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8. Dez. 2010, 5:37

Here we go again! End of the year... ah.... you can smell the lists in the air. Once again, last.fm has introduced their Best of 2010 group asking people to submit their own picks. I have of course taken this just a little bit too seriously! Since last week I've been studying the pleasure censors of my brain to decide which songs to include. It all began with a list of 177 songs - no joke - then it narrow down to 75... 65... 55... 69... 50! Oh boy, so much suffering to get to those 50, some heartbreaking losses along the way, but alas not everyone can be on the list.

50 Perfume GeniusLookout, Lookout
A child murdering another child can set the mood for a wrist-cutting song.

49 Wye OakI Hope You Die
Not vengeful, but in a merciful, loving way.

48 Dum Dum GirlsIt Only Takes One Night
Only takes 2:02 for girls to rock out. To the point.

47 Lower DensBlue & Silver
Year of the ladies....

46 Born RuffiansCome Back
A baby left. She has not returned. We tried to call Anthony LaPaglia, but he's busy looking for work

45 FoalsBlack Gold
It will be a treasure when your lead-singer learns to make his voice not sound like screeches.

44 Charlotte GainsbourgLa Collectionneuse
I collect many things. I may be invited to participate in Hoarders

43 Plants and AnimalsFake It
Sometimes faking it is not so bad

42 SpoonNobody Gets Me but You
You. Whoever you are.

41 The MynabirdsNumbers Don't Lie
Numbers are rational, they know nothing about feelings. 2 Wrongs ≠ 1 Right

40 CamerasPolarise
Not everything produced Down Under will kill you...

39 Belle and SebastianI Want the World to Stop
... and listen to my song. It's not true what Rent-boy said, it is still possible to hack it 14-years into your career.

38 Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiRound and Round
Merry go 'round. No need to break it down with a funky beat.

37 VillagersShip of Promises
Don't forget to bring a good mask for when you meet in between of what you say and what you mean.

36 Holy FuckRed Lights
Voted #1 among felines that play instruments, dance, drive cars and watch old Clint Eastwood movies to inspire their motion picture performances.

35 Twin SisterThe Other Side of Your Face
It is certainly rude not to face someone when they're trying to understand why you cause them pain.

34 Wolf ParadeGhost Pressure
Doesn't everyone remember Unsolved Mysteries? Ghosts can't shake you up.

33 Holly MirandaSlow Burn Treason
Wake up and you're next to nothing but the weight of the world is on your side. Most days you don't even notice but that's a lie

32 SalemKing Night
It's December 21, 2012, the world is coming to an end. You have only 3:50 left to live, just enough time to squeeze one last song out of your iPod. so you decide to listen to something that will both celebrate triumphantly while acknowledging the impending doom.

31 Arcade FireSuburban War
Everyone knows there are only losers from a war.

30 GlasserHome
This home is about to collapse under rain and handclaps.

29 LCD SoundsystemI Can Change
Don't believe what they say that grown men can't change...

28 The Phantom BandEverybody Knows It's True
Everybody wants, everybody knows.

27 Hidden OrchestraThe Windfall
Too much wind, not enough power to squeeze vocals in.

26 Tame ImpalaSolitude Is Bliss
There's a party in my head and no one is invited

25 Xiu XiuHouse Sparrow
Run, Richard Chase. You can make it.

24 Toro y MoiFax Shadow
Oh, baby. It's so good... just remember to find the correct frequency in your old manual walkman.

23 Crystal CastlesNot in Love (feat. Robert Smith)
New school meets old school meets boom.

22 Zola JesusManifest Destiny
It's the apocalypse once again... probably year 2037.

21 Isobel Campbell & Mark LaneganCome Undone

20 Wild NothingSummer Holiday
Everyday it's a summer, joyful holiday.

19 The KnifeColouring of Pigeons
Back in time to 2263, skewed operas are in vogue.

18 WomenLocust Valley
Women go haywire when bugs show up uninvited.

17 Flying LotusDo the Astral Plane
Any task you can dance to is a worthwhile thing to do.

16 The Black KeysTighten Up
I need those groovy blues tunes most all.

15 GorillazEmpire Ants
2D has a girlfriend! Awwwwwwww. <3

14 Twin ShadowSlow
Sometimes time is too slow to bust out the soulful tunes

13 CaribouLeave House
House is a forgotten style, let's dance forward.

12 WarpaintLissie’s Heart Murmur
Sink all far down... slowly.

11 The Besnard LakesAnd This Is What We Call Progress
Engulf yourself in a smoke screen...

10 Local NativesShape Shifter
A tune is a tune. No matter if it's a pop tune.

9 PhantogramAs Far As I Can See
"this shit.....is BANGIN. im loving this song" - withoutadamn

8 Beach HouseLover of Mine
Lovers like rushing through woods. Awakening their senses to old timey pop

7 Owen PallettLewis Takes Off His Shirt
"I know what you're looking for, and I'm never gonna give it to you." - Lewis

6 DeerhunterHelicopter
Helicopters circle the scene. They're through with me.

5 The WalkmenAngela Surf City
Angela, a vengeful lady that loves odd, yet amazing, drum patterns.

4 These New PuritansThree Thousand
Apocalypses. Year = unknown.

3 Panda BearSlow Motion
*swing from left to right while head banging in unison with da beatz*

2 The NationalAnyone’s Ghost
I don't what to be a ghost or eat brains. What other options are there left in this world?

1 MenomenaTithe
Nothing sounds appealing... with the exception of this song.

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Feel free to check out my 2010 tag.

See you next week for the album list!


  • pecusita

    Listen to all the songs in countdown mode: http://blip.fm/profile/pecusita/playlist

    8. Dez. 2010, 15:16
  • mrmethree

    Always love your lists

    8. Dez. 2010, 15:55
  • pecusita

    Thank you, my fair Lee. Forgot to mention that I will also be posting a "popular/stat" journal. Can't live without those stats! *geek* :]

    8. Dez. 2010, 16:10
  • astridve

    Great list! :)

    8. Dez. 2010, 20:36
  • Babs_05

    Wonderful list. :)

    8. Dez. 2010, 23:32
  • pecusita

    Thanks ladies. Your comments make my moments of "torture" all worth it. :)

    9. Dez. 2010, 3:40
  • MarcPandaBear

    a truly nice list. And i do not say that often... ( : I usualy come look to other's toplist to secretly make fun of their music taste (like everyone does...x) ; but with this, i really can't. And you save me some times with albums i couldn't get into... so thanks

    12. Dez. 2010, 0:01
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