• An Old Poem

    8. Dez. 2010, 22:18

    Never been so sad on Valentine’s Day
    A day of hearts still
    But hearts that are broken
    His disposition changes like the wind
    One day willing to laugh and forgive
    Another to scowl and condemn
    Underneath it all so scared that he is unwanted
    That if he doesn’t hate first
    He will be left alone
    Insecurity, inferiority are words of the day
    When I meant none
    I’m no stranger to the wrong I’ve done
    It’s work to not wallow in my own missteps
    But he focuses on my wrongs and denies his own so easily

    Never woke up crying on Valentine’s Day
    Its supposed to be a day of joy
    All I want is to love him
    To start over
    To make things right
    But his mind is stuck on rewind
    In past time
    I cannot blame him for its my wrongs he replays
    But the moment we become one again
    He splits us into two
    Sorry never passes through his lips
    While the word never leaves mine
    My wrongs seem to absolve him of his own
    No connection drawn between how we were and what I did
    Back to square one when we were on two

    I wish it was never Valentine’s Day
    I don’t want to see another paper heart
    Unless it’s crumpled on the floor
    To resemble my own
    I could cry forever
    My eyes never run out of things to say
    He will never know the depth of my regret
    As it is a bottomless well
    He’ll never get over this
    And its less being over than coping
    There will be a day when we can say its okay
    But he doesn’t want that day to come
    His mind is made
  • What

    16. Nov. 2010, 18:58

    have I done and what will I do. When will I do what I need. Who will remember and who will care. Will anyone notice when I bleed? The sun has turned its back left nothing but black and gray, black and gray. Such strife lay ahead should I continue. Such grief I leave if it ends.
  • I wonder

    23. Mär. 2009, 12:47

    if anyone will ever read this thing, but it might be therapeutic for once in a while when I feel the need to let the whole world
    yet no one
    know how I feel at the same time, I will grace this blank page with the words my soul would speak