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Hot CitySweat 14. Jul. 2009
Hot CityHot City Bass 14. Jul. 2009
CaspaDub Warz 14. Jul. 2009
CaspaCockney Violin 14. Jul. 2009
BlackjoyMoustache (Franck Roger Dub) 14. Jul. 2009
16bitIn The Death Car 14. Jul. 2009
The DeadbeatsMade In The Shade 2. Jul. 2009
HeartbreakMy Tears Electro 24. Jun. 2009
Patti SmithFree Money 24. Jun. 2009
Michael JacksonShe's Out of My Life 24. Jun. 2009
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Ever dreamt of owning your own record store? Well now you can for free !

PEOPLESMUSICSTORE.COM is a place where music lovers can open and run their very own download store.

As a 'storekeeper' you’re in total control of your virtual store, from deciding what music to stock (from our licensed catalogue), to writing reviews and designing how your store looks.

For every product bought in your store,YOU, the storekeeper, earn points that can be redeemed on the site in exchange for music which is all legal. Love music, sell music, earn music – simple and brilliant!

As Ged Day, the site founder, said:

“People’s Music Store is powered by fans. They’re the experts. Their word of mouth recommendation has been selling music for decades and now there’s a way for them to showcase this online. No more computer generated recommendations and faceless corporate reviews, People’s Music Store offers an authentic and personal way to discover and buy music. And for fans, I think the incentive of the reward will also address the 'peer to peer' issue, by enabling 'peers' to advocate legitimacy themselves."

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