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Ben HowardShe Treats Me Well gestern Abend
Ben HowardIn Dreams gestern Nachmittag
Ben HowardI Forget Where We Were gestern Nachmittag
Ben HowardRivers in Your Mouth gestern Nachmittag
Ben HowardSmall Things gestern Nachmittag
Ben HowardRivers in Your Mouth 1. Jul., 18:04
Ben HowardOnly Love 3. Jul., 9:37
Ben HowardEverything 3. Jul., 9:33
Ben HowardThe Wolves 3. Jul., 9:28
Ben HowardDiamonds 3. Jul., 9:23
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  • phwnemi

    Are you on Sony's Fantasy Festival yet? http://fantasyfestival.last.fm/invite/?key=701325b5f21031a2f4f12ba350a1dc96&r=ponkt

    27. Dez. 2009 Antworten
  • voo2k6

    Are you on Sony's Fantasy Festival yet? It rocks. http://fantasyfestival.last.fm/invite/?key=398bf3ac0a27087e165a05934f430f18&r=ponkt

    6. Nov. 2009 Antworten
  • StVik

    Nei, he kje hørt no på dei.. men tror d blir bra =)

    27. Apr. 2009 Antworten
  • StVik

    såklart, du e epic :D btw, du vet at Porcupine Tree kommer til Oslo til høst? : )

    26. Apr. 2009 Antworten
  • Borteh

    Sånn kan me ikkje ha det! Me vett tross alt bedre (:

    21. Feb. 2009 Antworten
  • Nicrolium

    mye bra musikk me hørre på kan du sei :P

    3. Feb. 2009 Antworten
  • Spacekniight

    hahah :D

    25. Jan. 2009 Antworten
  • Spacekniight

    det e bra. Det der spotify verka ganske hendigt ja :)

    24. Jan. 2009 Antworten
  • Spacekniight

    :D bra band, konge sang. Men vett ikkje kafor eg aldri skaffa meg ablumet hehe. Du MÅ sjekka ut Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours (kansje det besta albumet frå 08) :D

    23. Jan. 2009 Antworten
  • moncore

    we're high :) how are ya doing?

    13. Jan. 2009 Antworten
  • moncore

    coolness *-*

    8. Dez. 2008 Antworten
  • moncore

    THAT i certainly am! thank you :) well the translation was really weird, and also said something about protsitutes :D i just asked about the pics because i have an SLR and a DSLR too.. sure i like pandas.. but you must accept reality :D:D um, do you have icq or msn or something like that? if you think its okay you can send me a message with your address or number, i'd add you :3 if you don't want to it's fine, though.. greetings~

    20. Nov. 2008 Antworten
  • moncore

    oh okay.. i like enter shikari ;_; but i have the weirdest taste anyway.. indie, punk, all kinds of metal, classical and pretty electronic stuff like ratatat all together. i let google translate the first page of your blog for me XD it was... fun.. do you do a lot of photography? i liked your other picture here better, btw. sorry, cheers, Ed :D

    20. Nov. 2008 Antworten
  • moncore

    btw, excuse me also for this long post :D *spam*

    19. Nov. 2008 Antworten
  • moncore

    whats the commercial for? is it on youtube or something? *-* too bad about the Quart '08.. i saw they had booked death cab for cutie and guess what.. i'm seeing Death cab live next monday here <3 well, when i was there it was weird 'cause there were a few bands that everyone saw.. like the who, of course, or the freakin' scissors sisters.. and then there was enter shikari.. NO one was there, and they're so great ;_; and also, everything in norway is so expensive, it's crazy.. wow. but i love krisitiansand.. such a beautiful city<3

    19. Nov. 2008 Antworten
  • moncore

    thankyou for adding :3 i liked your shout on the shins' page! i was in norway summer of uuuh 2007 and went to this weird Quart festival :D

    16. Nov. 2008 Antworten
  • moncore

    hello hello :)

    12. Nov. 2008 Antworten
  • xantir


    24. Okt. 2008 Antworten
  • xantir

    elske deeeeg :*

    10. Okt. 2008 Antworten
  • xantir

    mosjiii :D

    3. Okt. 2008 Antworten
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I don't look back much as a rule
and all this way before murder was cruel
but your memory is here and I'd like it to stay
warm light on a winters day.

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