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Über mich

Um haii. imm me. inbox me. C: Haters can hate, Yew peeps can't phase meh. <3 maii franns.
Mi name's Melanie, I am always extremely shy at first, when/if (hopefully when) I get to know you I really loosen up ;D
I try to be funny, but usually fail *goes cross-eyed and hair-strand falls in face* anyway, if you're having a bad day I will try super hard to cheer you up. I really do care about others but could care less about myself. I'm never judgemental but always sentimental<3 and thinking about life is always depressing... Dx but anyway, hit me up if you want. I won't bore you to death.... hopefully C:

I LOVE MY FRANNS WIF ALL MY HEART <3 <3 <3 I hope I'm as wonderful to youu as youu are to me!

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