The Reasons Why Facebook and Twitter are Annoying Sometimes


14. Jan. 2012, 4:35

i admit that there are so many benefits coming from social networks. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter for examples, those can be the medium for connecting people and friends in any place, business purposes, or maybe stalking someone you love. But as the time goes by, i find that those sites can be so annoying sometimes. although both offer us a simplicity to connect people and friends, but on the other hand those sites are used for telling unnecessary things by some people. i don't know whether it happens to the other country or not, but i feel this kind of annoyance in my country.

It is not wise to blame those social networks. Those social networks are just a medium. It is a mean for someone who use it. So if there is something to blame (or someone) it is better to blame the user of those two. By some people, Facebook and Twitter become the medium to show off, to express all the saddest thing and miseries, to tell the world about his/her existence, and to express some silly things. It seems that Facebook or Twitter become a diary online; to write any feeling or experience of the user.

What i can't stand of is, the use of those things to show off. Usually, the user tries to tell anything bout their achievements, their relationship, their special experience, their new gadgets, or even their capability to go abroad (whether for study or just a trip). OK, i understand that those things are their pride. And it's their right to post anything bout their pride. But sometimes, when they're too often posting something like that, it can be annoying for the reader (especially for me). I mean who cares bout their achievements. Who cares with their own happiness in every second i open my news feed on my Facebook or time line on Twitter. Nobody! except their families i believe. Well, now I sound like Rilo Kiley's It's A Hit then: "cause no one wants to pay to see your happiness."

Besides, as the diary online, some users will post everything about their feeling. yes, they will tell everything. from less personal problem to the more personal problems, even their own secret that should not be revealed. they feel that they are the center of universe, so everyone in the world should know their own problem no matter how. i don't know exactly what is inside their mind. maybe it's a kind of self expression, emotional release, or starve of existence. whatever it is, for me it's annoying sometimes.

Finding their whine on newsfeed is more like finding a junk on your porch. You don't need it, but someone just throw it. and it can ruin your day, once you want to go out and start a day. I don't know how it works, but the negative energy will be transferred into your mind and then pollutes it. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it's real and that's the fact. If you're hard to believe, then try it. read all your friends' negative status on Facebook or Twitter all day long. And you will feel negative feeling as well after all.

Facebook allows user to post photos. It's fine actually, but when the users abuse this facility by posting unnecessary photos, their achievements, and their narcissism, then it becomes irritating. Once again, i know that this is their right to post their pride (now in the form of photos). But once again, when they post photos too often then it's so annoying. They want people all around the world know about their achievement, about their pride, and about their capability to get that photos. And finally, it backs to the first reason; they try to show off. And you know what, show off is so totally annoying.

Well, i believe that this is my own problem. I'm too irritated with that kind of show off, or silly whining. It's not those problems, nor the social networks. It's just inside of me who hard to accept the reality about social networks. so how to solve this problem? It's simple actually, cause what i have to do is just change my perception to see that kind of status. I know that i can't live without social networks in this 21st century. Considering that social networks also offer some benefits on this era. So it's better for me to get used to it. just change my perception, and let the negative statuses flow on but then get away from my mind. It needs times and practice of course. But because i have a lot of time to practice, so it's not a big problem for me then.


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