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  • BarbaraTrac

    I find it rather boring (yawn). Just different shots of the girl in different positions and outfits. it could have been a slide show.

    23. Aug., 9:25 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    It's a shame that the video doesn't live up to the song. Along with "Anymore", they are looking as though they are not going to live up to my standard. I hope their album will change that.

    23. Aug., 1:15 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    It might be that you have been stuck in the '80's ...since the '80's ;) But, you are right. There is nothing out there at the moment.

    16. Aug., 22:53 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    Hi Brett, That is a landmark. How many plays would you really have if you added your last account on? I think you would have more plays than me.

    9. Aug., 0:49 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    Since you are my music guru, the future of music is looking very bleak.

    10. Jul., 23:39 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    A couple of months ago I changed the notification email address in my account . That didn't work because I never check that email address and so every time I got a shout, I wouldn't notice for days. I have changed it back so that is now fixed.

    9. Jul., 23:04 Antworten
  • dannyboy77

    Hey Brett! How are you mate? Did you check out Thomas Azier? Such a great album. Hope all ok down under. :)

    30. Jun., 20:09 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    You might be sorry you told me that.

    28. Jun., 2:40 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    Yes. Very disappointing. Looks like they are headed the Electric Lady Lab/Vanbot way of alternating fantastic and disappointing songs.

    25. Jun., 10:34 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    Yes, I see it. It is annoying when my mouse goes over it. I am going to have to restrain my mouse movements to combat this tactic :)

    21. Jun., 23:43 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    You must be one of the "small number of users". I think It was mainly down during our night during the week and completely inaccessible. I mainly noticed because I couldn't upload my scrobbles at the end of the day and had to wait until it came online.

    14. Jun., 22:57 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    Another thing. You should back up your listening history. has been having trouble all week. Unspecified 'technical difficulties'. Worst difficulties in years. You can request your history in your settings. I just received mine today. You know, just in case.

    14. Jun., 9:09 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    Well I didn't hear Kylie.

    14. Jun., 9:05 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    I find it interesting that you hear Kylie in "I'm Not Gonna Grow Old" and yet there is not a mention of Madonna or "Holiday" or it that too obvious to mention? I am like a goldfish with these songs. They get cold and then they come on and all of a sudden I love them again. Don't go chasing any other music on their album because it is not remotely like these songs. I am not registering Ask Embla when I listen to the album but I am not discarding it yet in case I suddenly 'hear' or 'get' it.

    13. Jun., 23:20 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    BTW, do you need some sort of intervention with all that '80s music you are playing ? : P

    1. Jun., 8:13 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    The Indiana song is a w e s o m e (said with an American accent)

    1. Jun., 8:11 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    You have to listen to it with your "Madonna" ears :)

    31. Mai., 23:27 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    The Frida song reminds me of All Saints/William Orbit which is why I like it so much. I have a couple more Owlle songs that I will put in the dropbox and see if you like them. If you don't like that Club 8 song - I will eat my hat!

    30. Mai., 0:15 Antworten
  • BarbaraTrac

    I have no idea why that Indiana song is in my library. I don't have it and it is not on any playlist that I have listened to, so obviously not paying attention.

    30. Mai., 0:13 Antworten
  • dannyboy77

    Hi Brett. Sorry for the late reply! Congrats on the new job. School teacher? Do I need to call you sir now? LOL. I have heard some Steed Lord songs but not the Curtain Falls song you mentioned. Send it my way if you don't mind. Shout if I have any songs you need. I am good busy with work too. Doing lots of 'out of hours' overtime but it helps to pay the bills. Music wise I am in love with Thomas Azier's debut album. Take care. :)

    28. Mai., 20:57 Antworten
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