Roger Waters of Pink Floyd in concert fucking blew me away.


3. Mai. 2008, 7:17

Wow. I just got back from the best concert I've ever been to in my entire life. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd performing songs from The Wall and his solo material as well as new stuff, then afterwards he played the entire Dark Side of the Moon album from start to finish.

There was no opening act. Who could possibly open for Roger Waters? One of the brilliant minds behind Pink Floyd.
There was a huge projected video image playing the entire time of the concert, about the size of an IMAX screen or bigger. It played the whole time. Sometimes videos of things pertaining to the song. During one of his new songs, the entire song story/plot was outlined in comicbook form as a slideshow on the screen, with the lyrics as the dialogue in the comic. It was quite cool. Other times there were trippy images of spirals, the moon changing colors, so on and so forth.

About a third of the way through the show, a HUGE floating PIG came out of nowhere from the left side of the entrance to the concert venue. As it approached, this two to three story (I'd guess) tall inflated pig had written on it's side such things as "End the War Now." On the reverse side there was written "OBAMA" with a huge checkmark next to it!!! While the pig was flying around, there was confetti released from above, and it was small pieces of paper with the same thing written on it: "Obama" with a check mark, indicating voting. On the pig's behind there was "Impeach Bush!" and drawn underneath the pig was a large penis, with the word "Cheney." (awesome: "Dick" Cheney, hahaha. The pig was led around the entire concert area, including the covered area as well as the lawn. Near the end of it's journey it was released into the air, floating away into the distance until only a speck was visible.

There was an intermission between playing of his various songs and some songs from The Wall, upon returning from the break he began playing The Dark Side of the Moon, the crowd went wild. The smell of marijuana was rampant but welcome. The two beers I had purchased were overpriced, but it didn't matter.

After finishing The Dark Side of the Moon and getting a standing ovation from the twenty thousand people, they departed from the stage and I was wondering what their encore could be.

They came back not too long after and played Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, and finished with Comfortably Numb, full with explosions behind them, and a huge pyramid prism that lowerded from the cieling, emitting a rainbow-colored lazor on one side, and a bright white one on the other, rotating and turning, hitting the screen and the crowd. I sang my heart out, and couldn't hold back the tears. It was so beautiful. A truly life-defining experience. One of the best things I've ever experienced in my life. A dream, seeing Pink Floyd, for all practical purposes, live. The guitarist was fucking amazing, and I think he might even have played the songs better than Gilmore.

I sit here still stunned. No words can fully express how fantastic it was. I've been to hundreds of concerts in my life, my friends will attest to that, none even hold a candle to this.

My roommate took some photos and video, I might upload later. They aren't that great though.
I feel so amazingly lucky. This was a once in a lifetime expeirence. He's only touring in FOUR North American cities, and one HAPPENS to be Dallas? Wow. Gilmore doesn't play, and of course Floyd hasn't played fully united since Live Aide in 2005. Before that even longer. They're all getting old, so it's not too much to assume this might be his last time around.
Wow. All I can really say.

Here's a great video of the pig I just found!

Here's a long video of one of the new songs I mentioned, the one with the "comic book" theme playing behind it!

Also he played Vera Lynn, it was fantastic!
I will post more videos as I find them and when my roomie uploads pics/videos!

Pink Floyd Roger Waters dallas, texas

Fri 2 May – Roger Waters
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  • jobe76

    Thanks for the review, gone see him play next sunday in The Netherlands...can't wait!!!

    4. Mai. 2008, 11:31
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