• Industrial terror radio is back on track! (2012 Season is here!)

    1. Apr. 2012, 2:23

    That's right dear listeners we are glad to announce that our radio shows will be broadcasted again every Sunday at 7pm (CLST GTM-4)

    The purpose is still the same: sharing the new material we get from different projects related to the styles we promote.As you may know these projects are new and talented ones as well as old, well-known and experienced.We are constantly making a very careful selection of material that is outstanding and worthy to be programmed in our radio shows and to take the best to your ears.

    So don't miss out a new chapter of a new season this year 2012! We are ready and eager to share the best of industrial music, conversation and interesting news with all of you on Sunday, April 1.

    The updating of our website is under construction,meanwhile you can visit our facebook and leave your message.If you are a band and would like to be promoted you can also leave your material or link where we can have acces to your stuff.(please note the styles we are focused)!/IndustrialTerrorWebzine?sk=wall