Artic Circle and Contiguous Nations

Who would have thought that after famously "null point"-ing their way through Eurovision in the Eighties, Norway and other Norse/Scandinavian countries would produce such fine music.

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Fetch that lady an oxygen Mask!

Heavy breathing has been a requisite of sexy time music ever since Jane Birkin lunged for her asthma inhaler during Je t' non plus in 1969, signalling the beginning of the sexual...

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Tracks that don't rock, but are beautiful. Not every song is a triumph and there are plenty of omissions, because the tracks haven't been scrobbled on My biggest miss is Surabaya Johnny by...

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Sixtyish Lounge Music

Pretentious?Yes. Do I care? No. You only live once, (twice if your 007) time to think about what everyone else thinks, once you're dead. "Old" Burt Bacharach is probably the king of this genre....

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Party 1990

Tunes I remember from student parties attended around this time.

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Burt without Ernie

Burt Bacharach did some great tunes.

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This was a year in which to my ears, music production became more expansive, ambitious and audacious. By this point it is difficult to tell the difference between an old track and a modern one,...

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Why did they all have a Gospel Tinge?

Well at least spiritual tinge. Tried to keep this between late sixties and 1975. Was pop music replacing the spiritual, was there a greater search or sense of loss of religious identity, or did...

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The Aquarium

A tankful of 60's/70's New Age tunes.

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Coulda Shoulda Done Better

When you hear a tune, and you think it is great possibly at the start of the track, and then the rest of the track isn't quite as good. Some of the best artists lose the original spark of...

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The Year 1970-ish

This year has always had a fin de siecle quality about it for me. The Age of Aquarius was supposed to be dawning. It might be my imagination, but it always seems to me that this year didn't just...

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Beginnings of the Ubiquity of Rock

A rock sensibility began to permeate quite a few tracks by about 1968. Even songs originally released as pop, got the rock treatment.

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70's Disco

Every decent Disco song I could think of ,though ironically no D.I.S.C.O. by Ottawan

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A Night at the Late Seventies Soft Rock Opera

Not as pompous as Prog, but almost...and not bands that are remembered as cool, by and large.

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1978 (ish) Classical/Classy-Pop

Around the turn of the decade, there was a flux of British tracks, that sat in the charts alongside punk, which were epic in their ambition, used plenty of classical instruments, and I suppose were...

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Musical Meltdown

Some drugs free up the creative process, lot's of drugs fry the mind- leading to meltdown for the following artists. Sometimes reflected in their music?

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Klaxons, Dachshunds, Hofner Bass and Tyrolean Brass

Apart from the Klaxons and Dachshunds, there is a sound predominately from the sixties were certain tracks used great bass and brass, heavily dominated by a Teutonic sensibility. We're talking a...

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They Think They're the Beatles

Another Ronseal moment...

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Songs about hovering at the edge of the dancefloor afraid to ask the girl up for a dance, and going home alone....or being envious of those guys who are a bit more successful

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De-stress Detox

I'm sure Madonna doesn't set out to write anxiety relieving tunes, but she should be prescribed on the NHS.

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Syncopated Eighties

No matter what genre in the early eighties there was a glut of guitarists picking out a rhythm to synch with the drummer- as my list will prove! (Mainly an 1981 phenomena?)

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Psychedelic Soul

Funkadelic may have close captioned the phenomena, but there were plenty of artists before and after them, weirding out Funk, which was an already out there genre.

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Contra Subversive!

Each to his own. Some bands are genuinely naughty, others exploit their fan's rebellious teenage sensibilities. So it is comically ironic to find bands that cover raucous, offensive or x-rated...

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90's RNB

From back in the day...This spells the end for Time Life compilation CD's. I was able to pull their Midnight Soul collection onto my Playlist in a matter of minutes. And there was no need to...

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Odes to DJ's

A guaranteed way to get your track played is to make a reference to a DJ in the lyric, since the sycophants behind the turntable love nothing better than bathing in the reflected glory of a paen to...

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Starstruck Stars

Songs about other Artists, or with other artists in the lyrics

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Las Vegas Cabaret Classics

Post Rat Pack, and timeless classics, that they were never in fashion. Schmaltz and powerful vocals.

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Retro, no really Retro

Pre 1950 or inspired.

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Space the final frontier...

An obession of the Seventies, spurred on by the Space Race, or just he fact that the synths and sequencers of the day had an other wordly feel lending themselves readily to the Space theme? Alot of...

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A list about Lists

Tracks that use a basic list of things, animal,human or inanimate objects as the basic dynamic for the songs lyrical content, giving the track a coherent conceptual basis.

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The Weekend

About the cheapest stunt an artist or a record label can pull is to create a party song, about knocking off work and going out clubbing. Every teenager and beyond, loves to go out and get...

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The Economics of Pair Bonding (Insolvent Men and Acquisitive Ladies)

Male rappers seem to have cornered the market in eulogies about the link between economic solvency and being highly sexed, whilst Soul sisters create paens to avoiding men without cash.

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I've heard that before somewhere...

I find it annoying when current artists plagiarise and plunder older material, even when the end results are superior.

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Latin, well Spanish and a bit of Portuguese

A beautiful lilting language, with gorjus music to match

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Great Guitar Riffs

The Cuprinol of playlists, doing exactly what it says on the tin.

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As Authentic as a Balti Curry

Famed for its pentatonic scale arguably used to perfection by John Lennon on Jealous Guy, music from the Indian subcontinent has inspired many a Western artist, from the 1960's onwards.

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The Majesty of Rock, The Mystery of Roll

My favourite Rock tracks, not beautiful, just full of brio. This should have been an awesome list but is spoiled by crappy remixes and live versions.

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The Great Summer of 1984-ish

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A year when I went clubbing every week, and was rewarded by some cracking tracks, fondly remembered to this day.

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They Think They're Motown

Well some of them were signed to Motown with a twist, the rest covered or ape Motown.

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Quirky Records

Off the wall classics. I would like to think that this particular list of quirky songs have more musical merit than novelty comedy records. For that reason, no Birdie song or the Firm's Star...

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An innovative year, possibly falsely remembered as such due to being my first year living independently. Somewhat distorted by so many songs coming out of the SAW Music Factory.

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Ladies of the Early Seventies

The ladies in between burning bras in the early seventies made great music.

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The Kids Are Alright

Call it an abuse of the Child Labour Laws, but kids have been pressed ganged into the service of many an artiste to lend some choral charm. Sometimes they are used with cynical schmaltz to exploit...

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They Think They're the Stones!

Artist ripping the Stones off, or covering their back catalogue, or inspiring the Stones themselves. Or tracks that without a great stretch of the imagination I can imagine the Stones doing....

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Teutonic Tease

Other languages may have the better of German, in terms of soft vowel sounds and languid charm, but German still has a undefinable mystique for me. So I won't try and analyze it, just enjoy it. I...

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The Golden Age of Rock n Roll

Around about the mid seventies, artists got both nostalgic for the sounds of their childhood, and cognisant of the fact that Rock n Roll wasn't just a fad, but was the basis of a modern musical...

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The Joy of Sax

Such an obvious cliched title I could only have got it from an album already on sale.

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Don't Blame it on the - Southern Boogie

You know the genre, ZZ Top, Credence Clearwater Revival, Lynryd Skynryd

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Ignite the furnace that belongs to me

Must be my favourite song, I have so many versions of it in my loved tracks. Covered by every artist with asthma, or at least by those good at appearing breathless....

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