Fairport @ Poynten, March 2005


12. Jan. 2008, 23:12

The concert started about half an hour after we'd been told which didn't put me in the best mood as I was really uncomfortable because of the pain. Because of that I probably didn't enjoy the acts as much as I would have usually, even Fairport. But they were still all really good. We don't have a programme so I'm afraid I can't remember the names of the second two acts but I do know that the first was called Sad Pig - a memorable name! The second was a chap with an accordion and hardly any teeth who was very funny but I didn't really like his songs. The penultimate act was a lady with a lovely deep rich voice who sang some more popular stuff, like Paul Simon, and a couple of spirituals. Apparently she'd been doing Christian songs in the morning due to it being Easter Sunday and all.

After that there was an interval followed by a raffle which we didn't win. *gloom* (Well, not really; first prize was a signed Man U football!) And then on came the Five that are Fairport...except this time they were six. Dave Pegg has in the proud tradition of this band managed to do something to his hand, has had an operation and currently can't play the bass. Resulting in the weird situation of his son-in-law playing the bass while Peggy sat on a stool and played the tambourine! Poor chap. He did sing harmonies as well of course though and was as funny as usual. Talking of which Ric has some new jokes! Including a very good one about how they'd been hoping that 'Close to You' would be covered by confused Carpenters cover bands or possibly the Lighthouse Family which I didn't actually get until half way through the song. *head desk* (Oh and *squee* over Close to You - haven’t heard that one in a while!) Chris has added more to the bizarre Wassail Song introduction that he did at Cropredy - 'where I live the trees start talking back to people by this point.' Peggy: 'he's not wrong you know. I've met his friends...' :D

Oh yes, the music. The set was shorter than usual I think, and I would have liked some more songs but it was good as always. Ric was on particularly excellent form though despite the jokes he didn't seem as jovial as in past years. I don't know if we just caught him on a quiet day or what. I should point out that we were sitting in the very front row which was great in terms of view and sound. It was great to be able to see all the tiny gestures and signals between the band though, especially between the Gypsy Twosome. However it was also rather unnerving in that I found myself directly in Chris Leslie's eye line for the entire show. This meant that I could neither sit there with a stupid grin on my face, nor do Mini Air Violin (don't ask) as is my wont at most gigs. I don't think I shall be doing that again as it made me very self conscious! However it was worth it for the fact that I got a lovely smile from him twice, once during Meet on the Ledge! *squee* And afterwards when Dad was buying a CD at the merch table Chris came up to me and said how great it was that I'd been mouthing along to all the songs! And I was all girly and daft but never mind. I'd bought a winter tour programme because of the gorgeous pictures which Emma had told me about that are just fantastic so I got that signed by Chris and Ric. Ric joked that everyone keeps saying how great his picture is because his face is almost entirely covered by his fiddle! I didn't notice till I got home that Chris had written 'To Elizabeth who knows all the words!' Amusingly both guys asked about the Withnail and I badge that I'd pinned on my jacket in Oxford and completely forgotten about. Chris didn't have the faintest clue what it was but Ric knew the film. Peggy was at the bar but I didn't ask him for an autograph as it just felt a bit odd seeing as it hadn't been his best performance ever bless him.

Drat I've just realised I have nothing to get signed by Chris and Ric when Ellie and I go to see them in April now. I don't even have any unsigned CDs hanging around. Do you think this is a sign that I see this band too often? Pah, there is no such thing as too often!


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