• music for the road (photo: xmas in barcelona, kind of...)

    26. Dez. 2007, 13:13

    a few weeks earlier i started thinking about it, i made a few arrangements... as the days went by i carefully prepared my kit, planned the trip, did the phone calls, got slightly excited even... then came the round of "farewell nights" that completely ruined the budget... finally the day was upon me... i drove five hundred kilometres, armed with enough music to keep me awake at the wheel... The Damned, The Only Ones, Eddie Cochran, The 101ers, Bo Diddley... arrived, kisses all round... a couple of days went by in a blur and then, belly full, drove back five hundred kilometres to this place again, and life resumed exactly at the point where i left. what's the fuss about christmas? i still love the same people. i still don't have enough money to stop hating some people. i still think years go by too quickly. i want out, just for a while.
  • como un pez

    23. Dez. 2007, 0:28

    soy feliz como un pez en el agua
    son feliz como un pez en el mar
    con mi traje de baño de escamas
    y a nadar, a nadar, a nadar...