• The MIX TAPE Project

    31. Mär. 2008, 15:47

    Can be found under another account:


    My psibreaker account is a jumbled mess of songs I like, songs I've been recommended, and things I've added on a whim just to listen to again. The problem being that, with a couple of thousand songs it takes a long time to open and edit the list again, if the computer even allows me to do so. Hence the MIX TAPE project, where I've just stuck the best three songs of various artists to give a more rounded playlist of songs I enjoy and would reccomend. It's my version of easy listening. Oh, and for the most part it's music - you won't find any stand-up or interviews on it, unlike the psibreaker account.

    Thanks for reading.
  • First update in nearly a year!

    15. Mär. 2008, 22:24

    Found two really good websites for music lovers, particularly tailored for those with a last.fm account.

    The first of these creates your own personal MTV station, selects the artists you like and finds relevent videos to play from You Tube. Some of the videos are live gig future people have uploaded to YouTube, or little projects by those people who like to cut images or movies to music, but it's all pretty good because you're generally listening to music you really like in the first place:


    The other does much the same thing, but find recent new articles about the bands you like, and presents it in the style of a magazine. Looks REALLY cool (despite repetitive text), and it updates daily or weekly depending on preference. You can also add it to 'social networks' - mine's linked to my Facebook page, for example:

  • Breaker FM

    22. Mai. 2007, 9:15

    I've recently set up Breaker FM, having worked out from my friend HIAB-X that I could do such a thing. The tracks included on the playlist are a mix of songs I used to listen to and dance to as 'a kid' (mid teens to mid twenties) and so are steeped with a sense of nostalgia. Plus a few tracks that I've only really heard recently but really dig. Mostly though, this is what I listened to "when I was your age"... :-)

    Tell you what. Give it a listen, pick one track you hear that you like and let me know. Then I'll go listen to your Playlist and return the compliment.

    Anyhow, that's all you get this journal entry. See ya!
  • 7.5 Weeks In - As you may have noticed...

    22. Mär. 2007, 12:08

    ...I've not really been on top of these weekly updates. I've not really had the time, and quite frankly I'd be commenting on details that don't really change much week by week (except to show what stuff I listened to the previous week).

    I managed to link the site to my home computer around the time of the weekend, long enough to play some Type O Negative and mad capsule markets, both conspicuously absent from my regular listening only for the PC to fall over last night when I wanted to play the album Deviant. So we've got the replacement Mac in there, which doesn't seem to like any of the downloadable software. I'm don't know enough about computer software to work out why...

    Anyhow, that's me done for a week... :-)
  • 5.5 Weeks In - These are the people in your neighbourhood

    5. Mär. 2007, 17:08

    Sorry I've not been updating this much. I'm not THAT sorry, since the details of my charts aren't changing dramatically, and the results are pretty much obvious to anyone stumbling across my profile. But anyhow, I've been busy and ill and not had enough time to keep up to date. But the neighbours I have seem to have been there for a while. I must have found my fellow man.

    Let's see:

    Last Weeks Top Artists: Spectacularly it's a four way tie between...

    Rage Against The Machine
    Nine Inch Nails and

    I'm pretty happy with that.

    Overall Top Artists:

    • First off - Nine Inch Nails
    • Second off - Pitchshifter
    • Third off - Rage Against The Machine

    Unsuprisingly Pixies bubbles underneath in fourth. And I'm pretty happy with that too.

    Overall Top Artists:

    • First off - Closer
    • Second off - Leave You Far Behind (Lunat...
    • Joint third - Bombtrack and Down

    Nice to see an UK and USA band with similar 'agendas' standing toe-to-toe. All very good tracks, but Bombtrack and Leave You Far Behind are probably the most likely to really get me up out of my seat.

    Anyhow, that's it for now. Although, in other news, my name has appeared in a list of contributors to something that's being sold. That makes me feel almost famous.
  • 3.5 weeks in - Better late than never...

    22. Feb. 2007, 13:34

    This should've 'aired' on Monday, but I've been busy, with work and looking after a sick girlfriend. Anyhow, on account of listening to a lot of comedy last week, the charts looked like this.

    'Top Three' Artists of last week:

    • Joint first place – Tenacious D and Nine Inch Nails! I like Jack Black, and having just watched Nacho Libre, in which he plays an all singing all wrestling priest, TD got a lot of air play last week. But then Nine Inch Nails did too, because I find it nigh impossible to skip NIN tracks...
    • Third place - Beatallica I didn't realise I'd listened to them quite that much, but there you go. The covers band that mixes Beatles covers with Metallica covers, mostly by warping the former into a style practiced by the latter...

    'Top Three' Artists overall:

    Three clear positions this time.

    • First place - Nine Inch Nails - nice one!

    • Second place - Pitchshifter - knocking Rage Against The Machine down!

    • Third place - Tool - just beating Rage to third place... An old favourite...

    'Top Three' Tracks overall:

    • First place - Closer - a clubber's favourite that seems to come up loads if you tune into certain tag radios (I'm thinking and here)

    • Second place - Leave You Far Behind (Lunat... - as played on the original Matrix soundtrack and a TV for beer advert since, I've always loved this tune...

    • Joint third place - (deep breath...) The Thing That Should Not Let It Be (funny), Wonderboy (funny and catchy), Feuer Frei (Rammstein Vs Junki (catchy and shouty), Angry White Boy Polka (funny, catchy and shouty), Supernaut (fun, catchy and shouty), 100 Percent (kinda catchy, kinda funny, kinda shouty), Bombtrack (damn freaking catchy and shouty, more than you can shake a damn stick at)
  • Schlaf Kindlein, Schlaf...

    13. Feb. 2007, 9:07

    Schlaf Kindlein, Schlaf

    Very funny, but that's because the German title reminds me of a Dutch children's rhyme. The song is basically Enter Sandman, but with the lyrics for the German version of the rhyme (or a bastardised version of it). All I remember from the Dutch version, and again this might not be an accurate interpretation, is "Sleep, child, sleep (pronounced 'slaap'), your father is an ape (pronounced 'aap')..."

    Ah, memories...
  • Two and a Half Weeks In - Mixing It Up A Little Bit More...

    12. Feb. 2007, 8:39

    I've just noticed that last weeks Weekly summary has been swiped off the table by changes to the charts over the weekend. So, later, I'll try to update it to the actual current charts.

    I'll also do these weekely updates every Monday too. It's going to be easier that way. Although I'm actually getting around to completing this on Tuesday.

    'Top Three' Artists of last week:

    • Number one – Rage Against The Machine! I'm quite happy with that, since I've spent a lot of time reaquainting myself with their music...
    • Joint second place - Garbage (cool, I like Shirley Manson's persona crawling all over rock noise), Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (cool, I'm surprised enough of his songs have been played though), Ohgr (cool - I never heard of ohGr before last.fm, but I quite like the sound), David Bowie (erm... not that cool... I like some songs, but some I find a little dreary or overplayed or even, god forbid, dated).

    'Top Three' Artists overall:

    • First place - Nine Inch Nails - nice one!

    • Second place - Rage Against The Machine-nice one!
    • Joint third place - Pitchshifter & The Prodigy - that's pretty cool, two similar British bands that combine dance music with a punk feel. Pitchshifter favour guitars and smart lyrics, whilst The Prodigy favour dance tunes and repetitive slogans.

    'Top Three' Tracks overall:

    • Joint first place - Suhleap, Supernaut, Bombtrack, Suck - all of which have been played three times. I'm not sure about the ohGr track, but the other three are definite old time favourites that defy any instinct to skip to another song. In fact they may well tie me down to my desk at work until the song is over.

    There. Done. Happy Tuesday.
  • Two weeks in - Mixing it up a little...

    9. Feb. 2007, 17:17

    I've strayed a little further away from familiar territory this week. Once more I dipped into music, and today I've explored and . And I was in the middle of listening to songs by artists like Monty Python's Flying Circus before cosmetic work on this site drew that to a halt. So for much of the afternoon I've listened to tunes on MySpace, in particular a bunch of things by Jello Biafra and Apotygma Bezerk on my MySpace page.

    Anyway, a quick run-down on Friday's charts, 'cause I'm just about out of time.

    • Weekly top three artists are:

    Nine Inch Nails
    A Perfect Circle
    The Cure

    All good, all quite popular in an alternative way, kinda miffed that some other bands didn't score as high as The Cure, but The Cure has a knack of catchy hooks that don't let go once they've got ya.

    • Overall top three artists are:

    Nine Inch Nails
    Rage Against The Machine

    All good! :-)

    • Overall top three songs are:

    Suck - that's essentially Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, singing a Nine Inch Nails song, differently to how he sings it elswhere... is good...

    Bombtrack - a good song to jump around on the dancefloor to, good lyrics, good guitar, I'm really getting back into RatM thanks to last.fm...

    Supernaut - Ignore the band name, here it's essentially Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails (again), singing a song with some of Ministry... again, is good...

    Right, the weekend is due to start. See you next week.
  • May Well Be The Funniest Thing I've Heard In Ages...

    9. Feb. 2007, 11:05

    Angry White Boy Polka has just had me in stitches. After a week of hopping from category to category, I've dipped into . This song was the first one I listened to.

    Can't help it wouldn't be quite so fun if I didn't get as many references to songs as I did. Very funny, but possibly less so after a while. A bit like Richard Cheese but with several covers compressed into one medley.