Therion + Leprous and some other band @ Oosterpoort, Groningen


31. Okt. 2010, 17:07

Sat 30 Oct – Sitra Ahra Live 2010

Leprous are probably one of the most talented bands out there today, it's not a coincidence Ihsahn took them out as his backing band on his solo tour (well they're from the same hometown, that helps ofcourse). Sadly I missed most of their performance due to our travelling schedule. Still got to see a sizable bit (about 6 minutes I think?) of the brilliant 'Passing' which they used as a closer. I'll definitely catch these guys again sometime if they come touring around here in the future. For now I had to settle for Therion. and that's not really settling as Therion nowadays have an immense repetoire and therefore can put together an amazing setlist where the absence of 'Son of the Staves of time' didn't even bother me _THAT_ much (note that it did bother me a little bit though), what bothered me more was the sound at the venue. We might have been spoiled by the excellent audiowise shows at our local poppodium Romein ofcourse, but at the Oosterpoort there was definitely something wrong. I can't exactly put my finger on it but the guitars somehow sounded like a wall of white noise at times, as if all audio channels were vented through one or something. It also sounded a bit like the PA couldn't handel all the musical variety which is Therion. All of this actually didn't matter all that much as most of the music was hearable enough for us to enjoy it. And Therion are a well oiled machine who deliver everytime I've seen em so far. So good show, not the best this year, but who cares and it sucks I missed Leprous, peace out


  • Nealennia

    Yep, I agree with you about Leprous. Those guys are so energetic on stage! I loved to watch them! I disagree with the sound issue though. Therion was the only gig thus far where ALL vocals came through clear ALL the time. Then again, maybe you are more focused on guitars and I'm more focused on vocals, or do you think something was wrong with the vocals too?

    31. Okt. 2010, 18:06
  • r1Co

    actually the vocals weren't the problem. you could hear every singer loud and clear, almost like the mixer payed most attention to that, the soundmix of the other instruments was the main issue. at times the main riffs to songs got lost in a blur of white noise, while solos were never a problem as they sound pretty clear. it was hard seperating the guitars from the mix in normal riffing

    31. Okt. 2010, 20:26
  • mental_viking

    The absence of "Son of the staves of time" would annoy me greatly. Did you get Lemuria?

    13. Nov. 2010, 20:54
  • r1Co

    that we did

    14. Nov. 2010, 9:24
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