Recent purchases, february edition


26. Feb. 2009, 13:58


The OC season 1-4 (complete series) collectors box w/ holografic front; comes down to 15 euros p/season thanks to the British Pound :D (and yes, I watch the OC :P)

1st row (10,80 euros p/season thanks to the british pound =])
Scrubs season 7 box (shorter season due to writers strike)
Scrubs season 6 box
Two and a half men season 3
Two and a half men season 4

2nd row:
Farsot. - IIII
Ion - madre protegenos
Sepultura - a-lex
Deep Purple - machine head 25th anniversary 2CD editie (slipcase)

3rd row:
In the woods - strange in stereo
In the woods - omnio
In the woods - HEart of the Ages
Empyrium - where at night the wood grouse plays (slipcase)

4th row:
In Vain - The Latter Rain
Antimatter - Lights Out
Depressed Mode - Ghosts of Devotion
Vreid - Milorg

5th row:
Age of Silence - acceleration
Rapture - Silent stage
Insomnium - since the day it all came down

6th row:
Spiritual Beggars - ad astra
Turisas - The Varangian Way - director's cut
Turisas - Battle Metal
Metallica - A Year and a half in the life of... Part 1&2


officieel Messi Barcelona shirt
Turisas 'A Tour into the unknown 2008-2009' shirt
Vreid 'I Krig' Shirt

4x Sonisphere Festival (Metallica, Slipknot, Lamb of God, Mastodon and more) @ Goffertpark Nijmegen (june 20th)

Kalisia - Cybion 2CD
Mastodon - Crack the Skye Ltd


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