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11. Jan. 2011, 2:57

Let's be honest here, 2011 has had a really terrible start. From animals dying mysteriously all over the place to a politician getting shot over the weekend. What the hell 2011?! Why won't you let us recover mentally from beating ourselves up about all those unresolved resolutions we made in 2009 and completely forgot about until it was November 2010? It's like we are moving in slow motion through a montage of an end-of-humanity disaster movie. We still have 710 days to go for that, so let's relax for a moment here and talk about something incredibly mundane like my music stats.

Ever since I joined, I've kept an end of the year journal highlighting my most played music. I thought about combining everything in one single entry, from albums, songs, EPs and concerts to 2009's lost albums, but it seemed too long. So, this is a look back at the full albums, to start things off.

Looking back at 2010 I will say that it was a very pop oriented year for my ears. It was also very varied and only less than a handful of albums got played considerably more, but not even close to previous years. Most of the albums on the list were actually released (acquired or completed) in the final stretch, leading to some very tight stats between them. For this reason, I decided to expand to 30 albums and add rants for 20 of them - up 5 albums from last year.

As usual, albums are ordered in countdown style based on int(total plays / total tracks) = averaged tracks. In case of virtual ties, the album with most overall plays gets the upper hand.

30. Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma
Played 206 times. Averaged 12 plays per track.
Most played song: Zodiac Shit (21 plays)

29. Abe Vigoda - Crush
Played 146 times. Averaged 15 plays per track.
Most played song: Crush (29 plays)

28. Owen Pallett - Heartland
Played 169 times. Averaged 15 plays per track.
Most played song: Lewis Takes Off His Shirt (23 plays)

27. Women - Public Strain
Played 173 times. Averaged 16 plays per track.
Most played song: Locust Valley (29 plays)

26. Crocodiles - Sleep Forever
Played 147 times. Averaged 18 plays per track.
Most played song: Stoned To Death (26 plays)

25. The Phantom Band - The Wants
Played 158 times. Averaged 18 plays per track.
Most played song: Everybody Knows It's True (27 plays)

24. Liars - Sisterworld
Played 203 times. Averaged 18 plays per track.
Most played song: Scissor (30 plays)

23. The Black Keys - Brothers
Played 269 times. Averaged 18 plays per track.
Most played song: Tighten Up (36 plays)

22. Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Played 289 times. Averaged 18 plays per track.
Most played song: Empire Ants (32 plays)

21. Toro y Moi - Causers of This
Played 209 times. Averaged 19 plays per track.
Most played song: Blessa (34 plays)

20. Tame Impala - Innerspeaker
Played 216 times. Averaged 20 plays per track.

So, do you think these guys have ever heard of The Beatles?! I'll be honest here, I got this album on June 23, according to iTunes, and could only get through it once. All because of "The Bold Arrow of Time"; you know, the song where the rip off, pardon, sample a riff out of "Happiness Is a Warm Gun". "Unbelievable!" - I said to myself, and proceeded to cease any Tame Impala plays for quite a while. But those people kept playing their song!... Argh! Well, I had to listen and overtime I decided to give them another chance and must say that I found myself enjoying most of the album. In these time we are listening in, with a deluge of 80s synths and 60s pop, it's nice to listen to some rock!

Most played songs:
Solitude Is Bliss (31 plays)
Alter Ego (26 plays)
Lucidity (26 plays)

Least played song:
I Don't Really Mind (9 plays)

19. Villagers - Becoming a Jackal
Played 221 times. Averaged 20 plays per track.

Villagers is basically a moniker for one guy named Conor J. O’Brien (Cool name). He writes some beautiful pop songs. Some can be darkly epic, like opener I Saw the Dead; with folk tinge, like title track Becoming a Jackal; others strikingly beautiful, like Ship of Promises. There really is a lot to enjoy in this album!

Most played songs:
Ship of Promises (29 plays)
I Saw the Dead (28 plays)
The Meaning of the Ritual (23 plays)

Least played song:
To Be Counted Among Men (15 plays)

18. Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Played 323 times. Averaged 20 plays per track.

When this album came out, some fans were immediately swept away, while others claimed it be a "grower". I enjoyed it but didn't feel that much devotion to it. I kept playing it over time, waiting for it to blossom, but it never truly clicked. Sure there are some songs I did enjoy quite a lot, like Ready to Start, Empty Room, Suburban War, Deep Blue... "But, pecusita, those are a lot of songs!"... well, my friend there are a lot more songs in that album. To me that was the problem. Not all songs were able to sustain the same level of goodness.

Most played songs:
Ready to Start (27 plays)
The Suburbs (25 plays)
Suburban War (25 plays)

Least played song:
The Suburbs (Continued) (13 plays)

Previously on the pecusita chart show... Neon Bible reached #8 in 2007. Played 424 times.

17. Warpaint - The Fool
Played 192 times. Averaged 21 plays per track.

Shhhh, I have a secret to tell. Come close... closer. I have a crush... The recipients of this insane musical crush are the ladies from Warpaint! Many of you know I've been looking for an all-ladies group to rally around. After Sleater-Kinney went on hiatus, I've been orphan in that category. This past year saw the rise of the girl pop group, but these girls... they are special. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Most played songs:
Lissie’s Heart Murmur (28 plays)
Baby (28 plays)
Set Your Arms Down (25 plays)

Least played song:
Shadows (15 plays)

16. Charlotte Gainsbourg - IRM
Played 288 times. Averaged 21 plays per track.

An actor singing can be a cringe worthy sight. I usually don't pay attention to those side projects, until a couple of actors came along in 2009 and kicked me in the behind! Ms Gainsbourg was wise enough to associate herself with Beck, who has plenty of online cred. Still, even if they get a lot of help from a more established musicians, it doesn't always work out. To be honest, I had no idea this lady even had a singing career until late 2009 when she released the insanely catchy title track. With those parents and that collaborator, you can't be that surprise of how good this album turned out to be.

Most played songs:
IRM (71 plays)
La Collectionneuse (25 plays)
Trick Pony (21 plays)

Least played song:
Looking Glass Blues (9 plays)

15. Dum Dum Girls - I Will Be
Played 242 times. Averaged 22 plays per track.

This is one of those girl-fronted 60s garage pop groups that rose to blog/hype machine prominence in the last year, and probably the best one to my honest ears. It is kind of insane that "professional music critics" are embracing Best Coast more than Dum Dum Girls. Miles ahead, in my opinion! It can be yeah-yeah rock, can be catchy, can be slow churning, and a good way to profess your love and devotion for that special baby in your life.

Most played songs:
Jail La La (74 plays)
It Only Takes One Night (47 plays)
Everybody's Out (31 plays)

Least played song:
Baby Don't Go (8 plays)

14. Wild Nothing - Gemini
Played 248 times. Averaged 23 plays per track.

Just for when you thought the late 80s The Cure pop revival wave was over, along came Wild Nothing. I can testify that some of the songs have a very immediate pop quality - see most played songs, add My Angel Lonely; while others have vocals that sound so incredibly anemic. Gosh! Can this guy please make a teeny bit more of an effort when singing?! Sometimes it sounds like he recorded this during a fasting period. Take opener, and top-notch depressed jam, Live In Dreams as an example. At the end of the day, catchiness and overall loveliness factor will help you get through this.

Most played songs:
Summer Holiday (53 plays)
Confirmation (37 plays)
Chinatown (35 plays)

Least played song:
Our Composition Book (4 plays)

13. Caribou - Swim
Played 213 times. Averaged 24 plays per track.

While looking back at the missed albums from 2007, I got around to playing a lot of Andorra. While I enjoyed it, I found myself somewhat bored by the slow ballads. Maybe he felt the same way because there's none of that here. It's all an endless wave of awesome synth pop that will make you go from "oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about" to getting yourself off that chair!

Most played songs:
Leave House (45 plays)
Sun (37 plays)
Odessa (25 plays)

Least played song:
Lalibela (14 plays)

Previously on the pecusita chart show... Andorra was highlighted as a missed album of 2007. Played 198 times in 2008.

12. Beach House - Teen Dream
Played 241 times. Averaged 24 plays per track.

There's dream pop, then there's snooooooze pop. I watched Beach House at the Siren Festival in 2008 and was bored like I've never been before in my life (while not in my room). I dug some songs like Gila, Tokyo Witch, Master of None, but was still highly skeptical about this album. I finally came around to actually give it a listen when they got billed to open for The National and guess what!...

Most played songs:
Lover of Mine (33 plays)
Silver Soul (32 plays)
Walk in the Park (29 plays)

Least played song:
Real Love (14 plays)

11. Twin Shadow - Forget
Played 273 times. Averaged 25 plays per track.

Another one from the late 80s pop wave that never ends, but a really good one. This one in particular thrives where Wild Nothing kind of fell flat: the vocals are gorgeous! What a voice! It's like a second coming of Morrissey. When he soulfully sings "I don't wanna believe or be in love", you'll be like *melting*.

Most played songs:
I Can't Wait (41 plays)
Slow (41 plays)
At My Heels (30 plays)

Least played song:
For Now (13 plays)

10. Spoon - Transference
Played 281 times. Averaged 26 plays per track.

When bands have been around for a long time, people tend to take them for granted. Especially when they keep the good ones coming in. This sounds silly, but that's just what it looks like to an outside observer like me. I'm not going to say I'm a Spoon connoisseur, but I think this album is pretty good! Then why all the naysay of "it's not as good as their previous work" or "it's okay". If it's good, it's good. Period. Even if it might not be the favorite album for a true Spoon connoisseur, don't try to bring it down!

Most played songs:
Is Love Forever? (45 plays)
Trouble Comes Running (42 plays)
Got Nuffin (40 plays)

Least played song:
Goodnight Laura (12 plays)

09. Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
Played 298 times. Averaged 27 plays per track.

Deerhunter keep moving forward with their pop evolution. This time around I'd say it's more fairly balanced than Microcastle. In a way that it incorporates a lot more "artsy" arrangements into the catchy pop tunes, when compared to its predecessor. To be honest, I kept thinking a lot of the last Atlas Sound and Lotus Plaza albums - in a good way, of course.

Most played songs:
Memory Boy (40 plays)
Revival (36 plays)
Helicopter (34 plays)

Least played song:
Sailing (18 plays)

Previously on the pecusita chart show... Microcastle reached #5 in 2009. Played 559 times.

08. Xiu Xiu - Dear God, I Hate Myself
Played 320 times. Averaged 27 plays per track.

"Dear God, I Hate Myself"... can you even think of any other band who could perfectly pull off a title like that? Despite its title, this is one of the most pop-oriented and catchy albums in the Xiu Xiu repertoire. Its great 8-bit tunes credited to a Hello Kitty Nintendo, its up-tempo style to Morrissey's last album. The end result is as unforgettable and unmistakeably Xiu Xiu as any other record.

Most played songs:
Gray Death (42 plays)
House Sparrow (38 plays)
Dear God, I Hate Myself (28 plays)

Least played song:
Cumberland Gap (16 plays)

Previously on the pecusita chart show... Women As Lovers had an impressive showing in 2008, reaching #2 with 1030 plays

07. Local Natives - Gorilla Manor
Played 327 times. Averaged 27 plays per track.

And the pop hits keep on rolling! This one suffered some weird progression in play pattern. At first, I started sporadically playing the first singles; then, I couldn't stop playing the meaty part of the album, kind of forgot that I had actually downloaded the entire thing and even stopped playing the rest of it. After a little while, I actually got to play the entire album a lot more by including it in a couple of playlist. Now, here we are at #7!

Most played songs:
Shape Shifter (66 plays)
World News (54 plays)
Camera Talk (40 plays)

Least played song:
Cards & Quarters (10 plays)

06. The Walkmen - Lisbon
Played 329 times. Averaged 27 plays per track.

Now this is the true slow burner of the year! Sure, I enjoyed it right away, but it took me till the end of the year, right before their December gig, to make a full connection. You know, the moment when you are listening to a song and your expression gradually changes to a smile and your eyes begin to shine and your mind starts thinking: This is so beautiful! Amazing! Probably their best!

Most played songs:
Angela Surf City (49 plays)
Blue As Your Blood (39 plays)
Woe Is Me (32 plays)

Least played song:
While I Shovel The Snow (18 plays)

Previously on the pecusita chart show... You & Me annihilated the competition in 2008 to reach #1 with 1224 plays

05. The National - High Violet
Played 321 times. Averaged 29 plays per track.

Is it common for people to enjoy a band's music but not really play them as much as your mind might think? This was my case with The National. I noticed this a couple of months ago and decided that the only way to get around it was to make playlists consisting exclusively of The National... what a genius idea! And you know what, it worked. They've already passed the 1350 scrobble mark. It did come with a side-effect, though. Because of all the time I spent playing older songs, this album didn't get as much play count recognition as it should had... *sigh* One step at a time.

Most played songs:
Bloodbuzz Ohio (43 plays)
Anyone’s Ghost (34 plays)
Sorrow (33 plays)

Least played song:
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks (18 plays)

Previously on the pecusita chart show... Boxer reached #7, got played 475 times.

04. The Besnard Lakes - The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night
Played 372 times. Averaged 37 plays per track.

Darn, it's tough work to put out three consecutive albums that leave people happy with barely any "buts".

Most played songs:
And This Is What We Call Progress (81 plays)
Chicago Train (64 plays)
Glass Printer (44 plays)

Least played song:
The Lonely Moan (19 plays)

Previously on the pecusita chart show... The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse got #5 in 2007's countdown. Played 450 times

03. These New Puritans - Hidden
Played 457 times. Averaged 42 plays per track.

What's the best compliment you could ever give to an album? Ok, besides playing said album a lot? What about deciding to immediately get anything from that band you can get your hands on! Well, These New Puritans were the third most played artist in the last year with 897 plays and catapulted to #23 overall with 905 plays. That's right, their 2008 debut Beat Pyramid was played almost as much as Hidden this past year.

Most played songs:
Fire-Power (102 plays)
Drum Courts - Where Corals Lie (55 plays)
Three Thousand (54 plays)

Least played song:
Canticle (15 plays)

02. Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
Played 718 times. Averaged 65 plays per track.

Talk about a sizzling hot newcomer! 809 scrobbles overall! Really gave the band at number 1 a run for it, or should I say, really made the band at #1 work for their position. They were here first! Sadly there's not annual scrobble chart available for albums outside's Top 40, but I'm pretty sure theirs would look more or less steady due to its never tiring awesomeness.

Most played songs:
When I'm Small (97 plays)
Turn It Off (97 plays)
Running From the Cops (94 plays)

Least played song:
10,000 Claps (25 plays)


01. Menomena - Mines
Played 752 times. Averaged 68 plays per track.

Oh man, was this a close race. It was so close that iTunes stats placed Mines at number 2 and a cross-reference with scrobbles gave it the final edge. This is indeed a bittersweet moment. A moment to rejoice that the always amazing talent of Menomena has been granted the top spot in all mind and heart, but also sad because of the news that broke just yesterday about Brent's departure.

A dark cloud had been floating over the head of all Menomena fans for the last couple of months. People who have been following their shoutbox here have had the opportunity to read a couple of worrying interviews. Clues to this impending moment that were shared by their ever so servicing fans. It was of course not the first time the band had expressed disagreements between them, but the tone of the remarks in these particular interviews made me feel uneasy.

Last December, AOL Spinner published their Interface interview where they talk about the origin of album title "Mines" representing, among other things, a "latent hidden explosive danger that has not yet exploded but might soon". It was clear to me that things were getting very serious! Alas, the worst fears of every fan of the band has come true. Well, not sure if this was the worst fear, might as well be.

When a member leaves a band, a fan is only left to wonder about how much was this person involved in the creative process. The more involved that person was, the more it would influence the band in the long term. In Menomena's case we all know that it was a tight collaborative process between the three of them. To make matter worse, they all sang in the record with very different styles, so it's not like people will show up at the next gig and will find someone else singing "Wet And Rusting" or "Evil Bee". This is pretty much it for those songs. In a selfish note, I will add that those were two of my favorite Menomena songs and "Wet And Rusting" is one of my favorite songs ever.

In short, Menomena, as we know it, is over. It is unclear whether the rest of the band will carry on under this name beyond their current touring commitments, disband or maybe create a new band(?) All we know is that Brent will carry on with Ramona Falls. I remember a newsletter from last year that mentioned some new songs getting played at a Portland gig, so a new RF album may be even closer than we may imagine. But what will be of my dear Menomena? :(

Most played songs:
Sleeping Beauty (96 plays)
Killemall (94 plays)
TAOS (87 plays)

Least played song:
BOTE (51 plays)

Previously on the pecusita chart show... in a photo finish, Friend and Foe lost the top spot and settled at #2 with 1354 plays. Won the popular scrobble vote, lost on the cold hearted mathematics.

As a final note, I will add that these stats were gathered on January 6th, after I returned from my holiday vacation with an iPod full of scrobbles.

See you some other time for the second part!


  • erickalejandro7

    of this list i just have listened to tame impala and arcade fire i realized that their not in the top 10 i have a lot music to hear thanks :]

    25. Feb. 2011, 21:23
  • pecusita

    Thanks a lot for the comments! Maybe it'll inspire me to actually write the second part. I did collect the stats and all... :/

    6. Mär. 2011, 16:26
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