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Über mich

I'm & musician & music freak. While most people spend their past-times watching TV & sports, i listen to a LOT of music ;-) I wish that logged in cds i've drive to & all the music i've listened to over the past 10-15 or so years somehow ;-) The bands would look pretty similar though. As far as what i'm listening to lately, i'm usually just catching up with albums of bands i've already known for several or more years. There's hardly anything new that i like that i find on a regular basis, esp. since I gave up on radio 10 years ago... & hopefully it's not just me. Sadly, most modern music now is just PURE rubbish, esp. here in the states... but, there's still a LOT of 80s, 90s, & even some newer releases that i haven't heard yet, esp. outside this country!! I've also gotten used to digging around & finding music on my own, & it's amazing what I can find... & i'm still surprised why i didn't hear something sooner. Feel free to add me if we have lots of music in common & like to talk about bands!!

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