A Little Piece of Me.. (Just A Litte)


7. Mär. 2012, 1:04

i love music; whether listening or playing it. i love it since when i was a kid. for me, music is a magical thing that exist in this world. it is a medium to express my feeling. the way to accompany myself when no one can't. the way to swim into my innermost emotion, and rest for a while. without music, i cannot think what kind of life would like.

i love reading books. i can get a lot of information and knowledge from them. moreover, good books can captivate me for moments. for me, books can be a really good friend. it will accompany me when there is nothing to do and there is someone to talk to.

i love eating food. it is more that keeping me from being hungry, but it also give me a joy to taste the food itself. i can eat any kind of food, as long as the taste is what i'm looking for.

i really like cat. for me, cat is the cutest animal in the world. though sometimes, cat can be annoying, but cat always make life brighter and interesting. furthermore, stroking a cat always bring such a joy and nice feeling. that is why, there is no reason for me not to love a cat.

i really appreciate friendship. for me friendship is more than just an existence of two (or more than) persons. it is a bound that make those persons can be together, know, and respect each other. friendship make the world seems better. and friendship can keep someone from being a loner.

i like writing. it is another way to compose my heart and feeling. it is a way to write down my thoughts and ideas into words, phrases, and sentences. it is a medium to express everything; everything inside myself that needs to be released. it can record my life as well, so then when i read it in the future, i will experience again what something that i write.

i like philosophy. i'm not a wise-obsessed person actually, but i just try to do what is right. in other words, to do something necessary to make my life happy. furthermore, i will be so much happy if i can inspire people (and my friends of course); whether from my words or my works. as long as i can do something good, then i'll do.

i also like reading my friends' blog. it gives me opportunity to know their feeling and view in seeing life. one of the effective ways to know their ideology without asking them directly. their writing is an expression of their wisdom as well, and it's really interesting to know someone else's wisdom. because sometimes, it can give me inspiration to live as well


  • Sopheeaa

    Right, been reading up your journal which, in some ways, gives opportunity to know how you view life (well, like what you said). you described yourself in more than 5 words (in short) i think, and that couldve been more than 'a little piece of you', lol

    3. Mai. 2013, 14:37
  • pondrafi

    ahaha, thanks again for reading this 'a little piece of me..' thingy. well, it's just a little because i only take 8 examples. eight is a little number, right?? :)

    22. Aug. 2013, 8:18
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