Say Anything
Valerie Lagrange: Ce Que Je Suis
hoa hoa's: Modern Men
Mustang: Gerupin Rock
Gene Krupa & His Orchestra: Gee Bop
Liu Yun: Flower Village
Death: Give Me a Thrill
Sleestacks; Soulshaker
Bob Log III: Wag Your tail Like a Dog
Webb Pierce: I'm Walking the Dog
Any Old Time String Band: C-U-B-A +++
Nurse With Wound & Jim O'Rourke: track 2
Flaming Lips: Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
Mogwai: Does This Always Happen?
Cristal: Xicifu
Muslimgauze: Zahal End
Traditional Japanese drummers: Yamashiro Ohdaiko
ZGA: Back to the East
Plaid: Eyen
Eartha Kitt / Sharon Ephran: Old Ship of Zion +++

+++ on favorite finds

streamed and broadcast live on 90.7 FM KALX Berkeley by the Native Disinformant


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