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Pretty LightsMake You Feel 18. Dez., 16:23
Pretty LightsAt Last I Am Free 18. Dez., 16:17
Pretty LightsPop Quiz 18. Dez., 16:11
Pretty LightsDouble Love 18. Dez., 16:08
Pretty LightsEvening Sun 18. Dez., 16:01
Pretty LightsSomething's Wrong 18. Dez., 15:54
Pretty LightsFill Your Eyes 18. Dez., 15:49
Pretty LightsSolamente 18. Dez., 15:43
Pretty LightsCold Feeling 18. Dez., 15:36
Pretty LightsMy Other Love 18. Dez., 15:30
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Über mich

I like to listen to music, make music, venture the internetz, and play video games. I use Soulseek as means of obtaining and sharing music, available there by username l20B0T (send me a message and as to view files, I leave it open and sharing all the time just for people like you). If I have listened to anything that you are having trouble finding, just send me a message and ask if I can help you out. If I still have the files I would be more than happy to put them up on Mediafire for you if need be. Just ask. I enjoy doing it. It makes me feel like all this is worth while.

Sometimes I forget to turn off the play through option on Winamp and end up listening to an artists 200 times in a day. You fucking do it too so don't judge me for it. I try to remove the plays after it happens but it sucks to throw away an additional 300 plays just for one stupid mistake.

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