Isabella Massaro, 21, Weiblich, Vereinigte Staaten
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EdgewaterApples & Oranges 4. Feb. 2010
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SubmersedTo Peace Lieblingslied 4. Feb. 2010
Evans BlueShine Your Cadillac 4. Feb. 2010
Smile Empty SoulFinding Myself Lieblingslied 4. Feb. 2010
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10 YearsParalyzing Kings 4. Feb. 2010
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  • Xanarki

    Oh I just got lucky. I used to be (and sort've still am) a staff member of that site and the Polish people there liked me enough. :D KMFDM was in town not long ago, but I had the swine flu at the time.

    3. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • Cheekeemunkee

    hi Isabella...smile? as much as possible :D i've got a huge smile in my avatar - of course you can't see it cuz i'm facing backwards..........lol.....have to say, not to many people go to the trouble to write about themselves in the "about me" section like you do...you definitely lay it all out there! like your music, too...been on a darkest days kick lately for the first time in a loooong time, here...

    2. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • Xanarki

    In a year, why? Is that when you're on your own? :P And nah, I'm not Polish. I'm purely German/Russian. Yeah, there's a shitload of bands that I'd kill to see. Honestly, I think that I was born in the wrong year...I missed out on a lot. And yeah, I guess he was. I'll murder him later.

    1. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • Xanarki

    Yeah, both elements are pretty damn good...sucks that I was too young to catch 'em live back then. Are you a concert-goer, or naw?

    1. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • Xanarki

    Kubiszewski (spelled right?) and Flakus contributed a lot, musically. I take it you're into a lot of other '90s industrial sets as well, ye?

    1. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • Xanarki

    SW is definitely "up there" in my favorite bands. The Dreaming is terrible, I dunno what the hell Chris is thinking. And I haven't checked out any projects the other ex-band members have done, yet.

    1. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • Xanarki

    Thanks for the f/r...I see you like Stabbing Westward a fuckton. Good choice.

    1. Feb. 2010 Antworten
  • Xanarki

    Hi. Awesome charts and well-written 'about me.'

    1. Feb. 2010 Antworten

    Welcome aboard, poisonheart616! Happy listening.

    6. Dez. 2009 Antworten

Über mich

If I could pick one place I'd rather be right now than here, it would be in his arms. I love the feeling of someone caring, of someone having their arms around you. I love animals because they can't and don't backstab, they don't judge you. I absolutely hate people that hurt animals or think they have the right to. I'm not scared of dying. The last thing I would do before I died would be to try to swim across the ocean and get to him. I want to die in his arms, clinging to his picture. I respect people that aren't afraid to show who they really are, people who couldn't care less about what others think of them. The more people that I’m around, the lonelier I feel, so I choose to be by myself most of the time. I think that if I’m gonna be lonely, then I’d rather be alone. I love sitting by my window and looking out when it's raining, especially if there's lightning. I like walking in pouring rain; no one knows that you're crying. I love watching the snow fall outside, it mesmerizes me. I don't ask you to like me, I don't really care. All I ask is that you respect me, and in return I will respect you too. I'm pretty easy to get along with, but you have to make an effort to know me. Don't bother me when I'm listening to music. If you can't be straightforward with me, then it's better if you don't talk to me at all. If you hurt me, I am not the type of person that will hurt you back, I will not care. I will simply erase you from my memory, and it will be impossible for someone that doesn't exist to hurt me ever again. If you hurt anybody or anything that I care about, there will be hell to pay, so stay away from things that matter to me. If you can't tell me the truth, then don't talk to me at all. Don't promise me promises that you know you can't keep. If you know, then I sure as hell know too. Don't try to lie to me because I'm really good at telling if you’re saying the truth. Don't be fake with me, I know what's real. Believe that your dreams will get you through, and even if you don't, respect the fact that I do. Believe that love will give you the strength when you're not strong. I believe that everything that happens is for a reason, so don't ever give me shit about something that I did, I don't regret it. Everything that has happened in the past has made me the person I am today. I believe that no love, no friendship can cross your path without leaving some sort of mark upon it. I believe that everyday you can learn something new about yourself that you didn’t know the day before. Everyday is a new day. Take me seriously; I don't say things for the hell of it. Believe me, especially when I say that what is supposed to happen will happen. There's someone for everyone…it's just a matter of finding them. Fate does exist. Know that karma also does exist, and if you do something nice for someone else, it'll eventually come back to you. Don't repeat yourself when you're talking to me, I'll understand the first time. If you have a problem, I'll listen. Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind. Don't EVER EVER EVER tell me that you know how I feel, I know you don't. You might be able to put yourself in a similar situation, but you don't see through my eyes, and you can't get in my head, you don't know me, you don't know how I perceive this situation. Don't tell me that everything will be ok. I won't believe you, you don't know. There's only one person in this world that can tell me everything will be ok…there's only one person that I would ever believe because he's the only one that can make it ok. He knows who he is. Help me find my heaven. I need to get out of this hell. Heaven is happiness that you can achieve on this earth, if it's possible. Heaven is somehow being perfectly happy in your head. It isn't some place in the sky with angels and white clouds. He’s my heaven. Don't laugh at the fact that I'm a dreamer; it's what gets me through. Know that even though you are just one person, you still CAN make a difference. Make one, but for the better. To the world you are just one person..but to one person you can mean the world. I don't smoke, and i don't drink. I hate when people find that strange. I won't be the fucking sheep you want me to. I've seen too many times what drinking does to people, i'll never become the thing i hate...and as for smoking...cancer anyone?? I believe in both love and hate. One of them is the most worthwhile feeling in the world, while the other is a complete waste of emotion. Please don't lead me on; I've had my heart broken too many times. I don't care about outward appearances; your most attractive features are your heart and soul. I dislike it when people define themselves by only their religion. There is only one thing I'm scared of; I'm terrified of losing him. I don't think it's right to fix things that aren't broken. I don't believe in perfect. I DO believe that there is one perfect person for everyone out there..I do believe that loving someone makes you see them perfectly…but I don't believe in conventional perfectionism. No amount of plastic surgery or fakeness will make you perfect. I dislike humanity, because they lack the responsibility for their actions. I can't seem to fathom how you could kill or hurt an innocent person and not care. If something is touching, I'll cry, and I'm not afraid to let my tears show. Don't make fun of me when I cry, there's always a reason. Don't call me "emo" when you see my wrist. It's the story of my life. Sometimes when I feel like screaming, the words flow from my arm. And most of all, don't judge me based on what you're reading. Don't think that you will ever get to know me just by reading this. There's so much more to life than we'd like to think there is, there's so much more to everyone than we see. There's so much more to people than we will ever know.