caribou, toro y moi. 5/16/10


18. Mai. 2010, 21:18

Sun 16 May – Caribou, Toro y Moi

sweaty dancey delicious


  • mustardofdoom

    That about sums it up, yeah.

    19. Mai. 2010, 4:58
  • Inuzini

    exactly i think i was standing in front of you~

    20. Mai. 2010, 2:17
  • nourishmal

    does anybody have the set list from this show?

    24. Mai. 2010, 1:17
  • Inuzini

    toro y moi played the following as well as a couple of newer songs i didn't recognize (not sure about order besides the first and last song): blessa fax shadow minors talamak freak love you hid low shoulder i'm not as familiar with caribou as i should be, but i know they played the following: odessa sun melody day kaili bowls found out

    24. Mai. 2010, 2:39
  • nourishmal

    hey thanks! Caribou played a lot from their new album 'Swim' and some tracks off of 'Andorra' and a lot of tracks off of the 'Milk of Human Kindness'. I just thought the show was really put together well- a perfect blend of new and older tunes- it would be great to recreate the the exact set list on a playlist. I loved that for the encore they played "Barnowl". They kicked so much ass! I feel extremely sorry for everyone that missed this show.

    24. Mai. 2010, 16:18
  • Inuzini

    fo sho, one of the best shows i've had the pleasure of attending hands down

    24. Mai. 2010, 18:59
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