The Melvins @ Axis in Boston, MA 10/8/06


9. Okt. 2006, 22:07

Got to see the Melvins in Boston last night and they did not disappoint.

Check out the pictures: Melvins - Boston, MA - 10/8/06

Ghostigital was the opening band. They played techno/rap/noise/samples. The singer (used to be the singer for the Sugarcubes) was an entertaining spaz. He sang something about getting locked outside of his house while wearing a g-string and then about his sofa getting mad because it had an ass in its face. You figure it out.

Next up was Big Business. The only song I know by them is Focus Pocus which they didn't play. After a few songs Dale joined in on guitar and he and Jared shared some humorous banter.

Then Buzz walked out and the Melvins proceeded to kick arse. The dual drumming was amazing. I always knew Dale was an accomplished drummer, and now I know that Coady Willis is no slouch either.

At the end of the last song (I believe it was Lovely Butterfly) Buzz walked off stage followed shortly thereafter by Jared. Dale and Coady remained and for several more minutes they fiercely banged away in unison before standing up and waving good night to the crowd.

Songs I remember hearing (in no particular order):
The Hawk
Civilized Worm
The Bloated Pope
Set Me Straight
A History Of Bad Men
Sky Pup
Lovely Butterfly
The Bit

They might have played more songs than the ones I've listed. My memory isn't what it used to be.

Great show. Great band.


  • phlogistonjohn

    Post pictures! :-)

    10. Okt. 2006, 0:27
  • norecess

    Read better!

    10. Okt. 2006, 13:51
  • ignut

    I caught the North Carolina gig.. crazy awesome.

    25. Feb. 2007, 0:43
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