The Low AnthemCage The Songbird Lieblingslied Januar 2011
The Cave SingersSeeds Of Night Lieblingslied Januar 2011
A.A. BondyWhen The Devil's Loose Lieblingslied Januar 2011
Margot & the Nuclear So and So'sHoly Cow! Lieblingslied Januar 2011
Sea WolfYou're A Wolf Lieblingslied Januar 2011
My Brightest DiamondApples Lieblingslied Januar 2011
The Helio SequenceLately Lieblingslied Januar 2011
Astor PiazzollaConcierto para bandoneon y orquesta - Allegro Marcato Lieblingslied Januar 2011
Bon IverRe: Stacks Lieblingslied Januar 2011
Great Lake SwimmersUnison Falling Into Harmony Lieblingslied Januar 2011
Neutral Milk HotelTwo-Headed Boy Lieblingslied Januar 2011
StarsI Died So I Could Haunt You Lieblingslied Januar 2011
Neutral Milk HotelNaomi Lieblingslied Januar 2011
Sufjan StevensAll the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands Lieblingslied Januar 2011
Rilo KileyI Never Lieblingslied Januar 2011
Horse FeathersIn Our Blood Lieblingslied Juli 2010
The Avett BrothersThe Perfect Space Lieblingslied Juli 2010
Viva VoceWrecking Ball Lieblingslied Juli 2010
Blind Pilot3 Rounds and a Sound Lieblingslied Juli 2010
Ola PodridaThe New Science Lieblingslied Juli 2010
Freelance WhalesWe Could Be Friends Lieblingslied Juli 2010
MegafaunLazy Suicide Lieblingslied Juli 2010
Broken BellsVaporize Lieblingslied Juli 2010
SugarYour Favorite Thing Lieblingslied April 2010
The Helio SequenceKeep Your Eyes Ahead Lieblingslied April 2010
Local NativesWorld News Lieblingslied April 2010
Broken BellsSailing To Nowhere Lieblingslied April 2010
The WalkmenWe've Been Had Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
XTCThe Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
Ra Ra RiotDying Is Fine Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
Ted Leo and the PharmacistsUnder the Hedge Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
Steve Earle and the Del McCoury BandDixieland Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
My Morning JacketGideon Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
Band of HorsesMarry Song Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
Fleet FoxesSun Giant Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
OutKastMs. Jackson Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
Blitzen TrapperTexaco Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
Band of HorsesMonsters Lieblingslied Oktober 2009
Paul WesterbergWaiting For Somebody Lieblingslied September 2009
the everybodyfieldsWasted Time Lieblingslied September 2009
N.W.AFuck tha Police Lieblingslied September 2009
Rogue WaveCheaper Than Therapy Lieblingslied September 2009
Dinosaur Jr.No Bones Lieblingslied September 2009
Matt Pond PAThis Is Montreal Lieblingslied September 2009
EastmountainsouthAll The Stars Lieblingslied September 2009
Bon IverBlindsided Lieblingslied September 2009
Ra Ra RiotCan You Tell Lieblingslied September 2009
MetricHelp I'm Alive Lieblingslied September 2009
Great NorthernLow Is a Height Lieblingslied September 2009
MaritimeCalm Lieblingslied September 2009