Dave Gahan_ Saw Something / Deeper and Deeper (Mute 398)


19. Dez. 2007, 16:33

The second single of the album Hourglass is a double AA side with one of the most acomplished tracks on the album Saw Something and Deeper and Deeper.

Deeper and Deeper remixes come by the DFA's Juan Maclean with a rolling sequenced bassline and a vocal treatment that reminds of Front 242 or Nitzer Ebb wiith some added bongos. Nothing new here peeps.

Sebastien Leger's efforts commence with a "homage" to Kraftwerk's The Robots before launching into a Pryda-sque synth and double bassline... same clap, same white noise effects... I'm not even to sure if is not Eric Pridz instead of Leger anymore.

T. Raumschmiere cranks up the distortion and the result is a melodic piece of dirty electro house overloaded with riffs that sound familiar but with enough chord changes to maintain the interest of the dancefloor.

Skream's dubstep magic is the first to work with the wonderful Saw Something. Dave Gahan's vocals lay untouched over a bed of strings and bleeps before a huge deep bassline under a cranky synth get spit out of the speakers. Probably the highlight of the package for its structure and content.

And finally Onur Ozer does a repeat of the Villalobos's remix of The Sinner in Me which will surely please the fans of their sound. Proper heads down material through 10 minutes of a conga line and deeplicious kick and sub bass. Only that is less interesting the second time around.

An adequate remix package with Skreamix to play at home and Onur Ozer Instrumental for the serious trips on the dancefloor.


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