• As we burn the sky

    29. Jun. 2015, 13:58

    The ash covers the earth.

    The world has no light except the fires lit in protest.
  • Cruelty

    21. Jun. 2015, 12:48

    Comes in so many forms and in so many flavors.
  • Don't worry

    3. Mai. 2015, 14:43

    I don't need a long explination explaining to me how everything is my fault, how I am the villian in the story, and how cruel and wicked I am...

    It is usually the first thought I wake up with and the last I fall asleep with.

    But it was awfully nice of you to take the moral superiority and point out all mof my faults... only a true friend would do that *sarcasm*... thanks for setting me straight.
  • It is

    26. Apr. 2015, 16:45

    Interesting how people keep talking and raging against you when you want to be alone... it is also interesting how the worse one person tries to paint another, the more it reveals about themselves that they never intended.
  • Is it so much

    22. Apr. 2015, 12:47

    Is it so much to ask that after ones goals are accomplished and the destruction has been caused for them to stop.

    It's over, life has been wrecked and ruined... why ask if one can help?

    It's like running someone over with a car and then asking if they are okay.

    Then another person offers their help, then another, then a family member, then another person...

    LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. I don't want to talk to anyone, I don't want comfort, I don't want companionship.... I want to be alone.
  • One way

    19. Apr. 2015, 21:16

    I think I only see one way... at least at a time. I become to fixated on an ideal and know that I am a fool while I do it.

    I am not sure what answer I expect to find save for the answers I give myself when the mirror talks back to me.

    It is a mercy that I am a bad person actually, I don't think I could survive this if I didn't think I deserved everything I do to myself.
  • I cannot.

    28. Feb. 2015, 18:27

    Liar.... swamp.... incomplete... carried.... dropped... drown.... echo..... die....
  • A crushing

    24. Feb. 2015, 0:38

    What I missed was the revelation of the day.

    There was a distance that I had crossed, but I no longer know what it means.

    There was a truth to be found, but it no longer can be alive.
  • To hell

    31. Dez. 2014, 18:49

    With me, with my thoughts, with my questions, with my heart. I open and I am slammed shut with the bitter taste of truth.

    Little book

    Full of ink

    In little squares.
  • Will

    7. Dez. 2014, 21:47

    The disease write a book or give a speech?

    Is the structure ill, or is it forming something new?

    Do we look at glowing gods, do they tell us the truth?

    Why does the ocean escape, into a night of stars?

    The sun keeps setting and my eyes keep closing.

    The world waits for no-one, and the mind breaks.