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20. Jul. 2010, 16:29

Agent "Awake in their world" purple/300
Alexisonfire-This Could Be Anywhere In The World(single) Picture 7" ltd/500
Ambitions "Neon Lights" black
American Nightmare 4Song Demo Clear
American Nightmare 4Song Demo Green
American Nightmare "self-titled EP" on Blue /500
American Nightmare "the sun isnt getting any brighter" white label /350
American Nightmare"the sun isnt getting any brighter" blue label /500
American Nightmare "the sun isnt getting any brighter" silver label /900
At Half-Mast/To The Embers Blue #/338
At Half-Mast/Values Intact Orange #/131
At Half-Mast "Flight Patterns" Clear

Bad Seed/War Hungry -Split yellow
The Banner splitw/Dead Wrong on blue
Bane "Los Angeles 3:58 white
Bear Trap "fueled by self hate" on blue
Blacklisted"peace on earth,war on stage" white/1000
Blues Brothers "soul man"
Blues Brothers "gimme some lovin"
The Bonus Army"negative Outlooks" on red
Bracewar "Whatever it takes demo"

Casting Curses "cold all over again" Black
Casting Curses "cold all over again" Purple
The CarrierDemo on teal
The Carrier "no love can save me" on grey
The Carrier"no love can save me" on Grey/green
Cast Aside "Overcome" clear
Choke Up "spent" preorder 11/28
Coalesce/Converge split on red
Cold World/Stregth For A Reasonsplit purple/black
Cold World/Stregth For A Reasongrey/,marble?
Cold World/War Hungry yellow/black /220
Cold World/War Hungry red/black /670
Convulsions "the reapers gift"
Crime In Stereo "The Contract" Red euro tour press 195/200
Cruel Hand "Life In Shambles" Red

Damages " Loves Labor" red/125
Damages " Loves Labor" white/150
Damages " Loves Labor" black/225
Daytrader "demo " tour press red/black
Dead End Path "Death Walks Beside Us" Clear Yellow /200
Defeater "Lost Ground" red/white/blue
Defeater "Dear Father" grey
The Dillinger Escape Plan "s/t" on black
The Dillinger Escape Plan "under the running board" on Black
Doubledealer "s/t" TIH'10 press purple 19/25

The Effort "wear your heart" pink /104 x2
The Effort/Last Lights/Rotting Out/Until Your Heart Stops split on black
The Effort "From our mistakes" on black
The Effort"From our mistakes" teal
Emery pre-order picture disc
Endeavor "s/t"-black
Energy "Race the sun"-black
End of a Year "we understand europeans are a sexual people" clear
End of a Year "s/t"-white
Ensign s"/t" black
The Ergs! "trash compactor"
Evergreen Terrace "blowing chunks" -vomit
Expire "Grim Rhythm" clear grey spot

Fake Problems "the dream team" on white
Fallen From The Sky "s/t" white 75/100
Fanshen "s/t"
Fearless Everday s/t black /300
Fire & Ice "gods & devils prerelease"
Fire & Ice "gods & devils clear baby blue
Fire & Ice "grim" orange clear
Fireworks "Adventure Nostalgia and robbery" blue/green/200
Foundation "hang your head" tour press 91/100
Foundation/Meantime split on red
Free Spirit "free yourself"
Fugazi "guns,drugs,&money" 405/616

The Golden Age "time & distance" gold
Gravemaker "s/t" on green

Hostage Calm Demo on black
Hands Tied s/t

Ink & Dagger"s/t" black
Ink & Dagger "s/t" white
Ink & Dagger "The Expirements in Nocturnal Sound and Energy" black
Ink & Dagger "Drive this seven inch stake thru my philadelphia heart" black
Ink & Dagger TEST PRESS from SFU
Ink & Dagger "Sensations" black
Ink & Dagger/Le Shok on black
Iron Rain "Silent Sins" clear

Jerk City "s/t" orange/white

Kids Like Us/Mongoloids split clear

Last Lights "st" orange /68
Late Nite Wars "its okay or worse" tour press 85/100
Late Nite Wars "every other saturday" red
Lifetime "dwell" black
Lifetime "Tinnitus"
Lifetime"Boys No Good" single
Lemuria/Off With Their Heads split pink

Maker I-91 blue
Modern Life Is War "Stagger Lee" Black/White Swirl
The Mongoloids s/t ( 103/300 & 135/300)
Mourningside confessions of disbelief

Naysayer"No Remorse" red

Paint It Black "amnesia" white
Pellinore "memento mori" gold 27/36
Pianos Become the Teeth/Ezra Joyce beer colored
Poison the Well "tear from the red" on red
Poison the Well I/III white/black swirl
Poison the Well III/III tan

Radiohead "there there"
the Recluse "Summer Showers" green
Rip It Up s/t clear
The Rival Mob "Hardcore for Hardcore" purple
Rock Bottom born2hate
Rotting Out "Vandalized" clear blue
Ruiner/Day of The Dead split
Run With The Hunted "Silent Conversations" black
Run With The Hunted "Silent Conversations" white
Ryan Adams "so alive/come pick me up"

Seasick "ennui" black
Seasick/dontwakeup split orange/black/white splatter
Set Your Goals "Reset" Grey
SeventyEightDays "revolution through anonymity"
Shipwreck "s/t demo" white
Shipwreck "Abyss" Green/white
Sinking Ships "ten" yellow
Soul Control "silent reality" bottlecap
Soul Control "Flux"on black /500
Static Radio NJ "one for the good guys"blue
Stick Together "no more games"
Stressed out/Rip It Up split black 55/500
Suburban Scum/Incendiary Clear/400
Suburban Scum/Incendiary Blue/100
Switchblade "s/t" clear

This Is Hell "cripplers" clear//black splatter
This Is Hell "warbirds" red/white splatter
Thrice/Thursdaysplit clear /1000
Title Fight "Kingston-Reissue" on black
Title Fight the last thing you forget on clear/300
Torchbearer "the worst is yet to come" purple/white swirl
Transit/Man Overboard "red"
Trapped Under Ice"stay cold" clear
Trash Talk "Walking Disease clear/purple splatter
Today And Everything After (TAEA) S/T green/yellow splatter
Touche Amore/La Dispute Split on Beige
Touche Amore/Make Do and Mend Split Sound & Fury Press
Touche Amore/Make Do and Mend Standard Black
Touche Amore/Make Do and Mend 6131 clear swirl
Touche Amore/Make Do and Mend Panic clear swirl
Troublemaker s/t black
Troublemaker "sons of no one" black
Try.Fail.Try"we deal in lives on white

United Nations "Never mind the bombings, here's your six figures" pink

War Hungry "Return to Earth" black /125
Wavelets/SENDES split black
The Warriors "FamilyMatters" teal
Weezer "benefit"Am Radio/Phantom Planet /Ben Kweller 1pink/1blue /1000
Weezer "hash pipe(us)" on black
Weezer "hash pipe (uk)" on green
Weezer "island in the sun (uk)" on yellow
Weezer "beverly hills picture disc"
Weezer "pork and beans II/III" on red
Weezer "(if you're wondering if I want you to)I want you to" pre-order yellow
Weezer "(if you're wondering if I want you to)I want you to" picture disc
Wolf Whistle"Demo two & live WERS set" black
The Wonder Years "wont be pathetic forever"
The Wonder Years/All Or Nothing "Distances" on blue
The Wonder Years "levenhouse 11:30" grey/clear pre-order

XO Skeletons "asthmagasm" red/white

Youth of Togay "the dongs we bury" on orange

Zombie Apocalypse "This is a Spark of Life"
Zombie Apocalypse "This is a Spark of Life" Hellfest 04 press 110/150


Detournment "Awaken with Millions": Die Cut /250
Disembodied "if only god knew the rest were dead"

Mountain Man "s/t" orange

Pellinore/Surroundings "world darkness Gold

Seasick"Awakenings" yellow/black splatter
Skycamefalling to forever embrace the sun

Underoath "Lost in the Sound of Seperation" Box Set 1231/5000


A Day to Remember "for those who have heart" on grey /400
Aerosmith "dream on" 1973
Aerosmith "get your wings" 1974
Aerosmith "Draw the line" no case
Aerosmith "Permanent Vacation" 1987
Alkaline Trio s/t first press orange /500
Alkaline Trio/Hot Water Music Picture Disc
Ambitions "Exile" rainbow splatter
American Nightmare "background music" clear first press/500
At Half-Mast "Alive,Alone, and Waiting" clear yellow
At Half-Mast "Fathers and Sons" #473 red
Atreyu "Suicide Notes & Butterfly Kisses" Red

Bad Brains "I Against I" 1986
Bane "the note" picture disc
The Banner "frailty" black/silver swirl gatefold
Beloved "Failure On" 9/10
Black Kites "Advancement to Ruins"
Black Kites "songs written while things where changing"
Black Kites/Swallowed Up on brown
Blacklisted "heavier than heaven, lonlier than god" gatefold blue
Blacklisted "the beat goes on.." black
Black Wine "s/t" black
Blues Brothers "breifcase full of blues" 1978
Boys Night Out "Make Yourself Sick" blue
Bright Eyes Noise Floor 2xlp
Burnt By The Sun" Soundtrack to the personal revolt" blue

The Carrier "One Year Later" Blue w/green splatter
The Carrier "Blind to whats right" pink
Circa Survive "Blue Sky Noise" Clear Blue Auto
Crime In Stereo "The Troubled Stateside" Clear
Crime In Stereo "Is Dead" blue/white swirl
Crime In Stereo "Selective Wreckage" Black/White swirl
Crime In Stereo" i was trying to.." red
Cockpunch! "Attack!" broken egg /400
Cold Cave "Love Comes Close"
Converge "Axe to Fall" Light Blue
Converge "No Heroes" black repress
Converge "You Fail Me" black repress
Cruel Hand "Prying Eyes" Gre/Purple
Cursive "the ugly organ" black

Defeater "Travels" Brown/900
Defeater "Travels" white/100 Seond Press
The Dillinger Escape PLan[/artist Miss Machine
The Dillinger Escape Plan "Ire Works" grey /3000
The Dillinger Escape Plan "option paralysis"
artist]The Dillinger Escape PLan "irony is a dead scene" repress
Disembodied "Psalms of Sheal" Black

The Effort"Wartime citizens" clear brown?
The Effort"Wartime citizens" gold?
The Effort"iconaclaism" 2nd press black/white
The Effort"iconaclasim" 2nd press green
Elvis Costello "my aim is true" 1977
Emery "The Weaks End" green /200
Emery "The Weaks End" blue /200
Emery "The Weaks End" black /100
Energy Invasions of the Mind
Ensign "cast the first stone"
The Ergs! "Ben Kweller"EP
Evergreen Terrace "Burned Alive By Time" orange 166/314
Every Time I Die "Hot Damn!"
Explosions in the Sky "The Earth is not a cold dead place" 180gram

Fidel Catastrophe and the bleak shall inherit the earth
Fireworks all i have left is my own confusion
The Fall of Troy "Phantom on the horizon" green/clear /1000

The Gaslight Anthem "Sink or Swim" clear
Genghis Tron remixed by tobacco+circle+CFCF+DNTEL
The Get Up Kids "Four Minute Mile" repress

Have Heart"The Things We Carry" 4 press clear red
Horrorshow "notes from the night that never ended
Hostage Calm "lens" 1st press purple/blue /200
Hostage Calm s/t Black
Hot Water Music "Forever and Counting"green

The Icarus Line 2xlp "Penance Soiree"
artist]The Icarus Line "mono" red
Incendiary "Crusade" Black
Ink & Dagger "s/t"
Ink & Dagger "The Fine Art of Origonal Sin" 1st press
International Superheroes Of Hardcore"Takin' It Ova'" green/purple swirl
Isis "The Red Sea" Black/Red
Isis 'oceanic" remixes vol 1
Isis "oceanic" 2xlp

Kansas s/t 1974
Kansas "masque 1975
Kansas "songs for america" 1975
Kansas "Leftoverture" 1976
Kansas "point of no return" 1977
Kansas "monolith" 1979
Kansas "audio-visons" 1980
Kid Dynamite 2xLP TIH 35/300 red cover
Killing The Dream "Lucky Me" green
King Crimson "09a" 1975

La Dispute "Somewhere at the bottom.." 2xlp
La Dispute " Vancouver"
Last Lights "no past no present no fufure" black/white" /150
A Life once lost "a great artist" Picture Disc
A Life Once Lost "Iron Gag" red/black /700
Lifetime "Jerseys Best Dancers" first press
Lifetime s/t orange
The Loved Ones "s/t"

Make Do And Mend "Bodies Of Water"
Maps and Atlases "Tree,Swallows,Houses clear picture disc
Meltdown "demolition/demo" green
Modern Life is War "Witness" purple 3rd press /500
The Mongoloids "time trials" first press black
The Mongoloids "assorted music" gold/white /750
Mother Of Mercey "III" Red/Tan Black Splatter

New Found Glory "Not Without A Fight" Grey Swirl

Outbreak "s/t" black/green swirl

poison the well "opposite of december/tear from the red" gatefold /600
Poison the Well "Versions" 180g #/200
polar bear club "sometimes things just disapear" teal gatefold
Propaghandhi "Supporting Case"

Queen "the works" 1984

Remembering Never "God Save Us"
Rivers Cuomo "alone I"
Ruiner "Hell is empty" Blue
Run With the Hunted "Destroy All Calendars Black Tour Cover
Run With the Hunted "s/t"
Rush "Moving Pictures"1981
Ryan Adams "Easy Tiger" orange clear
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals "Follow the lights"

Seasick "ouroboros" black
Seasick "eschaton" black
Shail Hulud "Misanthrophy Pure" orange /2000
Shipwreck "Abyss" blue/silver swirl /300
Soul Control "cycles" gold? x2
Static Radio NJ "An Evening of Bad Decisions
Steve Martin "a wild and crazy Guy" 1978
Stick To Your Guns "From the Heart" Yellow /1000

The #12 Looks Like You "Worse than alone" clear
Tigers Jaw s/t
Tigers Jaw/ Balence and composure Split
Tigers Jaw "two worlds"
Thrice "The Illuison of Safety"
Thursday "Five Stories Falling" clear ltd screen printed
Thursday/Envy Split on black
Thursday "Common Exsitence" 2xlp
Thursday "No devolution" 2xlp signed
Touche Amore "To the beat of a dead horse" blue
Transit "this will not define us" blue
Trapped Under Ice "Secrets of the World" Clear/white
Trash Talk "eyes and nines"
Troublemaker "Moatorium" Gold/100
Troublemaker "Moatorium" Black/100
Troublemaker "Moatorium"clear/100

Underoath "Lost In The Sound of Seperation"

Verse "agression" red /1000

Weezer "Blue"
Weezer "Pinkerton"
Weezer "Pinkerton" 4xLP deluxe Box Set
Weezer "Green"
Weezer "Maladriot"
Weezer "Make Belive"
Weezer "Raditute"
Weezer "Hurley"
Tribute to weezer various artist double lp gatefold
The Wonder Years "The Upsides" White"

Right to Assemble vol.2 Clear


About Face "Deny Me" 5/20
Agitator demo white /100

Beartap "nailed shit" sound & fury 7/50

Clubber Lang blue
Coke Fiend "fram damage" record release 11/20
Compound "9/11/2010" red 11/41

Daytrader Demo 20/100
Deadline Demo 2010 3/7
Disobey/Old Wounds split/100
Dont Wake Up "s/t"
Dry Feet "Philadelphia beach"

GDP "Magic Bullet Cassette"red
GDP "Magic Bullet Cassette"green

Fleshtemple "Sexual Deviant"red

Incendiary/Suburban Scum Split /100

Killin' It "Dont hassle me, Im Local"purple

Loose Ends Demo 2010

My Turn To Win "no challenge" blue

Product of Waste/P.O.W. Camp Split white x2

Rival Mob "Hardcore4hardcore" mixtape 50/100
Rubrics/ Dita Sari split on blue

Seasick"imago/gestalt" yellow
Sickfuck "demo"
Soul Search "intolerable weight" white x2
Stick Together Demo/RED
Stick Together "Live in Toronto
Streetsweeper "stylin on you" /69

War Hungry 2004 demo
War Hungry 2009 demo /100
Worlds MMIX/Vol II /50


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