• Busy month for purchases

    22. Feb. 2010, 0:10

    CD: Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea
    Elbow - Asleep in the Back

    DVD: No Country for Old Men

    Xbox 360: Band Hero
    Bioshock 2

    Also going to get The Courteeners - Falcon, The Sunshine Underground - Nobody's Coming to Save You and maybe that Marina and the Diamonds album as well.

  • Some of my favourite Richey Edwards quotes

    18. Nov. 2009, 0:41

    I think there's a difference between intelligence and knowledge. There are plenty of people with letters after their names who only know figures and dates. It's possible to know a lot of facts but not know anything at all.

    You get respect in society if you are aggressive. If you fight then people respect you. If you fight back, people like you for that as well. When I've been beaten up, if I've been in a pub doing nothing wrong, the fact I chose not to fight back, that I would never throw a punch back, people say I'm weak. I don't think that's a weak thing at all. I think why should I descend to their level? If I've done nothing wrong, throwing a punch back makes me as bad and corrupt as them. As evil as them, as stupid as them.

    I know I believe in nothing. But it is my nothing.

    mankind is the worst thing that's ever happened to this planet!

    The only perfect circle on the human body is the eye. When a baby is born it's so perfect, but when it opens its eyes it's just blinded by corruption and everything else is a downward spiral.

    The thing about Generation Terrorists was that the title was misunderstood. At the age of 10 or 12 everybody is full of some kind of optimism, yet by the time that they leave school they've given up on everything. In those five or years your life has been dramatically changed and pretty much destroyed.

    (Joy Division singer Ian Curtis was) the only musician whose death I was saddened by. I love music, but I couldn't give a fuck if anybody dropped dead tomorrow, I wouldn't shed a tear.

    Most people look back on their childhoods with more fondness than their early twenties or their teenage years which are pretty horrendous. As a child, you put your head on the pillow and fall asleep with no worries. From being a teenager onwards it’s pretty rare that you don’t end up staying awake half the night thinking about bullshit.

    The older you get the more life becomes more miserable, all the people you grow up with die, your parents die your grandparents die your dog dies, your energy diminishes, there’s less books to read and there are no more groups to discover.
    Manic Street Preachers
  • Arctic Monkeys 13th November

    17. Nov. 2009, 9:17

  • More purchases this week!

    8. Sep. 2009, 12:54

    The Cribs - Ignore the Ignorant
    The XX - XX
    Radiohead - In Rainbows
    Scott Walker - Scott 4
    Robert Plant and Alison Krauss - Raising Sand

    The Beatles: Rock Band
    Guitar Hero 5

    Next week... Muse - The Resistance!

    The CribsRadioheadThe xxScott WalkerRobert Plant and Alison Krauss
  • The Album of 2009

    18. Aug. 2009, 1:11

    Yeah it's only August and there are some big releases still to come this year but i know for sure this is my album of the year. The new sound of Manchester, The North and England. These guys just get better with every album. Each song is magnificent with throbbing bass lines, flashing guitars and beautiful dreamlike vocals this album paints a picture of the North better than any other band could ever wish to do.

    Listening to it walking to work very early in the morning is such a magical experience and the album seems to be getting better as the colder, bleaker weather sets in. Everybody really should listen to this album but of course they won't.

    It can be kind of annoying when you love something so much and nobody else seems to care. They are all missing out on something so great and this album is just a pure masterpiece. I genuinely believe this is one of the most beautiful albums i own. I know for a fact i will relish listening this album for the rest of my life.

    This band has just written the album of their lives.

    Ladies and Gentlemen i introduce to you the greatest band in Britain.

    Kingdom of Rust.

  • Purchases this week

    18. Apr. 2009, 0:15

    So i finally got round to buying some albums to update my collection:

    Doves - Kingdom of Rust
    U2 - No Line on the Horizon
    Bon Iver - For Emma Forever Ago
    Echo & the Bunnymen - Porcupine

    so far i have only listened to Doves but i can't wait to get stuck into the rest :)

    U2DovesBon IverEcho & the Bunnymen
  • Buying CDs

    4. Mär. 2009, 0:10

    Going out a lot and buying games for my 360 isn’t cheap but I do love my music and I really do need to buy more, well I think I need more anyway unlike certain people I know who think I’m a tad obsessed with music.

    I have always loved getting a new CD every now and then but now I’m wondering how long this format will last. Even if I collect a lot of them nobody will want them in the future as all music is now online for free either by using file sharing or streaming with new sites popping up all of the time, one new big one being which allows you to stream pretty much every song and album released since the 60’s for free.

    I see why people get their music for free because they are tight with their money and obviously don’t appreciate it for what it is but I just don’t like getting a whole album from a file sharer. I don’t think it can be justified either by people who claim to have no money as past generations never had the option to steal music.

    The main problem for me is that a lot of record shops are closing down and it’s not easy to get to one so I end up buying off the internet and the CDs take at least three days to arrive, several times I wanted a CD when I ordered it but wasn’t that bothered by the time it arrived.

    I’m now even getting some music off of iTunes just because I know it’s official and the sound will be good quality, plus the artist will get some money. But is that maybe a bit silly when I can have the actual CD? Maybe it is but sometimes I really just don’t feel like waiting, as long as my computer doesn’t go and die on me again I think that might be the way forward.
  • The BRIT Awards 2009

    19. Feb. 2009, 1:10

    Wow, I'm really suprised, I sat down tonight and I watched all of the BRIT awards. I mean I only started watching it because it was on after Corrie but i really enjoyed it.

    First off the nominees for all of the awards were great choices, it would of been good to see the Verve in a couple more catagories but the competition was so i high i can understand how they got left out of a few.

    All the live performances were amazing (it looked suspiciously like Take That were miming though) and the presenters (Kylie and those two from Gavin and Stacey) were funny.lols

    But the night was topped off for me with Duffy winning 3 awards including best British Album (shows how much NME knows giving it a 4/10 and the fact that In Rainbows was also nominated makes it all the sweeter) and Elbow winning best British group, Coldplay didn't look best pleased at winning nothing :)ElbowDuffyColdplayKylieThe VerveKings of LeonPet Shop BoysPaul WellerThe KillersTake ThatLady GagaThe Ting Tings
  • Are you a music snob?

    16. Feb. 2009, 0:34

    Most kids enjoy pop music to some degree or another; whether it's singing along to the radio, downloading the latest ringtone, or sticking posters up on the bedroom wall, it's as big a part of youth culture as it's ever been.

    Then, somewhere around puberty, one of two things happens. For the majority, nothing much at all. They'll continue to buy the occasional single or album, but music won't ever be more than a part of the overall entertainment mix along with movies, TV, and reading about what Kerry Katona's been up to in Heat magazine.

    For the rest, however, it assumes a far greater importance. Typically (but not always) they'll ally themselves with a particular genre and develop a ferocious contempt for anyone who doesn't share their obsession.

    This is how the music snob is born.

    We spoke to one such person on condition of anonymity and asked for 12 ways they can tell someone isn't a 'real' music fan.

    If you agree with more than half the reasons in the gallery below, you can consider yourself a music snob too

    Add your own responses (agree/disagree) to find out if you are a music snob and repost if you want to or if you’re really bored. :)

    So according to a music snob you’re not a real music fan if:

    You actually use the headphones that came with your iPod.- Funnily enough I am going to replace mine because they leak way too much sound but I don’t agree with this.

    When asked the best gig you went to recently, you reply 'Glastonbury' - disagree

    You've bought an 'authentic-looking' band t-shirt from Topman. - agree

    You think Guns N Roses are a really 'heavy' band. – agree

    You think gigs that aren't in arenas are 'intimate'. - disagree

    On your Facebook profile you describe your music taste as 'I like a bit of everything really!!!' – agree

    You think support bands exist purely to give you time to go to the bar. – oh I thought that’s exactly what they were for.

    You think Jo Whiley knows what she's talking about. - agree

    You can't remember the last time you bought a CD. – agree

    But you can remember that AMAZING Leona Lewis song you downloaded the other day. – agree

    You buy an album because you liked the single, and then skip through all the other tracks just to listen to it. – agree

    You think people who talk about bands you haven't heard of are pretentious. – agree

    Hmm so I got 8/12 looks like I’m a bit of a music snob, I sorta knew that already anyway.

    The BeatlesJoy DivisionThe Smashing PumpkinsThe SmithsInterpolColdplayRadioheadPink FloydThe ClashThe CureU2MorriseyKings of LeonThe VerveBob DylanArctic MonkeysModest MouseThe Velvet UndergroundDavid BowieElliott SmithNick Drake