Maeve Wagner, Argentinien
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Popy Maeve: Singer and Argentine composer. In her path she shared stages with such artists like: Hilda Lizarazu, Palo Pandolfo, Francisco Bochatón, Ulises Butron, Adriana Sica, Ariel Leyra, Abril Cantilo, between others…In her first works like soloist, It she relied on the musical production of the guitarist and producer musical Tito Losavio. In 2007 she travelled to Stockholm (Sweden), where she appeared in different stages of this capital with "Poli-Jol", duo shaped between the artist Zoca Morend y Popy Maeve. Nowadays, it she deals her studies in the E.M.P.A (school of popular Argentine music) and she directs her musical project, near her first LP, with the musician Roger Wagner in guitar, bases and arrangements. //Roger Wagner: Guitarist and musical Argentine Adjustor. It he integrated formations of Jazz in Duo, Trio, Quartet and Quintet. It he penetrated in addition, in such different musical styles like Funk, Rock and Pop, doing presentations in the Capital federal, Gran Buenos Aires and interior of the country. He studied in particular form with the teachers of guitar Walter Malosetti, Armando Alonso and Carlos Campos. Graduated from the S.A.de. M (musicians' Argentine union).

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